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Retzius: If I have the camera nestled into my palm with the backwards facing grip, then how the heck do I reach my thumb down into my palm to press the focus button?


Might also be a focus peeping button.

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rfsIII: I'm one of the people who have problems with Lightroom 4 being incredibly S-L-O-W despite trying everything Adobe suggests to speed it up.
For those lucky few of you who aren't suffering from the slowness problem, please loan me some of your mojo as I try the new version.

Yes indeed very slow, annoying slow I'd say.

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daMatrix: Hmm Sigma delivers once again a great camera for a very narrow group; Photographers with an eye for 28mm scenes.

No 50mm (my favorite) and not even a middle of the road 35 mm.
If they had created a camera with interchangeable lens the Merrill would be the pro answer to Sony Nex line....But Sigma rather created a camera that excludes about 75% of all pro photographers.

DP2 Merrill?

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tkbslc: If Foveon is going to try to excel only at low ISO, non action, they need to get a BIG sensor. The quantities they sell in, and the photographers they appeal to, suggest they ought to go medium format. They don't have the lenses for it, but Sigma does do great lenses, so that shouldn't be too hard.

yes it is hard. but boy, would I love to see it :)

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REDred Photo: Many people seem to be accusing Sigma of being extremely greedy in their original pricing... While I certainly agree that the price was ridiculous and made it impossible to consider buying, I also tend to think the decision must have been carefully thought out. They MUST have known they would sell many thousands of units at $2500 and relatively few units at $9000. I imagine their R&D costs made it practically impossible to make a profit at anything significantly lower than they offered. When you consider the R&D, Production Costs, Wholesale margins, Marketing, and who knows what else, I suspect they may actually be losing money to sell these at $2300. They may have simply realized it's better to sell a bunch and get back a portion of the investment rather than hold out for full price and let Nikon's new beast gobble up all their potential customers.

and maybe they were not sure yet that they would be able to put the sensor in a DP sized camera. Those cameras have been higher volume for Sigma than the DSLRs. This higher volume reduces the cost of sensor production enormously, not to mention spreading the R&D costs.

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OrangeMonster: Interesting I'm torn.

I'm not a pro but a serious amateur photographer and occasionally shoot with my SD14. The SD14 is almost completely useless with kids and indoor (natural lighting) or lowlight situations which leaves the user frustrated. BUT every time I look at my butterfly shots shot with my macro 150mm I just cannot come to ditch the system...the colour and depth seems different/special and works to my preference. It's certainly not for everyone...and for those who didn't know already, some have been using the SD14/15 with a Leica mount and those make some remarkable pictures.

This price drop might just convince me to give Sigma another chance...

I can confess that a SD1 coupled with a 150mm macro is incredible!

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R Thornton: Regrettably, sigma is all about strong promises and weak perfomance. They are definitely on to somethng here, but who cares...

@dasigmaguy maybe it is really time to get a new account here under a different name.

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angrytoe: "The DP1M will be available in March for around $2,299. Pricing and availabiltiy of the DP2M will be announced." - Adorama;

Edit: Just realised that that's the same price as the revised price for the SD1 - I imagine someone at Adorama has buggered up here.

Someone messed up at Adorama for sure. That info has to do with the SD1. My wild guess is a price of 899-999 a piece and availability April-May.

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unlearny: We apologize, we were not able to offer this camera for a fair price while the inventor and our President were still alive. Now that they are gone, we want to lower the price before anybody else succumbs.

I'm imagining Yamaki just had an "A Christmas Carol" experience with apparitions of his old boss and Merril saying, "Ooooh, the 800E has no low pass filter and 36mp. lower the price or else you'll have to keep all the excess inventory sitting in the warehouse..."

How far ahead of the competition did they think they were, anyways?

Well Dick indeed passed away in 2008 but he was till the last moment involved in the development of new sensors. IIRC he was actually the one who came up with the idea that made it possible to make such an increase in sensor size.

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chadley_chad: DaSigmaGuy

... wow, how many times can you contradict yourself in one post?

don't worry he does that all the time :)

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Sumicron69: My best guess based on SD1 pricing... both models will retail for $5000.

you must have missed the other part of the sigma news ;)

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