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Bought it too.
Not happy at all.
Most presets useless, clutter on UI.
Why would anyone need a preset that would increase or decrease (let's say) clarity, contrast, exposure etc, when one can do the same from sliders on the right side of the screen????
for example, if one opens the clarity-- develop process on a notepad or similar editor, it reads:
"... title = "Clarity --",
type = "Develop",
value = {
settings = {
Clarity2012 = -38,
ProcessVersion = "6.7",
WOW! impressive!!! I am blown away! all this "preset" does is to set clarity to -38!!!!!

As for the more complex presets, one can find equivalent for free in many lightroom-related forums/blogs/sites.

This is not a low cost product, this is a CHEAP product that might be useful to a newbie that doesn't have any presets and doesn't know where to start from.

My suggestion, spend your money somewhere else or give it to charity.

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