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Old marketing trick Canon is playing. I don't buy it for a sec that demand has even met expectation..

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Another trick to kill gray market.

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On article Nikon offers AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8-4E ED VR (336 comments in total)

It is all marketing..D400 is coming and it can be bought for $600 to $800 on a promo with the body as a kit.

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On article Nikon to offer D600 replacements if 'spots' continue (175 comments in total)
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Boky: Truly unbelievable.... one of well-known Japanese companies that should pride on implementing Lean Manufacturing Principles, where quality is built into the product; NOT inspected and checked for at the end of manufacturing when the product is produced.(Actually, was there any quality control of any kind in case of D600 manufacturing???)

Furthermore, denials for more than a year about the issue, and the latest announcement that the shutter will be replaced if NECESSARY (*determined by whom? Nikon? they already stated for more than a year the problem did not exist!!!) are all just adding to total hypocrisy, and all that coming from a Japanese company?

The future is bleak indeed... how can a consumer possibly expect to buy a quality product these days?


Nikon was quiet but never denied the issue. Most who sent their units in were given free service. It takes time for most companies to admit publically. Now the owners can get their units straightened out. Only safety related issues get a recall.

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km25: I the AF really that bad in low light? If it is why have camera that is good in low light? I think the camera is over priced by a lot. A split image on the focusing screen is really needed with the older lens, as a matter of fact interchangeable would be best. The camera has too may problems to be corrected by firmware.

I like the idea, maybe Df ll. 20MP, better AF, interchg. focusing screens and a grip.
And all the stuff in the review to bad.

Is this camera silver, gold or what?

@R Butler, a second copy should have been attempted already before publishing the AF weakness and ditching the camera as a result. Why rush your work?!

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Lee Jay: Is there some way to take some text and make it show as quoted text as you could before with > or > > etc.? If I break into a quoted paragraph, the text after the break loses the quotation lines and I can't figure a way to put them back.

Why it dosn't keep the previously view threads history( by highlighting them). Never seen any forum without this feature.

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On article Nikon films latest D5100 advert using D5100 DSLR (4 comments in total)
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Patco: "Nikon films latest D5100 advert..."
It seems odd that the term "film" is still so often used to describe digital imaging.

Unless it is finalized in film medium which I doubt but possible.

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ybizzle: The 35 and 33 models are clearly better than this. Sony keeps downgrading this model to cut costs. A 2.6" 230K dot screen? Come on Sony, this isn't 2008...

Live view cont. focus is what SLT all about..Then Sony offers a smaller screen!! Shooting self in foot..

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