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gregbenz: HDR support in ACR v15 is incredible. Hard to appreciate how dramatic the improvement in image quality is without viewing on a supporting monitor like the M1 MacBook Pro, but this is going to change photography.

I just posted image samples, test images, and more info on HDR at

The fact, that Adobe finally started building EDR photo workflow is great. I hope this will in the future to establishment of some sort of common format, that can actually support display of those images. Right now, once I save EDR photo, I can't display it properly in any common app. Apple Photos, while capable of displaying EDR photos made by iPhones, unfortunately do not read any other formats of those.

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Nicolaso: I highly doubt that they will bring it to "iPhone" rather iPad!
iPhone would wildly useless 🤣

Lightroom for iPhone is great, also thanks to advanced built-in camera.

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nonicks: Nice product overall. But when will the tablet version come out? I am still using C12 and it works fine for me. Don't need the upgrade until the tablet version is available.

Actually macOS on iPad wouldn't make sense - and if you really want it they are already apps that allow to stream macOS desktop to iPad (and show how terrible it is compared to optimized UI).
iPad OS and iOS version of Lightroom, as well as PS, are some of the most powerful aspects of Adobe ecosystem. Pro modes of Lightroom camera alone elevates iPhones with iOS Lightroom to another level as photographic tools.

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Photato: Many of these reviews have always an optimistic bias, as in not balanced.
Almost no one seem to notice the iPhone 13 lack of WiFi 6GHz band which other Smartphones already support as part of the latest WiFi 6E standard.
Perhaps next year :(

Maybe because it is mostly irrelevant?

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Jon555: IMHO NYT review was interesting:

"The problem with so much great innovation is that upgrades are now so iterative that it has become difficult to know what to write about them each year. That’s especially the case with Apple’s iPhone 13, which may be the most incremental update ever to the iPhone.

The newest iPhone is just 10 percent faster than last year’s models. (For context, in 2015, the iPhone 6S was more than 70 percent faster than its predecessor.)"

"What better way to illustrate that slow march than with smartphone photos? To put the iPhone 13 cameras to the test, I bought a special tripod to hold two phones side by side so I could snap roughly the same photos of my dogs at the same time. I compared shots taken with the new iPhones, last year’s iPhone 12 and a three-year-old iPhone XS.

When I got the results, I was genuinely surprised by how well the iPhone XS camera stood up against the newest models. And the iPhone 13’s camera was just barely better than the iPhone 12’s."

NYT review is absurd since only focuses on photos made in good lightning condition. Pity he didn't try to compare results between iPhone 13 and XS in dark room.

Plus he ignores stabilization or macro functions. Or gigantic gains in battery life. It is very strange review compared to basically all others out there.

Also: almost no-one upgrades phones every year, and if someone has e.g. XS today and upgrades to 13, will see tremendous increase in raw performance.

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Mister J: I upgrade every 2-3 years, mainly for the camera.
From my excellent XR, the 13 Pro's macro, cinematic, and optical zooms make it worth the change.

@Rishi is it possible to create *any* photo with non-phone, that would utilize such display? Should I save in some other format or? I suppose JPEG and HEIF files are always SDR, never HDR?

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Mescalamba: I bought Asus phone recently. It has some generic Sony 64 mpix chip and DNG output. In good light it can do excellent pics. In bad light it sux as any other phone. Night mode excluded, but that can't do DNG output. Yea and it has 6k MHA battery, which very few phones have. Plus it can do even 8k video, no clue why cause none of my screens go over 4k. :) And it costs like 1/3rd of iPhone 13. Or less probably.

Can't fathom why I should want to join Apple's walled garden.

iPhone can output all their major photo modes (HDR, Deep Fusion and Night Mode) as DNGs

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BobORama: Of course its clear the method is just "making stuff up" but who cares, right? Its not as if someone is going to convict that guy because the computer forgot the scar under his left eye. Or that the whorl pattern of that man's beard is different. ( Or, that is exactly what can happen. )


There is almost zero similarity between how brain works, and how computers work, including neural networks. And no, brains are not "just very complex and heavily parralerized" computers. Also we already kind of reached limits with neural networks and only see very small, incremental increases after gigantic increases in data sets and energy used for training. This is why, after a decade of false promises, we are nowhere near self-driving cars. "AI" is too stupid and mindless. GTP models still output utter gibberish without any meaning outside of what naive readers of that gibberish can project onto it.

And if you go to Google's blog with technology describe here, and follow their own links, you will see that this upscaling work ONLY with faces or, in case of "nature pics" with specific classes (monarch butterflies, foxes etc). And even there most upscaling are quite bad and obviously fake.

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Its actually worth to go to their blog and click links, e.g. this with more examples: In case of "nature" pics they're "class conditional" which means, I suppose, algorithm can only scale photos with specific content. And in the link above we see that some, e.g. foxes, are scales, erm, less impressively than faces.

Nice gimmick, but it is still just neural net with all its limitations.

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Fotoni: AI learning scalers are forgery. Should be very obvious, but check this post for comparison shots.

The point is that it can make convincing results, if you haven't see the authentic one.

I dunno. Seems you can get results very close to the ones thanks to hardware worth of thousands of dollars with software costing you a few bucks a month.

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Bigsensorisbest: Buy a proper camera

iPhone is a "proper camera". What you are referring to is a niche specialty cameras built for very tiny minority of people making photos.

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cosinaphile: well that is one strategy to deal with a crippled storage system

It would also unnecessarily increase cost and size of iPads for most users who have no need to use additional storage.

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tkbslc: Would be nice if you could more easily utilize a cloud photo library. For example, on my Android phone, I can hit open file on Snapseed or VSCO, and it lists all my cloud accounts. I can open a file directly from Amazon Drive or OneDrive right from the dialog. On my iPad, if I do the same, it only shows my Camera Roll. If they are fixing external physical storage integration in the next iOS, hopefully they can fix cloud integration, too.

VSCO is just badly designed app. You can do all the things you mentioned on iOS just fine, and many apps allow it without a fuss.

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PhilosoFox: I bought it, and tried to download the redundant FUJI RAW (.raf) files from my Apple's PHOTOS cloud. Didn't work… The app could only download the modified jpg files. I'm eager to learn why!

It works. You just have to revert files first - unfortunately for now Pixelmator does not allow for rewerting inside app and uses the most "current" version of photo in Library (that is jpg if you edit RAW).

Also Apple Photos also can edit RAFs, unless they are compressed. Plus Pixelmator uses the same engine as Apple Photos for RAWs so if Photos can't edit something, Pixelmator will not be able to edit it either.

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PankajDubey: I have the Pixelmator for iPad and that had more features than this bit of money schmoozer.
That version had brushes and more options for re-touching.
The one thing that this version has is Capture One clone of the Color balance wheel.
I paid 4.99 USD for that ?
It does do Nikon NEF files but the original version did it as well.
In summary this one is more Sliders the other one was more brushes.

5 dollars. Astonishing sum of money for best RAW engine on iOS, apart from Adobe's. Also, original Pixelmator is terrible at RAW development, like most other iOS editors.

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On article Fujifilm X-T30 pre-production sample gallery (35 comments in total)
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Theelderkeynes: I may be missing something but why such large RAW files in the gallery??

*built-in Apple RAW engine is not supporting compressed RAW files. It is not like you can’t use them on MacBooks. They will work in CaptureOne or PS just fine. It is just that the system wide default engine wouldn’t read them, thus e.g. will not create high res previewes with QuickLook.

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MannyZero: "... ‘features an agnostic operating system’..."
noun: agnostic; plural noun: agnostics

a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God (Urban Dictionary)

OMG...!! This is serious crap!!

You are such a smart person and yet somehow you missed in dictionary the next meaning, the correct one for context you are referring to, where it is an adjective. In the dictionary that, unlike the ”software geniuses” that you ridicule, you implied you bought, the very second meaning of ”agnostic” the adjective is one related to computing. Please, read harder and do not make fool of yourselves again.

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EcoR1: I think the comment section here illustrates nicely, that Android-tablet market is truly dead. No one is complaining that Adobe releases Photoshop only to iOS.

While I would love to have better interoperability of iPads with other devices this doesn’t change the fact that lack of power and apps makes android tablets simply usueless - on its own and compared to iPad specifically.

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silentstorm: The business model continues to want to lock people into the subscription plan. What happens when you decide to quit?

Other than that, this is a great paradigm shift I haven't seen in a long long long time.

I like Capture One, but if I want to edit RAWs seriously on iPad I'm pretty sure it is of no help.

So at least one reason to use Lightroom (from time to time).

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EcoR1: I think the comment section here illustrates nicely, that Android-tablet market is truly dead. No one is complaining that Adobe releases Photoshop only to iOS.

What do you mean "Android is much more open system". Thats a huge pile of b*****t. I mean obviously its "worse" in terms of restricting the apps, to the point where there is literally hundreds of malware distributed through Google Play Store but almost none similar incidents, and never so prolonged, in AppStore.

Also hardware on best Android Tablest is just like 2 or three years behind newest iPads. This is you can easily port demanding PC game to iPad (or iPhone for that matter) like Civilisation VI and it runs just fine. Try that with top of the line Android tablet.

Oh, I forgot, Aspyr surely was bribed by Apple. LOL.

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