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MagicCH: Always the same only the latest only full frame. Real shame that the standard of photography just drops and the new models add little other than price. Who needs two slots other than some working professionals, who prints over 20*24. How many actually use 4K video and view it on a hugh tv. Marketing has done well in making end users think that the latest gear is needed to show how good a photographer they are.
People have lost the skills we once had in taking images, Reviewers are able to check the new gear, but most users cannot change gear every year. As a user of many different systems most gear today is capable of great images with a little thought. I use Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and others they all take great images. Bring back blind tests and stop pushing what marketing want. The industry has suffered and we are losing. Having actually owned and used a lot of gear as a pro and lecturer in photography dpr please widen your coverage away from what is just the latest.

I don't understand why you think that a good choice of new models should result in a drop in standard of photography.

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Rolandigital: As it was said in the this video, many things are very subjective. Including a screen type. So fully articulating screen shouldn't be called as a better screen against tilting screen. This trend of subservience to videographers is ruining many good choices for photographers.

I have always preferred a fully-artic screen, especially for its usefulness in taking high, low, and awkward-angle shots.

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Fully artic screen and hi-res mode for me, hence the Lumix S5.
For print purposes, its 12,000 x 8000 px output opens up new horizons.
Excellent video too.

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jcb9001: Meh. The battery won't last more than 30 minutes, tops.

30 minutes? Aaah... back to the days of my twist-body Nikon 990.
In winter I had to keep batteries warm in my armpits!
Even so, I was lucky to get more than 20-30 shots out of a pair of ni-cads.

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I've used iPhones for some editorial work since the SE, but especially the XR over the last couple of years.
That said, it's no more a complete solution than any other camera.

And for large-format prints (bigger than A3) full-frame is the way to go.
I'm currently testing the Lumix S5 hi-res format for landscapes, and so far it's looking promising.

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Nice shot list. I must get outside, now Autumn mornings are looking good.

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Old Cameras: Really fascinating. It looks like a loosely bound pile of rubble held together by nothing more than the most tenuous gravity. I wonder what the force of gravity is at its surface.

Tiny gravitational pull, resulting in a typical adult human weighing less than a gram on the surface.

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On article Here's our wish list for the Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II (621 comments in total)

Fully-artic screen for me, a must-have.

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More MegaPixels: Drones have added a new accessible dimension to photography. I am enjoying photos like these more than anything else these days, They are works of art.

Yes, semi-abstracts with a dose of reality underlaying the image.

Link | Posted on Sep 29, 2020 at 14:57 UTC

Nikon lives! Love that w/a zoom, just right for architecturals, inside and out.

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spider-mario: The “Sony” logo below the LCD is a bigger turn-off for me than I would have expected. My current cameras have purely black bezels around their articulated screen. I prefer that.

I just stick tape over logos, whether on a cam or a coffee grinder.

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix S5 (164 comments in total)

Fully articulated screen, just right for me.

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Traditional camera manufacturers still don't seem to have cottoned on to smartphone photography and its associated editing software.
I'm in publishing and these days, my iPhone XR can shoot 'good enough' (often more than good enough) shots for many editorial purposes. Even at 300 dpi, 4000-odd pixels on the long side is enough for a page, or with a little tweaking, a spread.
Sure I use my Nikon and Lumix equipment from time to time, but generally only when necessary, certainly not for the vast bulk of images required.

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Mathias Japri: I wonder these days, are you want to buy a phone or a camera?

Upgrade primarily for the camera and imaging software.
But of course the other smartphone functions are part of the package.
Even battery life is starting to get the attention it deserves.

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PhotoRotterdam: This forum must be filled with lonely teenagers who built their self esteem upon the brand name of the gear they use. Except, most of them must be of an adult age given the prices of the gear. It is pathetic.

Or... adults interested in photography and therefore fascinated by the latest tech developments.

And that includes snappers like myself, who uses mostly an iPhone, but still needs heftier equipment for specific shoots.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS R5 (527 comments in total)

Love the image software in my IOS cams, so much as I like the thought of a 45 mb file, I guess I’m lost to the world of mainstream photography. Mind you, if a client punts an R5 my way...

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nikonianer: i'll never understand why they stopped aperture, offered this lousy photos app instead and just let the field to adobe (and others) - 1 billion dollar heavy, but not worth to develop furtheron and keep their own software -> no, better just buy an iphone, way better revenue, must get 1 trillion fat and pay almost no taxes, thx

I liked Aperture too, though Photos is now pretty good.

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march hare: The usual response from a bunch of old buzzards who just can't cope with change and that there are kids out there getting better results with their smartphones than the buzzards can do with their so called sophisticated cameras

Most users like their phone for portability, and don't necessarily want to add weight and size.
Having said that, I sometimes use a gimbal, but always wish it could be in the iPhone rather than turning it into a clunker.

Link | Posted on Jun 20, 2020 at 08:37 UTC

Too big for my pocket, so not really for me.

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EXkurogane: Nothing much left to improve for stills photographers huh. I guess having 6k, 8k or 240fps video as a bragging right is more important than designing a proper fully articulated screen or pushing for global shutter.

Fully articulated screen should be compulsory on all cameras since years ago. There have been too many occasions when i shoot stills from very high or low angles, at both landscape and portrait orientations. Anyone who hasn't done that before is lacking in creativity with composition.

Agree where full-artic screens are concerned, and have shot largely on Lumix of various types for many years.

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