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Wouldn't it be cool for a company announcing a new macro lens, and it's supposed superiority, to actually release some macro photos made with it to demonstrate said superiority? Just a thought...

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All the grinding of teeth in the comments about the cost...or the qualities. Don't worry so much. You don't have to spend a fortune to try it. Wait for a while. Lensrentals will get it, you can try it for a weekend and send it back. You had some fun with a unique tool, and you didn't break the bank to do it. Problem solved.

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mandophoto: I get that seeing manufacturing can be cool, but what I would like to see is the design process. Of course the secretive nature of the competitive corporate environment would undoubtedly keep Canon or ZEISS et al. from allowing a peek into their design routine. Still, perhaps a university with a optics/lens department might be willing to share its lens design process. An idea?

You can go online and search and find lens design software. That's not how a lens is designed, obviously, but it will provide some insight on how different things affect a lens' performance. I'd say your best resource to learn about lens design in general, as it relates to photographic lenses, is to visit the LensRentals Blog. Roger and company share so much useful and practical insight, it's hard to overstate what a terrific resource they share. As far as getting into the Engineering groups planning and strategy for a lens design at any major lens maker, you've already recognized that won't happen. You can learn a lot lurking around some astronomy sites too. You'd be surprised the precision demanded by very dedicated astronomers. You'll also be surprised to find that many high end photo lenses aren't regarded with much reverence by the astro community. They take high quality to another level...

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Very interesting look inside an advanced manufacturing plant. Thanks for sharing this with us. I was stunned at tolerances being controlled to + or - 30 nanometers. I work on sub micron stuff, and that's some seriously fine control to reach 60nm variance. It's nice to see there is always a need for some truly gifted craftsmen and women among the machines. I bet that will be necessary for quite some time yet.

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Johannes Zander: What materials did they use for the lenses?

According to the linked article,"As a refractive medium, the photoresist IP-S of the company Nanoscribe GmbH was implemented based on previously measured dispersion data. After local and global optimization, the resulting designs revealed a diffraction-limited performance (Strehl ratio >0.8) for most of the lenses and field angles." So it looks like a photo polymer that is solidified via femtosecond pulses of UV laser light. Which is nearly indistinguishable from freaking magic in my opinion.

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That video makes me want to go skiing...

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Wonder how they deal with the fact that IR focuses in a different spot than visible light with conventional optics?

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The unit is sexy looking, but having a pan tilt handle on the right side, where the shutter release also is...seems a little awkward. If I'm dynamically panning and tilting to keep my subject in the frame via the handle, what am I pushing the shutter button with, my 10 inch long index finger? I pull the trigger with my right hand, I need the handle on the opposite side. I mean as a machinist, I can admire the nice machine work, but it doesn't appear like they were thinking of the user a lot. I suppose I could grip the handle left handed and operate the shutter with my right, but it looks like a crossed up setup to me.

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Mike99999: The 43 community is shaking in its boots with how abominable this camera is. Us long time Olympus users are shocked. What once was a system where $800 got you the latest & greatest, the camera would be half the size and match the IQ of a DSLR.

Now, several years later, they have you paying $2,000 for a body and over $1,000 for lenses, except now the IQ is over three stops worse than a $1,000 DSLR.

I am telling you that the community is shaking it its boots:

43-rumors has over 100 commenters banned from commenting due to all the negativity surrounding this abominable product.

"The 4/3 community is shaking in it's boots" ?? Welcome to HYPERBOLE LAND! Gimme a break. These cameras fill a niche, just like every other enthusiast camera. Is it a competitive niche? You bet. Does that mean we users of these cameras are "shaking in our boots"? Get real. I for one have a great time using this camera's predecessor, in fact, my Canon gear has seen a great deal less use since I bought it almost entirely because of the travel friendliness of this gear. The Oly Pro lenses are outstanding. Are they expensive? Most people would probably say they are, until they compare them to the equivalent full frame Canon or Nikon lenses. I bought an (equivalent) 600mm image stabilized F4 lens brand new for $2500.00!! The same thing in full frame from Canon or Nikon is north of $8K. So there is a place for this gear. Maybe not for you, but I'm quite satisfied.

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Cool photos of what looks like an awesome trip. I think the EM -1 will do just fine in the market, but it's priced a bit high at release. That's just my opinion of course. I already own the Mk 1 and was going to upgrade based on the rumored release price of around 1500.00. At 2K, I'll wait a while. There isn't any one super compelling upgrade to pull me forward at $2K, but I agree it looks like a great camera. The main thing this article did was get me fired up for the winter sports season. Living in FL, my options are limited, but lucky for me they make jet aircraft.

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Langusta: ...small sensor bla bla bla... FF/APSc can do better bla bla bla...
...who needs m43 bla bla bla...
...m43 is finished bla bla bla...

Ok you said it, and since you should feel secure now, go take some pictures!

@jaybussiere - have you ever shot an indoor wedding with no flash allowed? I guarantee you, you will value that high ISO performance quite a lot. That's not some occasionally useful feature, it's vital in many instances. Ever shot action in low light? Same thing. Indoor sports at a high school? Same thing. Your kid's night time baseball game? Candlelight portraits? Christmas morning...get it? High ISO performance makes many things possible that were the stuff of fairy tales not long ago. It's a beautiful thing.

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rfsIII: I am feeling nostalgic for the days when comment sections were full of rapturous praise for the color rendering and beauty of Olympus jpegs...

I'm surprised Olympus optics don't generate more excitement. Lately, they have been making some dynamite glass. I have the 50-150 2.8 and the 300 F 4.0 and I think they're both great.

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cosinaphile: heres a metric for you... 2 guys adults presumably with zero knowledge of what an slr is calling a pentaprism .... whets this a block of glass? if you've ever wondered why mirrorless is behind in the usa , but more popular in asian countries with citizens with more scientific or technical; knowledge.... in america they buy canon , then slice em

technically like 2nd graders .....

According to Wikipedia, Americans were using water jets to cut things back in the 1930's. So, we were doing this even before we had to pull your ancestors' asses out of the fire back in the 40's. Just because these two guys don't impress you with their smarts, don't assume the rest of us are idiots.

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Lens reviews ought to at least mention coma, those of us who shoot in low light might find that info useful. I dunno, maybe take a picture?

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yanisha: "The question now is, does the extra 10mm of magnification make the lens a long normal or a short portrait lens?"

It is an extra 5mm, not 10mm.

focal length equivalent. i.e., 25mm=50mm, 30mm=60mm in the focal length equivalent world. So, you're both right.

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Alphaloki: Be nice if they had the balls to post a release date. You've had 3 freaking years. Which is like 10 in the electronics industry. Yeah, yeah, I know earth quakes n such. That was a while ago, so get with the program and announce a release date. Until then, it's vaporware everyone's talking about down below...

The format wars must keep the equivalency police very busy!

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Collie Camp: A 50mm 2.4 lens? Let´s see, the great Canon 40mm 2.8 STM seems similar...pretty sharp too...

...for 189,- €

Naa. The Canon is just to small, a pancake, I´ll take that 1199€ lens ;)

You know you can rent lenses, right? I agree if your main interest is low light photography, this might not be a great first choice. But, if you have just a passing interest in low light work, you can rent a lens and see if you like that niche. Then you can decide if it warrants the expense of a separate, more costly solution to feed that monkey. Also, you might just want to use it for a trip somewhere where there is a good opportunity to get a few low light shots along with your buttery soft bokeh portraits. Free your mind from the expense of ownership, you have the ability to try stuff it's difficult to justify buying. It's quite a nice ability.

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Pitchertaker: Gee, should I get the new 30mm f/3.5 macro or stay with the 60mm f/2.8 macro I was originally going to get?

I think I'll put an extension tube on a 300mm for those venomous snake shots... :)

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I'm pretty happy Olympus seems to have seriously considered star photos with that 1.2 lens. Working to diminish coma wide open is a great way to offset the smaller sensor's low light disadvantage compared to larger sensor formats. If you get bucket loads of star light in a shorter exposure because you can shoot at f/1.2, you'll have less noise. Can't wait to rent one from Lensrentals and try it out.

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Alphaloki: Be nice if they had the balls to post a release date. You've had 3 freaking years. Which is like 10 in the electronics industry. Yeah, yeah, I know earth quakes n such. That was a while ago, so get with the program and announce a release date. Until then, it's vaporware everyone's talking about down below...

GGGRRRRRRRrrrrr. I am being patient. Impatiently. Thank you for the reminder, master. I'll be outside in the garden meditating.

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