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NZ Scott

Lives in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Tauranga, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Works as a Hiker, journalist, communications specialist
Joined on Jul 29, 2011
About me:

Formerly a news reporter for three daily newspapers in New Zealand and later a communications and language specialist based in South Korea and Malaysia. After a 10 year working holiday, during which I backpacked through 75 countries on six continents, I through-hiked the 3000km Te Araroa trail in my home country, New Zealand.

Currently a local government communications specialist.

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  • Replied in Yup!
  • I use Adobe Camera Raw with both Panasonic and Olympus m43 files and haven't noticed a difference. The more recent versions have improved their Raw processing quite a bit. This would favour the ...
  • Me too! This was exactly the kit I took with me on my 3000km hike of New Zealand's national trail, Te Araroa. Panasonic GM5 + 12-32 35-100 f/4 12/2.0 Total weight, including charger, four ...
  • It's very hard to make these kinds of broad assessments based on one or two photos. You have no idea, for example, how much the image has been pushed in post. The DPReview tool is a more reliable ...
  • Replied in Why?
    If you haven't received the lens, then how can you possibly write a review? I wouldn't even think of reviewing a camera or lens until I'd owned it at least a couple of months and/or taken 1000+ ...
  • Interesting. To me, 'backpacking' and 'hiking' mean overnight trips - anywhere from 2 days to 10 days. A 20km to 30km walk through some hills is just that - a walk.
  • You left out the GM series - the GM1 and GM5. These are the two smallest Micro Four Thirds cameras and, in my opinion, the best ones for hiking. Neither is still being manufactured, and the GM5 ...
  • Not in my experience. Earlier this year I bought a mint P. Leica 15/1.7 for the equivalent of USD $270. Since the Olympus announcement, I've decided to sell some of my m43 kit to reduce risk. I ...
  • I can see a strong argument for full frame, but there's not a huge difference in IQ between M43 and APS-C There's also about 2/3 stop difference between the two sensors, whereas full frame offers a ...
  • Happy to upgrade the GM5 to a GM6 if you can tell me where to get one. My opinion differs. Here's the EM-10 III, GM5 and a couple of full-frame cameras at ISO 6400. The EM10 is a little better than ...
  • I wrote a comparison review of the RX100 and GM5 here: Basically, the lag doesn't bother me too much when hiking but does bother me when trying to ...
  • Replied in Take a G85
    I adore mine too, but a GM5 is much easier to carry. S
  • Replied in Examples
    Agree It was the 12-32. The 12-32 was certainly the best choice for this hike in general, but not for these particular conditions in this dark forest. I did actually have a prime on me - the 12/2.0 ...
  • Replied in Examples
    Disagree there is much difference here. I did have a prime on me - the 12/2.0 - but didn't have time to switch lenses for this grab shot. That's the problem with primes - they're a pain in the bum ...
  • Replied in Examples
    Me too. What I often do with m43 cameras in difficult lighting conditions is take multiple images and flip through them in post to find one that isn't blurry. This works okay unless you're trying ...
  • Replied in Examples
    There's not much difference between this sensor and the other M43 sensors. I don't like the noise above 1600 with m43 cameras - especially not when shooting in dark conditions. Not sure why IBIS is ...
  • I haven't played with the colours, but I have recovered highlights in one of the photos. S
  • I took some street photography photos of some mannequins and aren't sure which I like best. Would appreciate thoughts/feedback. Cheers, Scott
  • Replied in Examples
    I agree that he's massively exaggerating the 'massive improvement'. However, here are a couple of photos where I struggled to gather enough light with my m43 kit while hiking in New Zealand. 1) ...
  • I agree, BUT ... ... the 1 inch sensor cameras don't go ultrawide. If you're going to do ultrawide landscape photography, M43 is better. S
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