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I can't wait to get my hands on this new Leica M. It will finally let me use all of my 'M' lenses and 'R' lenses on the same full-frame camera body. People like me have been waiting years for this (the fabled 'Leica R solution'). And now we have i!. I, for one, can't wait. Thank you Leica. And for those who have never picked up, let alone used, a Leica, I completely understand why you don't 'get it'. I didn't either, until I picked one up myself, and I speak as someone who has used almost every major large-format, medium-format and 35mm SLR camera system there has been during my 50 year love affair with photography (note: not cameras). But the Leica is different. For me, anyway. The build quality of the equipment is fantastic but, more importantly, the image quality and ability to control it is like nothing else. And that's because these cameras don't do anything for you. It's all down to you. Pick one up, and you might feel it, too.

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