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In recent time, except few minor exception maybe Nikon is just lugging behind Canon on all fields. and also behind Sony for sure.
Nikon needed years to abandon 10-12MPix DSLR cameras and it happened also only because they have to keep tempo that Canon and Sony put with their 15-18 Mpix cameras. All Nikon innovation is something like: going from 6400 ISO to 12800 ISO, putting more AF points in AF sensor etc. and that kinds - nothing substantial and breakthrough.

Canon is making G1X on with 14.2 Mpix and 1,5 inch sensor, metal body and much more and sells this for 799 USD and Nikon is pretending that it is in its own world (I am NIKON) trying to sell V1with 1inch sensor - 10 Mpix (history for sure) and lens that is nothing impressive and size of Olympus for same focal rang in M4/3 for 800 USD.
Probably they are not too serious but market is not place for jokes.
Nikon should stop living in their own world.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)
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Dan DeLion: Slow lens, big body, limited zoom, relatively small number of pixels – why make it?

Do not just comment lake that, 2.8 at wide and 5.8 at telephoto in compact with this dimensions and APS-C sensor, obviously uninformed guy , also about the zoom. Not additional comments needed - go by large DSLR and you will have all you want for 2K-3K $ and by the way buy large bag to put it into.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)
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Josh152: I don't understand all the people putting down this camera. A camera like this has been needed for years. That is a small camera with a decent sensor in it and a practical focal length range that still easily fits in a coat/cargo/vest pocket or in your camera bag with the rest of your gear. The is the first real alternative to a DSLR that actually makes sense.

With a traditional compact camera you have a tiny sensor with lots of noise and little to no DOF control.

With a mirror less interchangeable lens camera you are really just getting a DSLR with crappy ergonomics. They are no more convenient to use than a DSLR and once you put a practical lens on it it is almost as big as a DSLR anyway. There is very little practical differnce between using a MILC and a DSLR. Especially logistically speaking.

This camera strikes a perfect balance between all of the major camera types. The G1 X is the camera many people who bought MILC cameras really wanted.

Totally correct, and more important reasonable comment not just crying like baby - I want this I want that etc. etc., and usually these guys that only complaint have made very little right photos - they are just criticizers.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)
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ezradja: it just the lens that turn off the hype. Slow at 2,8-5,8 and you can't change that lens forever. Skip.

Most of standard zoom lenses for m4/3 are in range 3.5-5.6 and even 6.7 on tele end - new 24-50 Olympus is 6.3 at telelphoto and tht is much larger tahn Canon G1X lens.
If you want 2.8 constant then buy SLR and Canon 17-55 2.8 and dont just ask something that is almost impossible construct.

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