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photojoe55: APR is 30%, so you have to pay it right off on the first statement, to make it worth it!

30% - That's slightly more than Sears even.

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Jay A: So a few camera manufacturers like Nikon and Sony to name 2, do not allow retailers to discount nor give credit for the price of most of their merchandise. How is B&H getting around this?

I think there's a bit of a myth perpetuated by the retailers going on. As i understand it, there's no restrictions on sale price - only advertised price. The retailer can sell it for whatever it wants. Otherwise, how could Greentoe exist? You make an offer for something and retailers choose to sell at your bid or not. Adorama, some retail store in Chicago I've forgotten, Focus, all Sony authorized dealers participate and have sold me stuff at a good amount less than retail.

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arhmatic: That's so nice! But Windows should introduce a few more wallpapers. It comes with 5, totally uninspirational ones. What's so hard to spend a few thousand and license a few?
No joke! I've been looking at my solid black screen for just too long.

We used to take a snapshot of people's desktops and set that as their wallpaper. Then you stack all their desktop icons on top of each other. It was most fun when they would call out the help desk folks to come fix their computer.

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WongFeiHong: So the guy who posted this shot is also part of destroying the iconic tree and telling others not to follow suit, is this new level of stupidity.

Hipsters travel in groups. I think it's called it a 'douche of hipsters.'

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Marty4650: Rather than putting up some ugly fence that would ruin the view.... invisible laser rays could be installed.

At first, you set them to "stun" and if that doesn't work, you just turn it up to the kill setting. Naturally, an appropriate warning sign should be posted.

Elon Musk is selling flamethrowers. Just saying.

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(unknown member): For people arguing that you shouldn't blame Instagram, you couldn't be more wrong. There have always been photo sharing galleries on the web, but we never had this problem until now. The difference between those sites and IG is that they were geared towards pros and enthusiasts. So, when, for example, viewers saw picturesque images on Flickr, they would get intimidated and think, "Wow, I could never take that picture. I have to own a real camera or be a real photographer/photography student to take a picture like that."

IG changed all that. Because that's an app for smartphone users, everyone sees photos uploaded by pros and thinks, "I can take that exact same picture with my camera, too!" This is why you'll see thousands of these wannabe photogs and their smartphones all over the place.

On top of that, so much of IG is based on trendiness, which means copying popular images in order to score cool points, as opposed to just admiring the work and emulating the person's technique.


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rfsIII: I blame JRR Tolkein. If he hadn't written those damn hobbit books, no one would have ever even heard of New Zealand.

It's Zelandia.

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sh10453: Someone needs to remind these useless members of the congress that China has had spies at the CIA, various government agencies, the most prestigious and most secretive labs, at jet fighters manufacturers, at aircraft carriers engineering, at ...., and easily get all what they want on a thumb drive.
This has been on the news many times for many years.
The idiots think this will protect national security???
The biggest national security threat is our 4th-grader mentality average voters who vote to put useless b a s t a r d s in the highest government offices.

Thank God she lost!

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jaykumarr: A person from India / china can text his all friends to vote and win. Judges are at least a bit responsible and accountable.

I understand that, in Russia, they have vending machines where you can buy Facebook likes, etc.

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Turn it into a dog park. Trampling problem solved!

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multisystem: The Murdochs are the equivalent of a James Bond world class evil guy in real life. Rupert was the basis of the media baron evil genius in Tomorrow Never Dies. Wonder who the Koch Brothers movie alter egos will be and which Bond movie. Maybe the Bond aficionados here can help me out if that's been done already.

Run by the Soros Foundation.

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Alex Velasco: I'm simply happy that National Geographic has been relieved from the grasp of Rupert Murdoch.

How much of Microsoft do you think Bill Gates owns?

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I'd love one but my man-bun is not yet quite big enough.

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roustabout66: How can it be class leading reliability when it has not been in the marketplace enough to test real world longevity? Many drives promise reliability but.....

It will be class leading at least until someone else make a 12 TB drive. ("No detergent cleans better." That old chestnut.)

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Retro1976: Look, I'm not knocking Sony, but I have been to countless workshops and tourist destinations on travel and have yet to see one single Sony A series camera in the wild. I see Nikon, Canon, occasionally Olympus and Fuji, but that's about it. Who is buying these bodies ??? And what are so many names jumping on board ? What am I missing ???

I see a few now and then. But I live around Seattle, so, you know, hipsters.

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elgol20: No lossless RAW for 7R?

Nor should you expect any additional features for the a7r mark 2 when the mark 3 is released. See the problem?

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AbrasiveReducer: This probably won't affect Adobe much since most people who have a choice don't use Windows. But its a great product, and when Affinty completes their version of InDesign we may finally be able to say goodbye to Adobe and software subscriptions.

Macs are for hipsters.

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noflashplease: Adobe products are painfully slow to load. My guess is that there's a lot of legacy code and bloat that needs to be rewritten. Competition is a good thing. However, current Adobe users need production ready software, not an email sign-up to get news about a Windows Beta of a port of a little known OS X program. Big deal. Call me when you have a production ready release. I won't be waiting for your call.

I really hope that Serif is successful. It's still just another me-too commercial product. If I have to pay $50, I might as well pay a little more for Adobe's product.

Problem is, with Adobe, you pay a little more this year. Then you pay a little more next year. Then, you pay... Well, you get the bitch.

If you want to upgrade every year or so, then fine, it's your money. I'm sure Affinity will give you that option too. Why should Adobe get to decide if I pay or not? Answer: There is no other option right now.

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eazizisaid: Guys, what's the deal with the G-Master name ? I live in Morocco and never been in the states before so i don't know why it is this badly regarded.


Well, all that notwithstanding, I find I'm just a tad too niggardly for any of these lenses.

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ogl: Paid for upgrade and found nothing new for me. The results from my K200D and K-5IIs made in with 8 version have no any difference.

Hah. At least you knew it was going to cost. It just happily and quietly upgraded my Sony Pro V8 to V9. Now I only have a trial version. Unless, of course, I give them money. Again.

I am moving everything back to Light Room, just on principle. It's not that expensive but I refuse to feed dishonest businesses tactics. (They had my email before I downloaded so they could have easily informed me.)

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