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William Woodruff: Perfect!

OK, maybe not perfect, but pretty darn good spec, and very close to the travel camera I had hoped they would build. Using a non-interchangeable lens has several advantages. First of all, it reduces complexity, size, and weight. That is always a good thing, but it is expecially important if you are trying to build a small camera with a big sensor.

F 2.8 is as fast it gets for zooms on any 4/3 or larger sensor. The size and weight penalties go up exponentially in building larger aperture lenses for larger sensor lenses. Good compromise for a travel camera.

Also, non-interchangeable lens allows for a simple non-ttl optical veiwfinder that adds very little size/weight. Compare this to almost every other compact camera's complete lack of optical. Compare to the the relatively few that have clumsy, expensive add-on evf's. Good compromise.

I assume (because it will be easy to do) that they will have digital lens correction built in. It should be a great compact camera.

Hey Francis, do you work for Sony or Nikon or Fuji? I'm in the market for a G12 upgrade, must have optical viewfinder and not cost 000's, and the G1x seems ideal. What's the competition, I can't see anything obvious?

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