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I do not look at the 7100 as this reviewer does, be it a large upgrade. I would not have kept this camera in the 7000s series, certainly not 7100. Many similarities but the changes there are, are so significant, I personally would not have a 7000 and then say I upgraded to the 7100 because they made the 7100 better. Not talking about on the high end or low end of Camera's it is not an upgrade, it is a new way the line is going and I would have labeled it D8000 if you know what I mean, to show the serious differences.

IMO but what do I know. I bought my First Digital Camera when Kodak came out with the DC40, Owned DC50, by then some point and shoots, owned 20 of those, at least. I understand, You can tell me I am off base, I will take it in fun

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Chris1377. You must need a firmware update or something. From my wifi network menu, the options are

wpa/wpa2 mixed

i am running mine fine on wpa2.... Hope this might help you. Not to mention I just bought it onsale for $279.95 and had a 20% off coupon on top of that. Well worth adding a camera, even if I did not need one :)

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