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  • I was in Sedona over the weekend and I offered to take a couple of pics with my old Cannon T3i with a cheap know off 50 mm lens. I am pretty sure I could have gotten fairly similar results with her ...
  • Something like this would do just fine It uses an amd ryzen ...
  • Are you looking for a desktop or a laptop? Are you looking for a new monitor as well?
  • Replied in Not at all.
    The only time I am ok with vertical video is when I am a video call with someone.  Other than that, it is truly annoying even if it is FB.   It is just trashy.
  • Replied in Not at all.
    I will do the same from time to time.  And guess what, the pictures turn out fine. What gets me is the one handed hold.   You're on vacation and you ask someone to take a picture and they hold the ...
  • Nope.  Been on business trips with coworkers.  I don't find doing touristy things with coworkers enjoyable. My wife on the other hand works for the airlines and she has several friends that she ...
  • I have never traveled with anyone that isn't family.  I do most of my traveling with either my wife or alone (on business).  And occasionally the extended fam will do a cruise or something of that ...
  • People who take vertical video should be fined.
  • Pictures can somewhat simulate depth, but in the end they are just 2D.  End of story.
  • I will take the noise.  Generally with a bit of noise reduction and staying away from pixel peeping high ISO shots are quite usable.
  • I have seen photos that show better depth.  But in the end they all look 2d to me.
  • Why in the world would you delete without her consent? Anyway like another poster said Google recovering deleted photos. You might get lucky.
  • It all depends on what I am shooting. There is a time for bokeh and then there is a time for everything in focus.
  • I second that. Working from an Ssd is much quicker. Then when you are finished, back up to a traditional HD.  No big deal.
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    We aren't talking about stealing a physical object where there is a manufacturing cost associated with it. If you were to steal a car from an auto manufacturer, there is a specific cost associated ...
  • I am sure it hasn't but how many are really using that 36 MP today?  To use it you have to have a superb lens and rock steady hands or a tripod. On top of that for output you have 4k TV's/monitors ...
  • I come from the automotive design world.  The consumer wants a car that get 300 mpg, goes 0-60 in 2 seconds, and costs $5000.   What they get is none of these.   Design is all about trying to ...
  • I think there are many hear that suffer from image hoarding.   Take a lot of pictures and don't get rid of them.  You have tens of thousands of images and just don't know what to do with them.  ...
  • A reasonable request that most will ignore.
  • Take something that is smaller and easy to pack around. Unless you are planning on selling the pics, the iq should be good enough and the smaller camera will let you have more fun
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