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  • A reasonable request that most will ignore.
  • Take something that is smaller and easy to pack around. Unless you are planning on selling the pics, the iq should be good enough and the smaller camera will let you have more fun
  • Replied in I have no idea.
    I started digital photography with an Olympus C700uz.  Still have the camera, but I have no idea if the smart media card still works.  I took 10k plus photos with it and still enjoy looking at ...
  • Replied in Definitely Fuji
    I have used several Fujifilm cameras over the years.  They have given me the best colors.
  • The law of dogs states that the larger a dog is, the less noisy it is and the smaller, the more noisy it becomes. Sure there are noisy big dogs, but that is because their owner is stupid. And yes ...
  • But if you like dealing with the hassle of film, know yourself out.
  • Agreed. I have to wonder how easy it is to put politics aside and get to know these presidents as people and not just as members of political parties.  I think back on the presidents that I have ...
  • Luckily most of the posts have kept away from the juvenile stuff which I am a little surprised and happy about. Usually if the name Trump or Obama are used, it immediately goes south.  I tried to ...
  • Facebook is for sharing.  if you don't wan't the images shared, don't post them on Facebook. If your photos are good enough to sell, then get your own website and sell them.  And if you aren't ...
  • Created discussion thread Over 600 pictures a day
    I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing Obama's chief photographer.  He said he took over 2 million photos during the 8 years of the Obama presidency. That works out to be over 600 ...
  • Replied in None.
    I have no regrets about cameras I didn't purchase. I did have some regrets about some older Canon point and shoots that I had to use for work. Worst digital cameras I ever used.
  • Having more is better. You can always compress the dynamic range, if you don't need it.
  • Over the past 15 or so years, I have taken around 60k photos.  So around 4k per year.  Of those I have saved 15k..  About 1k/year. About 90% of these that remain are not worth printing out to ...
  • The technology is essentially the same.  There can be some issues.  Some TVs will over scan.  I have a panasonic 720p tv.  when I hook it up to the computer, the edges of the desktop aren't ...
  • Replied in Wrong reasoning.
    Yes, viewing at higher res is typically better, but...... Take a 30" 4k monitor.  It will have a pixel pitch of about 0.18 mm.  This equates to about a 140 ppi.  Now change that for a 24"  4k ...
  • It isn't that hard.  Once blocked, you don't have to deal with it again.
  • I don't have an FZ1000, but I did look at the owners manual and it says the FZ1000 does indeed have vertical guides.  P.66. Those guides are only so useful.   Depending on perspective, you can get ...
  • I have a hard time believing that you can't get useful 8x10 from your high iso pictures.   Sure there is noise, but use a little noise reduction and print them out.  They may look a lot better ...
  • I use it all the time at work, but I can do things better and quicker with photoshop at home. On top of that gimp is a lot slower than photoshop with working on large images.
  • 20 years ago I worked in a computer lab on campus.  I decided to try this approach as well.  I created a fake screen saver.  And had it run on several machines.  people would then type their ...
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