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lunartown: Why mention "rule of thirds" at all, "thirds" is fake believe and bad hearsay! Especially when you have found phi in the golden rule, the real number is 0.618033.., 1, 1.618033.. and it is not about having your subject in a place, but about having your subject aligned within a division.
"Thirds" are nothing but home made "rules" by people that do not understand the mathematics behind fibonacci numbers. It is all about putting different parts in different sections/divisions and not about putting things in a place, see this: which will clearly show the difference.
Sometimes by luck it will happen that if put the center of your main at the "thirds crossing", you'll also get its borders aligned within lines of the golden mean, but in other cases it may fail, understand and use the right rules, and then you are ofcause allowed to break them, but do not help spread fake believe and hearsay.
There are no "rules of thirds"!

Geeky mathmatics aside, I can easily imagine the "thirds" lines (some cameras even provide that grid on the viewfinder) and compose.
I can't easily imagine the Fibonacci curve, nor the Golden grid.
BTW, for whatever reason, Nikon (and most major camera manufacturers) chose non-Golden rectangles for their sensors (for example, 3x2). I can easily divide any rectangle into thirds. I could only divide a Golden rectangle into a golden grid.

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On article Compositional Rules (120 comments in total)
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abi170845: Can somebody please state the origin of the rules of third because I read that it was actually a folly made up by "someone" . Artists do and teachers teach. Screw the rules, I like to split the horizon, I like dramatic colors for impact, I like ultra wides for drama, I like saturations, so what?

Of course YOU can do anything you want.
The rules exist not to prevent you from doing anything.
The rules are an attempt to tell you what OTHERS, on average and not any one in particular, would consider a pleasing composition.
If you do art to please yourself, feel free to ignore rules.

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