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Bevardis: Rangefinder system is outdated? Please, with some training you can be just as fast as any SLR lens, if not even faster. And also >100% viewfinder is such an amazing thing.

Taking pictures with RFs is nothing like SLR in many respects- not better, not worse, but just so different.

It is such a shame no affordable camera exists.... Even at $9000 M9 body offers inferior performance to entry level DSLRs for $500. Solution- do the film and dream of Canonet D :)

Go Canonet! I still have mine!

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Elinas: Cool... so the day that they will decide to make Camera raw available for the Fuji X-Pro1, this means I will need to buy CS6...

It wont work 'swimmingly' because ACR6.7 wont edit "process 2012". You can view and do some minor changes, but you don't get the full set of controls. So you are forced to downgrade the LR4 edited files to "process 2010". It's very annoying for any serious workflow. For most people CS5 and even CS4 and CS3 do most of what they need. Having to upgrade and pay hundreds or even thousands of $$ just to get the next raw conversion process is immoral! I agree one should pay for a revised major version of the ACR plugin, perhaps the same as an LR upgrade? Personaly, as a professional, I don't like using the LR4 workflow. I like the Bridge/ACR/PS workflow. But I want the LATEST ACR Process version and to get that I now have to pay over $1200 to upgrade my CS5 to CS6, yet there is nothing in CS6 that I need. Adobe know what their doing... LR4 is good, but it misses the mark for some pro's such as myself otherwise I would switch to LR4 which is way cheaper than Bridge/ACR/PS.

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