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David Elliott Lewis: In reply to all those who argue about what elements are most important for a great picture, I say that many elements are important, some are more important than others. Ultimately, luck plays a huge role.

Even more important than good glass and a large sensor is the visual composition of the frame and how objects are illuminated. More important than any of that, however, is being at the right place, at the right time and looking in the right direction. Sometimes a great shot has a huge degree of luck.

Speaking about luck, I believe it favors the photographer who is prepared with an 18.8x zoom lens, a lens that ensures a close up or wide angle when needed when things are happening very fast and there is no time to change lenses or to reposition yourself.

David Elliott Lewis, San Francisco

I am considering this lens for my Sony A 7 R - [especially since my Zeiss 24-70 just fell in a creek & may be RIP :-( ]
I am used to Zeiss sharpness and detail, low distortion etc. But I am very attracted to this "all-in-1" kind of lens and am wondering how much I would have to 'lower the bar' with the quality-of-image factor with the Tameron. I know I'd have to get an adaptor (Sony's LA-EA-1, for $400!) and would have to drop my full frame pixel count from 36MP to 24 (ouch,) but I am still considering the Tam, because I love versatility and agility (eg, having a full frame DSLR, the size of a matchbox!)… Tried the lens out here in Boulder at Mikes Camera, darned good; fair with the deep macro -- but the light was low => huge ISO. So, can you elaborate on what you mean by IQ ? I shoot landscapes, people, macros, wildlife…maybe be getting into street photography…) Thanks!

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I've had my tx-10 for over a yr now & have taken thousands of photos (in the rain, hail,cold, kayaking, macros, movies, "3D" shots, dropped it on rocks) and I am really happy with it! Because of the tiny zoom, I "shoot first, zoom later" with <major> cropping onscreen--eg to get near wildlife. I LOVE the 1 cm macro, and the low light capacity (haven't used the flash, ever).
What could be better about it?The 2.75" screen is not 2.75 in but 2.5", with those 2 icon strips. False advertising. The whole thing is TOO SMALL. I'd love it to be more tank-like, and heavier (like I'm going to notice a 30 grams when my water bottle is 2 lb !). I hate those little instruction pop ups that periodically appear when I want to boot up fast. I am excited about getting a tx-200 sometime soon; EyeFi wireless uploads?A larger screen? 18 MP for deeper crop-zooms in post shooting? Just wrap it in another layer of aluminum (for another 30 grams of weight, oh my poor arms :-) ) & I am quite stoked.

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