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I do not think for one second that the New DxO Nik suite will be free but I am optimistic it will be reasonably priced and possibly discounted for existing DxO PhotoLab owners. I don't expect any credit because I paid $150 for Nik some years ago when it was owned by a different company. That would be asking too much.

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I have been a user of DxO Optics Pro since version 3.0 before Lightroom was a twinkle in Adobe's eye but since version 7 I have struggled with its slowness and the change in the lighting controls which all too easily produce images with a look like a bad HDR. At the same time Lightroom after version 4 has continued to improve and now includes many of the features that originally gave DxO the edge. I paid for Nik before Google gave it away for free. My workflow for 99% of my processing soon became LR and Nik. On One just doesn't compete and don't start me on the debacle that is Luminar 2018 for Windows. Having just invested in Capture One Pro 10 for Sony I had decided to part ways with DxO...but then they go and buy Nik from Google add Upoint features.
I suspect they will release the Nik suite in the same way as they have Viewpoint and Film pack so it can be used stand-alone or integrated into PhotoLab. DxO PhotoLab with integrated Nik suite will be a very powerful photo editing tool.

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I use it for practically every shot. Lightroom for initial raw processing, then to Nik Silver or Colour and then back to LR for cropping, sharpening, NR and printing. It should remain usable as long as new versions of operating systems will run it. Even if it stops operating as a plug-in for PS or LR you can create a tiff file from your raw processing software of choice,then the individual programs in the suite can be opened from explorer in Windows and the tiff opened by whichever component you want to use.

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But what if you don't want to be David Lean but just want to be David Bailey?

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No Android app...typical!

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I cannot believe this shot was not in the top 3.

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Told you it was a great shot. Well done.

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Thanks. I am very pleased and also surprised considering the standard of some of the competition. It has been a good day all round as I have just heard that I have had a photo published in a magazine, my first ever.

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