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  • Ok, maybe not exactly the most compact option and surely won't fit in any xmas stocking, but this should accommodate even the most aggressive shutter banger! ;-)
  • ?? What does this have to do with retouching?
  • re. "named view presets". Excellent suggestion! I had not thought of going that route as a more efficient work-around for my collection dilemma but I see that it does have merit. A bit clunky to ...
  • For myself, showing 30,000+ images at one time is of little to no use. There are some circumstances where we have a catalog that does not use much of any filtering other than structured folder ...
  • I also use a second monitor and that's helpful for some tasks, but doesn't contribute anything to keep one from having to jump around back/forth between folders & categories e.g. or another ...
  • Good thought but that would be over 30,000 images in main folders grouped by year going from 1997-2016. Not really a viable option. :-)
  • Used to do be able to do that but that option isn't available in the latest LR.
  • Same here. But the question remains, if you wanted to go through a large db of images and assign selected images to various Collections, how would you do that without having to constantly jump ...
  • Used to do that, but I don't see that as an option in the latest LR. How can one set an existing collection as a default? In any event, the "B" key option doesn't work in this case. You can't set a ...
  • Created discussion thread Lightroom FRUSTRATION
    I'll admit I'm not a LR guru by any means but having used it for years I'm pretty familiar with the application. I also understand that what it does at it's core is quite a bit different than most ...
  • Created for sale thread Quantum Qflash 5d-R Flash System
    Quantum Qflash 5d_R Flash system includes: (1) Quantum 5d-R Qflash (2) 2 Quantum FreeX Wire Wireless TTL triggers: FW9T and FW8R
  • Looking back over my decades of professional photographic experience the other day it was humbling to realize that after all these years I've never made a serious error in my many, many types of ...
  • Way too easy. :) Just a general question as we're exploring possibilities for a future purchase. Of course every system might well be different but just wondering if running 3 monitors from a ...
  • Created discussion thread Multiple monitor question
    If a notebook has a DisplayPort and an HDMI connection, would that support running 3 monitors simultaneously?
  • Great input and much appreciated. Thanks Andrew.
  • Very nice! But if I were you I'd be afraid to go outside where all those fearsome critters live!  :)
  • Understood. Apology accepted. BTW, I still cringe at the phrase "the cloud" myself...
  • Same here. Macrium Reflect to clone the OS drive and data backups... well, I try to back up weekly but that tends to vary. My main PC has 4 HDs + SSD w/ OS. I have to admit that on occasion I've ...
  • Wow. Really?? I'm speechless. Here all along I thought that sites such as this was a good place to seek input from users with experience concerning all manner of hardware. Cameras, lenses, ...
  • That's a good point and something I will keep in mind. Thanks for the input!
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