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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (606 comments in total)
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zavart: Nobody and I repeat NOBODY has as yet seen even one picture taken by this camera! and yet you're ALL ready to hang this project before it has even started ! No evidence is needed "the Negroes" did it ! It's like KKK alll over again ! Prejudice is indeed , the deadly sin ! and YOU're calling yourselves professional photographers !!!! What a joke :(

The problem is IQ is not linear with price. People buy expensive medium formats because they need the superior IQ, even though there isn't a huge difference between an APS-C and MF to justify the price. It's because there are no cheaper alternatives for that level of IQ. If you want to see how flat that hass falls, simply draw a graph with IQ increase in percentage against price and include all top IQ cameras representative of every 1k price tag. Then add the Lunar (using the NEX7 specs) and you will see how low it is. So what's left is design, but the comparison with an expensive car like Ferrari or Lambo is again badly thought. Those cars are not based merely on their aesthetics. They are not Fords on top of which they've strapped a different body.

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