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Double the price of the yongnuo and no af. Must be the Sony tax.

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scrup: What a waste. Car is severely compromised. Could have just just used a more regular car.

Now if that camera was a turret instead, that would be interesting.

If you ever watch the making of a movie, you will see chase scenes are done in slower speeds. If you need to record at 120+ miles a helicopter is a better and safer option.

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What a waste. Car is severely compromised. Could have just just used a more regular car.

Now if that camera was a turret instead, that would be interesting.

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Bring back the zinger burger.

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LadislavCZ: Why some people have to behave like being in some kind of brand cult. This place here was much more peaceful in past, people having more respect to each other and conversations being more mature.

The cameras are more complex now days with full of programmable electronics(small computers running inside) and there is no company who can oversee everything from start. We could seen this with Apple, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Fuji and this is not last time it will happen to any brand. There is no need to finger point that this or that company is bad because some issue pop-up. Sony has fixed the issue and provide customer support via firmware.

Canon had many issues in past (like this one for example, Nikon, had the oil sensor issue, Fuji XH-1 is having AF issues (no firmware fix yet).Every brand has its issues with cameras.

It could be good to have more mature conversations

Trolls make up half the user base. Can't get rid of the bread and butter. Where are all the hits going to come from?

I think it was a bad decision to get rid of the off topic forum. The trolls could vent in that little place, instead it now spills over to the other forums.

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Photato: Canon is starting to look like many other failing corporations with their best years in the past. Believe it or not just like individuals, corporations also make bad decisions over the years that ultimately could end in bankruptcy or mediocrity and irrelevance.
Canon was once pioneer in CMOS tech for sensors. It took Sony 5 years to deliver a FF CMOS for Nikon to catch up to Canon FF offering, yet Canon these days is lagging behind when Sony has the virtual monopoly and very profitable in CMOS sensors for all kind of devices What happened? ask these managers. As for artificially and deliberately crippling products, that is fair game as long as you offer customers choices with plenty of functionality and innovations in their most expensive, top tier products. Unfortunately Canon premium products are also very conservative or no existent like in mirrorless.
That is how Fuji and others could enter the Mirrorless market by filling the void left by Canon and Nikon
I dont trust Canon anymore

LOL, you in lala land, when is Sony going to gain market share? A7iii? A9? A9riii?

Great cameras but not everyone is drinking the koolaid.

Canon continues to caters towards the under 1k crowd. This is what keeps the lights on. Sony have basically abandoned this market to Canon. No market share, no long term viability.

The thing with tech is that eventally everyone will catch up. Sony will hit a wall where it can no longer innovate anymore.

Consider this the honeymoon period. Sony need to get as much market share as possible, before Canon launches FF.

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armandino: "With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, so technically it is feasible. But given the position of the M50 in the lineup, we can’t include all of the features available in a product like the 5D IV. "
This answers EXACTLY why I am leaving Canon behind for Sony.
Took FOR EVER to put 4K just to strip it of Canon best video feature.

If you waited this long obviously you don't need 4k. There are other options and no one is forcing for you to wait for that unicorn.

Surprised you waited this long, did the 3 amigoes put you over the edge?

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donmarse: I bought my first digital camera in 2000, a 1 megapixel Olympus, my first Canon was a G2 4 megapixel bought in 2003. I bought many cameras over the years and the vast majority were Canon cameras, but after 2012 I stopped buying Canon because they got to stingy with their offerings.

Did your pictures improve using a different brand?

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In a couple of years when this camera drops to under 1300 usd for the body, it's gonna give canon the shakes if they don't have anything competitive at that price point.

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All for increase in low light performance. But for some people nightclub mode may be better for selfies especially if you are a 5 or under on the hotness scale.

There is a reason nightclubs are dim. Everyone gains 2 points in attractiveness

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Eliot Kramer: There are TONS of people that switch brands.
I just switched Canon to Nikon, my best friend switched Nikon to Canon and I know plenty of people in my immediate photographic circle that switched to Sony from the big two. I think the "not switching a whole lot" thing in this article is SERIOUSLY flawed. People switch all the time. And they should, it's great, in fact, it probably makes one a better photographer to be versatile like that.

@ak, I shot a few marathons, I would do a 3 hour stint and easily get 3000+ frames. No way I be shooting raw in those scenarios. There is no real life noticable difference in iq between sensors the same physical size and similar pixel density.

Most people can't even tell what sensor size an image was taken with and that has a bigger impact on IQ more than anything else.

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J A C S: Canon got it wrong on two counts at least.

More females take pictures then males. Canon just wants want more females to buy their cameras and not use their phone.

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On article Canon got it right on International Women's Day (463 comments in total)

Sad to see that when you enter this world as a women, you are at a disadvantage.

Days like this are good at promoting that women need help, because they can't do it on their own. They want to be treated equal but want special treatment in the process.

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Makes the 6d look tiny. Great to see exotic glass being made.

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Too bad no one can fix it when it breaks, better to keep it in a glass cabinet for a while and admire it's girth.

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Canon left some video features off the m50 so it won't compete with the m5ii.

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Looks like the open forum moved here based on the comments.

On a more serious note, China's global dominace is really affecting the rest of the world.


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Mark Turney: Fake bokeh ... 😤. I’m so over all this VR, AI, simulations, algorithmic living and anything to do it.

Big tech is shoving 💩 down out throats under the guise of advances, but really it’s dependece-building which lines their pockets with our money.

I guess you don't like to process your images.

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Someone gotta teach these bears how to sort out the plastics.
They could work for a real meal. Bet you not many bears have had McDonalds or a bucket of KFC.

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skanter: Still fixed LCD? Deal breaker.

No 4k!

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