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Old Cameras: Waiting for someone to introduce a new film camera. People are living off the millions of used cameras in need of a home. It would just be an interesting sign to see a new camera introduced.

The new Hasselbad h6x takes film backs

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On article Nikon D850: First full-res sample images (362 comments in total)

Any news on a new F7 film SLR with this AF system?🙃
Or a new Nikon film range finder camera with ttl and a digital companion camera ie the same camera but a film and a digital version . Like the Leica m10 and M7 are similar. Nice dream I suppose

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beckmarc: I love this type of blind testing. I changed to Nikon from canon a few years ago in part because of a one of Mike's blind tests. It was not the only factor but I just kept choosing Nikon. My other favourite system based on colour is the Fuji x system.

This youtuber has done canon vs Nikon colour tests before uni the same format ie. blind testing until the end when the results are revealed. At the end of that process I found I much preferred Nikon colours to canon colours even for portraits. I then bought a Nikon D750 because of a number of factors including the results of the blind testing I had undertaken.

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Portra 400 vs Fuji 400h anyone?

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I love this type of blind testing. I changed to Nikon from canon a few years ago in part because of a one of Mike's blind tests. It was not the only factor but I just kept choosing Nikon. My other favourite system based on colour is the Fuji x system.

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yellodog: Mehh. Now, if it was to be a digital Kiev 6x6 with lots of swirly bokeh lenses they would have a guaranteed hit.

I am with you!

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ogl: It's unreal. No market for such camera.
The technological lagging from all photo brands is cosmic. The second serious problem is software.
We had heard such info from official persons of KMZ (Zenit plant) many times for last 12 years. Maybe it's new info for Western World, but we - Russian photo amateurs - consider it as populism.
The plant is 100% military oriented now.

@ogl I have a postive regard for the old soviet cameras. I hope you are wrong but i suspect you have the truth of it.

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I hope it will be M42 mount or LTM if it is a rangefinder style camera.
Now we also need a digital Kiev IIa.
Can Zeiss etc sue for copyright now the Soviet union has dissolved? Probably out of copyright as the USSR "stole" the Zeiss designs in 1945 as war reparations.

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Michiel953: I hope, for sentimental reasons, it looks like this:


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Jakub Ostrowski: Just another idiot. I meant Macron not the photographer.

Macron is most certainly not an idiot. He has come from relative obscurity to take on the establishment and win a landslide victory as an independent outside of the traditional party structure. He knew just how to stand up to Trump too. He may end up being one of Frances great leaders in history.

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Lee Jay: f/352 (I think) is the tightest I used. It was a 17:1 macro. And, yes, now I know better.

At least you gave it a go. What exposure time did you use?

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Bambi24: And I got attacked left and right on this site, when I said that the "Nude Photography Business" needs to be done under 100% supervision like the porn industry.

I got attacked left and right when I said that young females undressing for photographers in their own premise without supervision is a recipe for disaster.

Speaking from personal experience, I would never in my life recommend young female students to model for older male photographers without some kind of supervision.

Having a chaperon helps keep everyone safe. The women is more protected and the photographer is less likely to experience false allegations which even if unproven can tait their career.

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Stunning photographs

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Thorgrem: Why so aggressively picking on the camera gear that the writer likes to use? What's wrong with a lot of the people under this article? Why can't they be happy for the writer that this equipment works for him?

Point well made

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Bambi24: lbs? oz? hocus pocus?

I have no idea what you imperial system infidels are saying.

Yes the imperial measurement system is weird unless you were brought up with it. International websites would benefit by offering translations into metric for the rest of the world. I hate having to manually convert to normal measurements (metric). Length is not as bad as weight. For some reason I remember a cricket pitch is a chain in length.

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JL Auch: Still waiting for my digital FM2...

Amen to that

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milkod2001: ''The gadget also helped professionals in the healthcare sector reduce paperwork by more than 20 percent, allowing doctors to spend 50 percent more time drinking coffee.''

Instead of two minutes a day in total between patients to grab a coffee it is now 3 minutes?

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I use windows and mac machines all the time. My kids prefer Microsoft surface pro's . I love mac hardware after less then well made dells. My take is that OS X and windows 10 are both great usable platforms but they are just different. Crashes on both systems are now rare. If you only use one of these then switching can be frustrating. When I went from windows to mac I was frustrated learning a new system. I knew how to do most things on windows and there was simply a learning curve on the mac. Lack of touch screen on macs is frustrating when every other system I use has touch. I keep forgetting and touch my MacBook screen. May be the future is not OS X vs windows but iOS vs ....

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James Bligh: From the day 1 of D750 in the market it was plagued with problems. I think I do not have to cite what the problems have been. Rather I will talk about the sound purchasing decision of Nikon equipment.

1) You'd rather resist the temptation of buying a new model. You'd be better off buying Mark II or Mark III model. Even though it may not be fool proof but will decrease the chance of ending up in a lemon.

2) If you cannot resist the temptation of buying a new model wait at least 1 year after it was marketed.

3) When buying a cutting edge model you should remember the more sophisticated it is the more likely it may go wrong. In general you'd be better off buying a model employing known technology and of modest spec.

I agree with Mr Bligh. I bought my d750 in December 2015 and it had been out for a year or more. It avoided the first recall but has been Caught up in this one. It has been a great camera otherwise.

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Not happy

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