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Here is a photo essay from the UK touching on some of the same themes.

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steelhead3: The misconception of Trump voters is that they are the underclass; in reality they average $70,000 a year. Just like in Germany in the 30's, the middle class (always fearful) is his mainstay.

Although salaries for ordinary jobs are low in the US 70,000 is hardly a big pay packet. In Australia we use the term "forgotten people" in politics and these people fit that group. That is they are not homeless or poor in that sense but neither are they doing well economically. The left and the right have focussed on other groups as a priority and look what happens. Brexit and Trump being the most stricking examples. It will be interesting to see if May can hang on in the UK or whether the uk will elect a very populist left wing government. Great photo essay. We are living through a significant point in history and the more photographers document it the better.

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cdembrey: Magazines. in general are dying. Is there a place in this modern world for a printed limited edition? My guess is no.

Hi I was aware of the true definition of a zine. I was insinuating that they are trying to adapt this style of publication for marketing purposes.

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///M: can we get a Kodachrome lab and some film please please please ;)

Amen to that

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Glen Barrington: I 'guess' this has a place in the world, just not MY world.

Yes fair comment . It is aimed at a specific audience and it is OK not to want to buy a copy if it is not what floats your boat. I personally love this kind of zine/magazine. Each to their own

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cdembrey: Magazines. in general are dying. Is there a place in this modern world for a printed limited edition? My guess is no.

Large run magazines are currently dying it is true but the so called zines are flourishing. Limited run zines made by artists sell out quickly. Kodak are just targeting their audience by adapting the zine approach. I will be buying a copy iif they ship to Australia.

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mxx: Another cynical use of a once trusted trademark?

No I think it is tapping into the rise of the zine. These limited run photography and arts zines sell out very quickly as a rule. Clearly it is marketing focused on their current customers who are by and large not the adverage DP review audience but the younger arty demographic who read and make zines. Let's face it they are selling more film and it is this group who are buying . It is just good marketing and good luck to them

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MistaHaid: I am the First? It seems the others sent handwritten Letters to the comments section...

I am very pro film but your comment just cracked me up. Very clever

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This product highlights the potential for camera manufacturers to put more functionality into their cameras with more powerful computer processes etc. the iPhone does many of these things already with its high end CPU able to handle the data. Imagine combining iPhone level computational power, a full frame sensor and high end glass

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The $50,000 goal seems very low to bring such a project to market.

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Tim Gander: Andy Warhol is seen using the first camera with a built in phone. It didn't take off at the time because he owned the only one.

What camera does Andy have in his hand?

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The Nikon SPX, that would have been amazing. TTL metering on a rangefinder at that time would have potentially taken the fight up to Leica. I suppose they did any way with the Nikon F and the rise of the SLR leapfrogging the rangefinder cameras anyway.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (540 comments in total)

4K is one area where canon is weak because they reserve it for their high end gear. If Nikon can exploit this they may be able to compete better with canon at this level.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (540 comments in total)

This looks like a very good and keenly priced camera. However is it enough to encourage people to grade? May be not from the 7200 but previous model owns might find enough here to warrant buying it. The point is that we are reaching a saturation point where older DSLRs are very good. Or at least good enough. In Nikon bright out more high end DX lenses this might both encourage new customers to the brand and leverage their current customer base by selling more glass to them.

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Interesting comments from the dpreview audience. I suspect there a lot of well qualified commentators from business, engineering etc who are keen photographers.
I would only add this reminds me a little of zeiss ikon in the early 1970s when they dropped camera manufacturing all together and focused on their core strength of optics. Their camera division was crushed by Nikon et al. and their camera division only made a profit in one of the years post war. Lenses are everywhere. Smart phones, glasses, robotics and cars just to name a few. Hopefully this will drive growth and profit enabling them to still produce wonderful cameras profitably for a smaller audience.

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Josh Leavitt: Df mk2 please...


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No special new camera as yet. I hope later in the year there is a "just one more thing" and it is a refined upgrade to the DF, already a great camera btw just with some quirks to iron out

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radissimo: Panasonic, please don't forget to bring LX100 sucessor, thanks

Ralphthemagician, I think you have hit the nail on the head with your comment. There are very good 5 - 10 year old Interchangable lens cameras out there which take good images and their owners don't see the need to upgrade. They usually don't visit this site

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Photography is very popular and profitable but all of this money is going to Apple, Facebook, Google etc and not companies like Panasonic nor is it going to professional photographers. This is going to be a difficult time for the likes of Panasonic but let's hope they work out a solution to remain viable

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beckmarc: Apple, google, Facebook etc are mega profitable and they dominate mainstream photography. They have cleverly crept up on camera manufacturers and have taken all their customers from the low end up. Now the iPhone 7 is a very capable point and shoot. Sony could have done this but they were stuck in the 20th century mind set for too long. The American IT companies destroyed the music companies, the camera companies and next is the car industry.

I am not suggesting Sony will disappear but they are a small company compared to Apple etc who are financially in a whole different league. Sony could have been a successful as Apple but they missed that opportunity. In the 2000s Sony shrunk to just 10% of its former market value compared to at the end of the 20th C . They were in serious financial trouble. Apple and google etc went from minor players to totally out play Sony, Panasonic etc.

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