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The reality is the market is very difficult for camera manufacturers right now. Sales keep shrinking as smart phone get better and better. There is little money in being a professional photographer so I suspect professionals are not inclined to buy new cameras as often as manufactures would like. It is hard to know what is the best thing for a company to do in a market like this. Some manufactures who did fine before will cease making cameras if they cannot adapt. Nikon wants to create other income streams like fuji did when film sales collapsed. However, that is easier said then done as Kodak found out. if a market is shrinking should we expect anything more then this to celebrate 100 years of Nikon. They simply may not be able to afford a loss making projects like the hand made s3 2000 or sp 2005 from the last decade. One can still hope though!

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This is sad as I was looking to buy a couple of them esp the wide angle one . I was keen to use both for travel. On the other hand I went traveling since the DL announcement and I only took a new iPhone 7plus. I was very happy with it as a travel camera and maybe I don't really need the DL range after all. I suspect I am not unique hence the decision to cancel the DL. If they release a digital full frame Nikon SP "D" it would be on my shopping list.

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Polacofede: In argentina we have enormous extensions of the country that does not suffer from earthquakes, floods nor hurricanes, etc. It would be amazing to see such a factory here.

@Ebrahim Saadawi. Peace in the Middle East can't come soon enough. Rule of law, democracy and effective strategies to combat corruption will bring huge benefits to the Middle East. Security is a major worry for westerners. For example I would love to visit Egypt as a tourist but I am too concerned about my family's security due to terrorist attacks over the last few years. It is a real shame as many Egyptians I have met are wonderful people and I believe Egypt is a truly amazing country.

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beckmarc: Australia too is geologically stable and large parts are free from hurricanes and cyclones. Sony could build it here.

@brycesteiner. Fortunately we are a very large country and the climate is highly variable from large snow fields to deserts and the tropics. Drought is an issue at times in various parts of Australia like the US. Australia is self sufficient in food but free trade means we do allow imports. However we export a very large amount of our food production.

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beckmarc: Australia too is geologically stable and large parts are free from hurricanes and cyclones. Sony could build it here.

Japan is not exactly a low cost country and the $AU is only 75 US cents now.
Our corporate tax is lower then the US too.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: I get that it took many months for production to reach old levels. Even factoring in that the announcement usually precedes release by around two months, it still does not explain why we are nearly hitting a year and still there's not even a peep about the Nikon DL.

I prefer Nikon get it right and have no more recalls

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Australia too is geologically stable and large parts are free from hurricanes and cyclones. Sony could build it here.

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mbaginy: Amazon still offers Kodachrome 64. I wonder where it's developed. Odd.

I believe some people develop it as black and white. I also understand one or two home developers may have worked out how to develop it as colour. Perhaps some people just want to own a roll of Kodachrome for display.

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philm5d: You are all completely barmy (US translation - crazy), just like the latest fad to produce music on vinyl. I thought I was behind the times being born in the early 50s but it's all the king's new clothes - it's different - so it's better or should I say "cool". I grew up with film, when anything over iso 400 was special order, had to be kept in a fridge and had grain like a coal heap (Fuji 1600 trannie film). I spent countless hours in smelly darkrooms - goodbye to all that and good riddance. My local Maplins (like Radioshack) is full of record turntables to play the "new" vinyl music records. Me? Well I still wince when I play a certain ABBA track that I scratched on Vinyl back in the 70s - now it's on CD I still can hear the loud click in my head when it comes to that part on the CD track - as I said you're all barmy...


Interestingly some pros have gone back film because it is quicker and cheaper for them. I seems rediculous I know but if time is money and you spend hours post processing digital then film saves you time and hence money. It assumes you are good at getting it right in camera. Kodak Portra is very forgiving too which helps. The new film pros are younger from what I can see and they shoot MF ie 645 format usually in an auto focus Contax 645. I am not convinced film would work for all pros but some have switched to film and claim that it has helped the bottom line. ? Also are marketing strategy to differentiate their service.

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tom43: Very good news. Now it is time for the market to follow: Nikon, what about bringing back a FM4A or F7 camera for the 100th birthday this year? Even more needed is a high quality scanner for 35mm and 120 film. Leica, what about a new projector based on LED technology? Look at all the success Fuji has with the analog strategy. Photography is not only about the latest digital gear, it is about emotion, dedication, craftmanship and enthusiasm.

PS: With all these positive responses here I would suggest to rename the side. What about "APREVIEW" ??? :- )

How about a Nikon sp2 or spx range finder.

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Some wedding photographers have are now using film. They say it is quicker as there is much less post processing. I suspect it is also a marketing move to say the use film but some don't push the issue of film in their promotional material but just use film as over all it is much quicker for them. Of course this presupposes getting it right in camera which can be done with digital as well. They appear to use portra 400 mainly.

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maxnimo: I still have dozens of boxes of slides, but most of the images have faded terribly. I'm glad I digitized them many years ago even though the image quality is far below anything from a modern digicam.

What scanner did you use? I use a Nikon 9000 film scanner and get images that are very detailed, easily as good a quality as digital camera shots. I am not advocating going back to film as such but if you have old slides you wish to digitize then the scanner quality makes all the difference.

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Roadrunner123: Is it still possible to have Kodachrome developed anywhere?

You can get it developed as black and white if you have some old exposed rolls that you really want to see what is on the film. Not quite the effect you may want but at least you see the images

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iae aa eia: I think that I still have to see multilayer sensors a standard to believe digital has really surpassed analog. At low ISO, pictures taken with Sigma's Foveon sensor are unbeatable. Nothing compares to the depth produced by a multilayer sensor.

I think you have a real point here. The results postef here on dpreview's Sigma form are amazing. I am really looking forward to the full realisation of the foveon and related approaches at higher ISO in a more main stream camera style. Still I think I might get a sigma Fixed lens camera anyway to try it out.

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DVT80111: NIK plug-in has all kind of film simulation. Why bother


I use VSCO etc but they are not that close for most photographs unfortunately. B&w is the closest to film and I often cannot tell if it is scanned triX or a simulation but slide film emulations are way off and obvious (to the trained eye at least.) However, the emulations are improving so your point may well be more accurate in a few years.

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Wow!!! This is totally unexpected but welcome news. I still have frozen ektachrome in the film-ageddon freezer

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Cameracist: but too late for autumn.

Just in time for summer (in the Southern hemisphere) We are expecting a heat wave this week so a camera like this would be great for the beach!

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Calvin Chann: Wish they'd announced the colour options from day 1, even if they were going to be available later.

Whilst on one level I agree with you this colour option was reasonably predictable as they eventually offered it with the XT1 and it had been rumoured for some time. However, your point is well made. It would be nice know that this colour would be available in the future so that you could make a more informed choice

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Rob890: How's about a new Nikon Coolpix A? Would love to see successor to that one, especially since it produced some wonderful colors.

I agree. I don't think it sold well though.

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To be fair these cameras are not aimed at the majority of dpreview readers.
My kids however would love something like this.
The real story is where are the DL 1 inch sensor cameras. It seems that there is an ongoing and serious problem. Other 1 inch sensor cameras are coming out of the factories from other brands.

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