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On article X-Transformed? Fujifilm X30 Review (343 comments in total)
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Rodger Kingston: Since 2012 I've been a confirmed Fuji X camera user, and never in 40 years of shooting have I had cameras I liked more than the lovely little X10 and X20 - not even my old Leicas and Contax Ts. (I've retired my big clunky DSLRs.)

I'm sure the X30 is an excellent camera, but I yearn for something better: an X100Z (the “Z” standing for zoom) with a lens equivalent to the one on my X20 (but of course configured for the larger X100 series sensor).

I yearn for the image quality and only slightly larger body (to say nothing of the amazing hybrid viewfinder) of the X100T, but without giving up the flexibility of the superb zoom lens on my X20. Will Fuji ever oblige, or am I only daydreaming?

To see photographs I’ve taken with the X10 and X20, go to my latest book, "Searching for Edward Hopper," at: The 33 images from 2012 or later were made with these Fuji cameras.

I could not have expressed it better. I too want a x100z

Link | Posted on Mar 27, 2015 at 22:46 UTC
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b craw: Art markets have a history of operating, to various degrees, askew of critical dialogs about importance and historical value of artwork(s). One must accept the fact that along side work that is profoundly transformative to the art world there will also be kitsch, or otherwise commercially facil work, fetching large sums; consider Thomas Kinkade's auction successes of the 1990's. And this is not to bemoan his financial success(es), only to demonstrate that the market can, and does, oscillate wildly as an indicator of quality.

Peter Lik's chain of galleries is reminiscent of the mall-gallery explosion of a "booming" Kinkade. Much remains a bit suspicious about this $6.5 sale (it was not an auction, just to correct some who have stated it as such - undisclosed, private buyer); but should it prove genuine I wouldn't be surprised too much. His work is wholly lacking the art historical portent by other photographers, namely Sherman and Gursky, who've also sold prints in recent years in the millions USD - but I can see a crafty arc of (market) development in Lik's mannerist, and largely conceptually unengaging, landscapes.

Well said

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OBI656: I love it. What a message to all those sceptics about value of photography ... All those which are only bitching, etc., ...

LOL ... I Love it, I Love it, ...

I could not agree more

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I am not sure why there are so many negative posts. Most photographers complain about photography being under valued. Here is a concrete example of someone valuing a photograph and being willing to part with a serious amount of cash to buy a print. On one level this is a boost to all photographers. Our hobby/business is worth while. Photographers are appreciated.

Also he is a fellow Ozzie.

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On article Ten things you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 II (279 comments in total)

Sony are clearly in it to win it. Every few months they have a new model with even better sensors. Now will Canon rise from its slumber to meet the challenge or are they a spent force?

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For a "dead" medium this post about a new film initiative sure gets a lot of comments. "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about" The fact that so many photographers are inspired to write about film, for or anti, indicates film is still relevant.

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On article Cold War camera: 1950s Berlin in color (part 1) (122 comments in total)
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Fidibus: @ GRUBERND
On the contrary, there have been massive changes in the area of Berlin´s architecture and city layout, in its political and social structure as well (think of the reunion with East Germany) as well as in its economic importance since the end of WWII and in particular since the reunion in 1989. Besides most media agree in the opinion that Berlin is one of the liveliest, most creative and open cities of the world.
Sorry to say that, but your opinion may be either based on ignorance or resentment.

I think @Grubernd was being ironic i.e. I think he tried to put a smilie face at the end of the post to indicate this but used a ;) instead of a :)

Berlin has indeed changed a lot. I was there in the 1990s and again in 2007 and I barely recognised many of the places I had visited in my first visit.

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On article Lomography seeks crowdfunding for Lomo'Instant Camera (41 comments in total)

Fuji's instant film products have been a great sales success hence lomography is moving into this market. This has lead fuji to release new cameras themselves. It looks like the kick starter was fully funded within hours. Don't forget most digital camera manufacturers are not making a profit. Fuji's instant film business is.

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The quality of the work in this competition was stunning. I am a little surprised at the negative comments

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ZhanMInG12: WTF is with no. 7?

The Israel landscapes were stunning

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On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (906 comments in total)

looks great

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Pentax_Prime: Websites based in the United States should probably work a little bit to give prices in DOLLARS. Just a thought.

Uk prices include sales tax (VAT) and us wages are very low for shop workers compared to Europe hence things cost more outside the US.

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Great news. The family and I love instant photography and having a bit more control over the camera settings is welcome. Well done Fuji!

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On article Carl Zeiss drops 'Carl', becomes 'ZEISS' (111 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Could be worse. Remember Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC to be more "hip?" That was about the time they "kiled off" (video-wise) Col. Sanders too.

I thought it was to hide the word "fried" which had become bad for business.

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On article Roger Cicala compares Zeiss and Canon 135mm f/2 lenses (88 comments in total)
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Peter KT Lim: Today if Zeiss are Sogoood, than they no need to be a third party lens maker, where is their proud Contax Camera? Clearly show their product is not competitive in today environment.

It is a laugh that today still got some great lenses discovery master post their so call expert experience on site telling Z is good and C is not so good.

Zeiss decided in the early 1970s to concentrate on their core business - optics. In the post war period zeiss ikon (their camera division) only made a profit in one year. The contax name was licensed by Kyocera and they made the cameras until they ceased production of cameras in 2005. it is a common business strategy to focus on what you are good at and Zeiss have done this very well - they are profitable. I would love a digital Zeiss Ikon contax rangefinder with the old contax lens mount to compete with the Leica m but i think it is not going to happen for the reasons T3 points out

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WT21: To be really superficial, I think the name "Cornell Capra" is pretty cool :)

Great summary of the issues M Mitchell. I was educated in Australia and it was covered in English and History classes at high school. The historical analysis in the article was a bit off the mark as you point out.

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rrr_hhh: "The negatives in the so-called 'Mexican suitcase' were from Capa's coverage of the Spanish Civil War. He travelled to Spain in 1936 and shot hundreds of rolls of film during the conflict, which these days is relatively little-known outside Spain."
What !? Relatively little-known ? This can only be true for the Americans who were brainwashed by years of anti-communist propaganda and whose government cared for good relationships with fascist Franco government.

This tragedy is well known in the EU, where official government kept quiet while the progressists and democrates were massacrated. The controversy is still raging in Spain, where the history of those crimes need to be revisited.

I agree. It is very well known. Perhaps in the US it may not be well known but even then if you study English literature even at a high school level it usually comes up when discussing George Orwell and related authors. A basic high school European history course usually covers it as part of WWII. A lot of idealistic young men and women went to defend socialist & democratic ideals including the US Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

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On article Photographer revisits images of Vietnam War (89 comments in total)
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Phixer323: These stunning images are going force me to look back at mine from 68-69 (Chu Lai)! Like this photographer, my slides have been locked away for over forty years. I can't even imagine that they would even come close to these.

Your images are part of history. It doesn't matter if you followed the rule of thirds etc. Photographs are a window into the past and need to be preserved

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2013 at 12:40 UTC

A co-op makes a lot of sense. I have expecting one to emerge for some time. The artists should share in the profit and not just work for big business for pittance

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Although controversial at least these photographs provoke strong feelings & thoughtful discussions. I agree with the poster below, from my professional work alcohol &/or drugs (esp speed and ice) play a big role in DV. They are great "enablers". I hope this spot light on DV helps raise awareness of DV issues - its the kids I really worry about.

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