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I think the 525000 cars (looked it up) that drove through Zion National park every year was a big problem.
They kind of fixed that with a busservice so logical next step, tripods.

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Is this Sepp Blatter's idea of goal line technology ?

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Where is that Marihuana trench I spotted on the globe in the picture? does anybody have the coordinates?

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james123: Well, 24MP with an APS-C sensor means less than 4 microns pixels, means diffractions starts at f/4 in the red and f/8 in the blue, and means also that this camera requires perfect top-grade lenses, which are much more expensive than the camera itself. It might also penalize high iso performance.
It's a pity that DSLRs enter the MP race.
Very good video specs. Beautiful LCD screen. But apparently no exposure bracketing, which is quite unbelievable if true.
Will probably be a hit in the entry level market but probably not for the good reasons.
PS: no way it could ever come close to full frame sensor cameras regarding image quality. Elementary optics.

Automatic bracketing is not available om the 3200, 3100, 3000 and also the D40.For some reason nikon believes people who use entry level cameras don't use AEB. Makes HDR more difficult.

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mikeybirch: finally they give some firm details! disappointing to not name price (i assume will be around the Canon and Nikon equivalents ~ $9000) but long overdue re-commitment to the top end of the market which Sony had shown no appetite for a long while . disappointing that it's order only, no idea of delivery time in that case either.

sonyalpharumors say € 13.000 euro (this doesn't help with re-commiting) and it doesn't even come with a free camera. I'll be waiting ten years for a second hand.

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Anybody remember the famous excecution photo made by Eddie Adams in Vietnam ? There is also filmfootage of the same scene by Vo Su from NBC.
Everybody remembers the picture and not the video.
I think video is for your information while photo's makes you think.

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Edmond Leung: Hope there is one for NEX.

There is one 400 mm right here.
I just hope the link works
or else go to the kenko tokina site

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