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On article A letter from the Publisher (332 comments in total)

I never use video personally, and find it very frustrating when a camera is given an over all score, me nice to see review scores split giving a better reflection of a cameras ability as a stills or video tool. And more rinhouse eviews of lenses would be a big plus,, and stop referring to DX0 for those answers please.

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warp101: Looks like you could fit at least 4 cameras across the top of that phone in the picture!

If only the Light 16 guys had thought of putting a phone in their camera ... at least there'd be no more racing to see how many cameras you can put into a device 😉

I bet their working on it now.

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Arai: Stil got two Motorola Razr devices in the closet... Very popular back in the day
Maybe a Throwback Thursday hint... that's all it is to it

They were nice and slide into shirt pockets easier than than a modern smartphone fits in to a jacket pocket.

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I like the idea of a flip phone with, smartphone type abilities. Especially if it helps protect the screen. But $3000? Someone needs to start sharing whatever their smoking!

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Adam Sharp: Look at the stupid prices that all of the camera manufacturers now charge for average products I'm amazed they still sell as much as they do . The brexit rubbish excuse in the uk has pushed prices up so stupid levels I've not seen for years . They should focus on value rather than stupid high end products that will only bring little profit . For the first time in thirty years I won't be buying a dale and lenses because they are all over priced Nikon now paying the price . And as for quality control they all suck . If any Pentax still better value for the quality of the products just limited options . Nikon neglected the average person who likes the travel family photo .

The prices of equipment in the UK now is ridiculous, All makes have risen ,by about 30%. Nikon and Canon are both way overpriced, At least Sony, Fuji and Pentax are still affordable.
My Pentax DA*300 cost £899 in may last year I've recently seen it advertised at £1199 from the same company I purchased mine from.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)
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monkeybrain: Richard, can we look forward to DPR doing reviews of alternative software? There seems to be a lot out there and it would be useful to have your assessment of it, for both amateur and professional need.

I know you do some software reviews, but it would be handy to have all the alternatives in a single comparison article.

Apologies if this has been asked before.

Adobe rightly or wrongly is held as being the gold standard by many. I would love to see alternatives to Adobe software reviewed compared and samples from different manufacturers perhaps paired with a better alternative to Adobe. Would make this site more interesting from the recent articles.

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(unknown member): Really guys, have any of us taken dxomark seriously these past few years? A completely random criteria set made plausible by graphs and graphics. Personally I haven't 'visited' their site for years; because they have nothing to say in terms of current technology.

dxomark copped out long ago. We all know that.

Used to goto their site regularly, but think I've been back maybe 6 times in 3 years. With no actual photos to sample against figures, graphs, charts or what ever are meaningless. And as they just can't handle Fuji X trans I doubt I'll ever use them.

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wil eelsing: Like the idea, it looks like a nice toy for those who are into 'lifestyle choices'. However, since a belong to stumbling-through-life squad, I'd rather wish they had invested in resurrecting the Silicon Film's EFS-1 concept, a digital cartridge that was supposed to fit into a analogue 35mm camera.

I really liked that idea, has anyone tried a quickstarter campaign since they gave up?

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xiao_xiang: The anti-canikon crowd are alive and well in this forum!

Can't we all just get along?

A Nikon exec states some unpalatable, but true, facts and you go all hyperventilating. Even if they are a little wobbly in the truth department, he is there to present his company.

Boy these Fuji/Olympus/newly-hip brand supporters are obnoxious and one-eyed. Nikon is dying a slow death, so just be happy with that, ok, and leave out the venom.

I for one am excited to see what they come up with. I just wish they would hurry up about it!! I am a FF shooter, so that's what I want to see... But I might have to go Sony for my next purchase....

@xiao_xiang""Boy these Fuji/Olympus/newly-hip brand supporters are obnoxious and one-eyed"

What on Earth are you talking about? Fuji and Olympus are NOT "newly-hip brand supporters". They have been around a long time. If anything NIKON is the brand that many choose on name alone.

I shoot Fuji X system because it gives the best combination of High Quality images with high quality lenses, that are lighter to use and carry. I also find them more enjoyable as they are better designed ergonomically.

I hope Nikon does bring out a full-frame mirrorless but they will still suffer the issue of needing larger lenses which normally makes them bulkier and heavier and personally this defeats the main purpose of such systems.

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LFPCPH: Isn't Nikon the only manufacturer that supports APS-C lenses on their fullframe cameras ? Or am I wrong ? Does Sony support old APS-C lenses on the A7 line ?

My point is that a fullframe mirrorless system that supports both APS-C and fullframe lenses will have broader appeal than systems like the Canon M or Fujifilm.

Nope, Pentax does on the K1 (yes they only make the one FF, but still good to know) :D

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Does this mean Naruto will be sued by PETA for damages for the lost monies they are go to incure?

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When did DPR get into the rumours game?

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Thats it i give up, i'm selling all my camera gear, cancelling all my holidays and just going to browse google .......

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New Top Gear in the UK did a "safari" of sorts using suv rear parking cameras.

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Matt1645f4: Whats the odds of them using Fuji's X mount?

Fuji won't abandon X mount, far more likely Nikon will go X mount. And Fuji only used Nikon F as they were rebranding nikon cameras.

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Whats the odds of them using Fuji's X mount?

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Where's the owned it button?

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Is it News, a Review or consumer advice? None of the above!! Which is where DPR is heading if it doesn't start doing what says in its title!!

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On article Will the robot revolution make photographers extinct? (12 comments in total)

Can somebody just melt C3PO please !!!!!

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Brilliant article DPR , Been playing with this idea of take anywhere camera. Current thinking is a Panasonic GX80 with 17mm f1.8 lens. View finder practical focal length for parties, landscape with odd street shots, IBIS and all very affordable. Plus usb charging.

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