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About me:

I am currently switching from Canon (FF) to Fujifilm.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-T1 with lenses:
16-55 zoom
Fujifilm X100T (my favorite camera!)

Panasonic: GF1 with 20/1.7
Gitzo tripod: G1325 & Manfrotto 3-way gear head #410

I still use film at times: Leicaflex, Canon EOS 100, Yashica Lynx 14E
All-time favorites: Pentax Spotmatic F, Pentax 6x7, Canon F1

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  • Replied in Moire
    That noise is moire. You can adjust, reduce or delete that in post processing. By the way, all these images were shot with a shutter speed of 1/10,000!  Wow!  Did you have a special reason for such ...
  • Replied in Beautiful
    Very nice images, Frederic!  Nicely composed, well processed.  Makes me want to visit Sion myself.
  • Replied in X100t
    Ah yes, the camera's monitor.  It shows a jpg image with those adjustments you have selected in the image menus.  If you haven't selected (in image capture) raw plus best jpg quality, the monitor ...
  • Replied in X100t
    I haven't noticed problems in the dark areas.  Do you make reference to images shot in raw or as jpg? But then, my workflow is usually like this: - I use the EVF and expose for the highlights (so ...
  • Replied in X100t
    Paul, other have replied concerning the diopter control.  It's helpful. I'd like to add some comments concerning the X100T.  It is my favorite camera, I use if far more often than my X-Pro 1 or ...
  • This is the best I could do in LR without creating nasty grey blotches where highlights had been blown out.  The image is quite contrasty.
  • Replied in Blurb
    Sad to hear that, Philip. B&W (printing) is quite demanding, at least it's very obvious and annoying when a color cast creeps in. The only complication I had with Blurb was when I received a ...
  • Replied in Blurb
    I've had six books printed at Blurb. The b&w and color images of their digital books (not offset) are quite good, very close, if not identical, to my processing. I use color management from Image ...
  • I also prefer primes, but only because I prefer to zoom with my legs, so to say and I like shooting wide open.  Naturally a scene such as you shot requires an aperture of f5.6 or 8 for reasons of DoF.
  • Please don't place blame on the lens.  I used one for a while, then changed to the 16-55/2.8.  While I liked the size of the 18-55, I enjoyed the aperture ring of the 16-55 more (while not really ...
  • Replied in Macro
    I'm wishing for a true macro lens with tripod collar .  A focal length of around 120mm would be idea for my purposes.
  • The 23/2 lens in graphite color is available as a separate items - at least in Germany (so I suspect in other countries as well).  As your local retailer. By the way, I don't believe the number of ...
  • Sorry, but the information you have gleaned from that site is wrong. Please take a look at Julieanne Kost's site and her Lightroom Mobile tutorials.  In the tutorial named Overview she explains ...
  • Replied in Details?
    Were you shooting raw or jpg?  Which settings?  Where did you see the differences in sharpness: on screen, in prints, identical Images?  Was the technique identical: shutter speed, ISO, aperture, ...
  • Replied in Correction
    LR is offered with a perpetual license and as subscription.  The mobile app will work with both but the subscription model offers the entire range of functionality.  LR CC (subscription model) ...
  • Replied in Same Noise
    Same noise with my 35/1.4 lens,  The 35/2 is silent.  The aperture chatter is typical of that lens.  It seems to have lessened somewhat through recent software updates, but it Fujifilm will ...
  • Amazon still offers Kodachrome 64. I wonder where it's developed. Odd.

  • Replied in Why not?
    Not on the X100-T, which I use and made mention to. An individual ISO dial is a great improvement in my view.
  • Replied in Why not?
    Yes, Neven the metal lens shade is an original Fujifilm product.  It is not supplied with the camera but must be ordered separately.  I prefer metal shades to the usually cheaply made plastic ...
  • Replied in Why not?
    I own the X100 T and am mainly pleased.  Photography with this camera reminds me of my Leica M3 days.  The lens is great and I often shoot with wide open aperture. Only three items I find less than ...
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