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I am currently switching from Canon (FF) to Fujifilm.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-T1 with lenses:
16-55 zoom
Fujifilm X100T (my favorite camera!)

Panasonic: GF1 with 20/1.7
Gitzo tripod: G1325 & Manfrotto 3-way gear head #410

I still use film at times: Leicaflex, Canon EOS 100, Yashica Lynx 14E
All-time favorites: Pentax Spotmatic F, Pentax 6x7, Canon F1

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  • Replied in Suggestions
    When Shooting in the museum, I suggest to increase ISO to 800 and open the aperture to 2.8 (or 4 if necessary) for flat subjects (pictures).  The resulting shutter speed will be quicker (shorter ...
  • Thanks for your explanation.  I've never wanted to change the ISO while peering through the viewfinder, so I'll take your word for it being difficult or impossible.  I do set exposure compensation ...
  • I can't understand what you explain.  I don't see an forced Auto-ISO function.
  • Nah, not me. I only viewed the Canon's screen to check for proper exposure, else I relied on experience. But having mentioned that, I do still check the screen (also on my Fujifilm cameras) when ...
  • I still have my Lynx 14E from 1968. Still works. I'd love to see a similar style digital camera from Yashica.

  • Possible due to my old school style of photography, I don't chimp.  When shooting landscapes with my Canon 5D models, I would check the Image for blown out Highlights, but I don't call that chimping. ...
  • I have made the switch from Canon 5D and 5D Mk III to X-Pro1, X-T1 and X100T. I don’t miss anything in terms of depth of field. For my style of photography, mainly shooting wide open, my Fujifilm ...
  • Replied in thanks
    Roger that! :-D
  • Replied in thanks
    Thanks for your reply.  I guess the adaptor I had once wished for doesn't yet exist.  But since my switch to Fujifilm is nearly completed and most of my Canon lenses sold, the subject isn't as ...
  • Replied in thanks
    Thanks for the link.  I guess what I was looking for doesn't yet exist - an adaptor with full electric connection between lens and body.  Not to worry though, most of my Canon gear has been sold ...
  • When I still had my assortment of R lenses, I mounted them on my Canon 5D Body with a Novoflex adaptor. The fit was fine, without excess Play. The images were top quality, but I hated focusing at ...
  • Arthur, is it correct that one can't adjust the aperture of EOS lenses using this adaptor?  It's a matter of always shooting wide open?  (Except for stopping down the lens when it's attached to a ...
  • Replied in Nice
    Nice Images and well processed too!  Thanks for sharing.
  • I don't know the speed of writing raw files to an SD card or the times of converting to various jpeg sizes.  What is sure though is that one does not flick between raw Images when viewing on the ...
  • The image shown on the camera's screen is a jpeg. If you have set to shoot raw only, then the camera will, by default, also create a jpeg in the lowest quality to show on the screen. The lesser ...
  • Replied in poorly worded
    I'm sorry for my poorly worded description.  In no way was it my intention to describe hand held insect photography as not serious.  I've seem some fansatic photos, which I find very appealing. The ...
  • Many, many years ago, when I shot film with Nikons, I loved using the 105/4 micro due to the builtin lens shade. I preferred it over the AIS 2.8 version. Often little things matter.

  • Replied in I like mine
    I use my X-T1 for landscapes and am pleased with the results. I process the raw Images in LR and regularly print up to A2 size; don't find anything lacking. Review your output requirements to ...
  • Replied in No tripod collar
    The lack of tripod collar makes me not even consider this lens for macro work.  I shoot all my macros mounted on a tripod and often switch from horizonal to vertical aspect, depending on ...
  • I'm saddened to see that the new Fujifilm macro lens doesn't offer a tripod collar or built-in lens shade. Have their designs become a forgotten art?

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