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topstuff: Taken for what it is, this is great work.


I think the omission of Aperture is a big shame and renders the test only partially interesting.

Apple's entry is the missing member here. It's absence DOES make a difference.

Apple has a massive user base and Aperture is their proprietary offering. It is not the same as the other offerings also missed from the test.

So Aperture is not available for Windows. That doesn't mean it shouldn't have been considered. I find Aperture easiest to work with. It is the most intuitive. Many of us with Macs couldn't care less about cross-platform. Including Aperture would have made this review so much better, cross=platform software or not!!!!!!!

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Fuji Fan: Hi
First impressions of my new D4 collected today which I reluctantly gave up my superb D3x for!!! Firstly this is fast and mean superb fast. Maybe I was spoilt because I went straight from D700 to the D3x which I found slow. But this is quick and each picture is perfect which I found unusual for me. Thing is, I didn't bargain on having to upgrade my Lightroom 3 for Lightroom 4? Currently using LR3 and it wouldn't accept the RAW file so of course carried out the update which was running v3.4, now running v3.6. No use won't accept D4 camera. Downloaded trial of LR4 and it works but not happy, further expense. Second gripe, battery. There nearly identical in shape and size but Nikon made it impossible to use D3x battery in D4? So further expense for second battery. SB910 works better with D4 than D3x. Will do more when I have really tried it but apart from expense which I feel unnecessary for extras, its the Bo..ocks

Never give up anything reluctantly.
You spent $6000 plus to buy the D4 but didn't want to upgrade to Lightroom 4 for a few pennies in comparison? I don't get it. And you didn't think that you would need to buy backup batteries.
Part of owning a pro camera is understanding you have to pay $ for the extras. You have to do this for any camera. Sorry, but I have no sympathy. If you couldn't afford the upgrade and the extra batteries and the extra cards, why in the world did you buy the D4????

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