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Zvonimir Tosic: More problematic is this: who may define what is "no photography" zone? And how a company from California means to determine such places around the world and with what precision? And this too: disabling of all means of possible evidence gathering in such places. Will somebody sue Apple for disabling photo-taking on a copyrighted concert but where terrorists just jumped in, or in museums where somebody stole something, or in park where somebody just did a crime?

if I remember right, it is possible to take pictures of Eiffel tower at night is possible, but it is not possible to use them commercially, without authorizaton from the company that owns the light system.

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Cdog: Where's the Lightroom extension. Would be much more convenient than individually saving images in Photoshop.
Also $99? Really?

Did a comparison with the software vs Lightroom export Jpg at 40% quality. Similar file size and similar quality results from raw files. Wouldn't pay $99 for it. Adobe should be beamr and build it into LR/PS

Already have CC subscription, very happy with that :-)

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Cdog: Where's the Lightroom extension. Would be much more convenient than individually saving images in Photoshop.
Also $99? Really?

Did a comparison with the software vs Lightroom export Jpg at 40% quality. Similar file size and similar quality results from raw files. Wouldn't pay $99 for it. Adobe should be beamr and build it into LR/PS

isn't it enough to create a preset for this export, and save it ?

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

At a first glance, seems to me that white is better, but having the option is nice :-)

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Naveed Akhtar: This boundary wrap function is amazing .. thanks Adobe for not creating a new LR version just for that..

it is only for CC version, if I understood correctly

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Don Finch: So does this mean I can go to Paris France in September and not have to worry about being thrown in prison for taking pictures of my favorite place on earth?
Just looking for clarification from a Paris resident on what to expect.

it still depends on the local law

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Francis Carver: Well, the Greeks have just voted a "vote of no confidence" to the EU and the International Monetary Fund.

If all goes well, they will be able to leave the entire stranglehold of Europe's EU and America's IMF. As usual, these two are getting off by strangling the poorer nations of the world.

Congratulations are in order to Greece's PM and the people of Greece. And I guess you will be table to take all the photos you like of the Acropolis, free of charge, after all.

The vote is not about being a EU member, it doesn't even mean leaving the Euro as a currency (which is anyway a probable outcome): EU, Euro area are different things, sometimes overlapping, but not always

Anyway, they say "no" to EU, but they ask European Central Bank to give them money... it seems EU is good only when they receive money, the problem is giving the loans back...

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FujLiver: Shows everything that is wrong with the EU.

The UK is smart, as it will become the most photographed country it will continue to be the number one destination for tourists.

You reap what you so. Have pity on us who live in the EU dictatorship

the point is that, if this law passes, it will become valid also in UK

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exapp: Can they not just make Lightroom CC run as quick as 5.7 was?

for me it is not so bad, performance improved from the last 5.X release I installed (AFAIR, it was 5.7)

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jcunwired: After reading through many forums on the new Canon 7D MKII I've found clear demarcation between three different mindsets:

1) Professionals and serious hobbyists who welcome the updates, who need a rugged, fast camera for specific use cases. This group dismisses the vitriol over sensors and DR, knowing that talent is as big a part of photography as the technology. And they're right - nobody looks at a photograph and says "This sucks, must have been captured with a Canon sensor". This argument only exists on paper, from spec sheet peepers and those who never intended to own a Canon.

2) Hobbyists, pet and family photo enthusiasts who care more about Wifi, tilt and touchscreen, 4k video. Their arguments are valid, but other cameras are suited to their niche, the 7DMKII is not the tool they're looking for.

3) Many call them fanboys, sometimes trolls, who don't particularly care, they just want to complain about the competition.

Canon did well, this is a worthy upgrade for many.

I'm already using a 7D "old", and honestly I don't think I'd need all these wfi/gps/touchscreen, but I'd like, and I hope, I can buy in the future a 7D2 (better high ISO, frame rate, better AF, I don't know what I'd need more...)

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Kitschi: every 2 weeks a new ACR but no words about next LR Version, seems that there won't be a stand alone LR anymore only CC crap

Yesterday I installed LR 5.6...

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RichRMA: Depressing. The Americans frittered away their money on the white elephant known as the ISS, killed the Shuttle program, and now have to go begging to the Russians to launch their people TO the white elephant while what's left of NASA hooks its wagon to the global warming gravy train to save what jobs they can. How did it get to this?

The Shuttle program lasted nearly 30 years, maybe it was near its planned length. The main problem is that it was not possible to use this ships as often as initially planned, and it became more and more expensive to launch and mantain the aging fleet.

I don't believe the ISS is a waste of money, Soviets first and then Russians showed that space stations are needed also to be able to plan for future trips to remote destinations (Mars, to begin). A space station is needed and it is better to share a common program, that having several national programs competing with each other.

It was a smart move from NASA to join a program with experienced partners, without having to develop everything from scratch, being some 20 years behind...

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On photo R U kiddin' me?! in the Traffic Signs challenge (12 comments in total)

I guess this is because the sidewalk is a lane for walking/cycling, that is interrupted when crossing normal or private road, so for every crossing, you have an "end of lane" sign, followed by a new "begin of lane" sign after the crossing.

I'm not saying this is smart, just how is it possible to have something like that :-)

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This new version seems to me better than 4.0, in terms of performance, on a PC that was very, very slow on 4.0. I can see the difference, maybe as it was too slow with the previous version. Maybe not as fast as with 3.6, but while with 4.0 I was already planning an HW upgrade, now I have some time to make a reasonable choice, not being in a hurry like before...

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