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There's art. There's commerce. And the two aren't necessarily the same.

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erichK: Where are the other eight? I'm bracing myself for them. If the rest are like these two, most especially the first, then it shows that, sadly, that the pretentious world of art speculators is the last place to look for meaningful feedback.

BTW, the Rhine is likely the most important river in Germany and runs through most of it. It has inspired some of ther greatest literature and music ever written. I grew up on its shores, and can assure anyone interested that it is much more attractive and interesting than this pompous monstrosity of an image and artifact would suggest.

UPDATE: Have found the other eight, following the link, and whiler noting that a couple of them are esthetically more pleasing, still cannot fathom why they should command the prices they to do, orders of magnitude higher than what some incomparably better images from the like of Sebastiao Salgado, W. Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams etc. have sold for.

We live in a world that commodifies everything and values nothing.

agree with erichK on import of Rhine to all things German, and opine that this photograph captures none of that importance

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It doesn't matter whether I "like" the final output of any of your attempts. To me, the creative process is always more important than the outcome. For me, the creative photographic process comes from the shoot itself and then from the imaging processing later. I can lose myself in either part of the process, and that is what is pretty wonderful to me.

Whether I like this work or not, whether I agree with this look or that, whether I even agree or not or would mimic his process, I really really appreciate that he shared his process. Thank you so much. It gives me a lot of food for thought about my own process. Thanks

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Just as blogging on the Web has accelerated the creation of bad prose at geometric proportions, so too all the new mobile phone camera stuff is accelerating the creation of tons of bad pictures. So be it. At least in neither case are trees dying for this. :-)

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TheJohnz: There are some great reviews of the D800 by those who have actually used this camera in the field. Check out this website of Brad Hill


He is a rather good nature photographer who owns some of the best Nikon lenses.

I applaud both Nikon and Canon for their new camera models. What a great time to be into photography.

thanks for the URL

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very nice of you to offer the image downloads above. thanks. i am downloading them now to check them out

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