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straylightrun: What's with the bizarre clickbait title? "Finally"? I dont think anyone has ever really been waiting for this. The previous generation of Sony cameras all support charging and running with micro usb chargers. Plenty of third party chargers that charge more than 1 battery for ages.

The a7 cameras charge from USB while switched off but can't run on USB power when switched on.

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It should be a tin with a removable lid, not something you have to destroy just to get a single image. What a waste.

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Woodyz: $4500... you kidding me.

"$4500... you kidding me." I know, that's $2000 cheaper than a Nikon D5 and $1500 cheaper than a Canon 1D-X II!

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Robert Eckerlin: The reason why I am not interested in a camera with an EVF: the ugly blue-ish rendering by the EVFs of the subjects/scenes. Why that ugly blue-ish rendering? Why are camera makers not capable to build EVFs with natural color-rendering? I have many times be told: look at the modern EVFs of excellent camera makers and you will get positively surprised - that positive surprise never occured. .

When shooting, enjoying what I see through the viewfinder is an essential part of my enjoyment (am I the only one?). And the ugly bue-ish rendering by the EVFs just destroys my pleasure.

I would not mind at all EVFs with a true-life color-rendering.

The EVF is displaying what the camera is capturing, so it's not going to look like what your eyes see but it is going to look like what your captured image does.

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LDunn1: I looked through a Panasonic mirrorless a number of years ago, think it may have been a GH4, but I can't remember, but it was when EVF's had first started to appear. It was obvious that I was looking at an LCD, the LCD 'mesh' was noticeable. I disliked it immediately.

End of last year, I tried a Sony A7Rii for a couple of days, & the tech had really moved on, The EVF was not an issue to me at all, in fact, I kind of liked it!

I Don't know if the A7Rii EVF is now typical of all modern/current EVF's, but what would have been a deal breaker for me, is now at least acceptable to me, & possibly actually desirable.

If it's from when EVF's first started to appear it must be a lot older than the GH4, perhaps the GH1/2?

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sop51: Kodak "failed to identify digital photography as a disruptive technology" and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2012.

It seems they're failing to identify digital video as a disruptive technology in 2017. History repeats.

More like they've actually recognized the current retro trend and trying to cash in on it.

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tex: Errr.....why counterfeit THIS lens....?

Would you be able to tell one cheap 50 1.8 from another? If they tried to counterfeit more expensive glass anyone buying it would notice straight away and take it straight back.

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Eloise: You have to "love" counterfeiters mentality... they go to all the trouble of making a lens look identical to the Canon, then fail to put a space in the most basic of detail!

Plausible deniability? "Oh no, we weren't pretending this was a CANON lens, our company is called CANONINC, it's completely different!" :)

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Marty4650: Isn't the genuine lens pretty cheap?

This is like counterfeiting $1 bills. If the criminals had any sense they would be counterfeiting L series lenses.

That's what I thought at first, but thinking about it the kind of people who buy L lenses are also the kind of people who would be able to tell something wasn't right almost straight away.

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Olympus C220, nice enough camera though it didn't take long to upgrade to a Canon A70

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SETI: Insane price for small sensor! Let's speak just about stills quality...
Cheaper FF cameras: Nikon D750, Sony Alpha a7 II, Canon EOS 6D
Matching prices: Canon EOS 6D with 24-105mm f/4L and Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan Kit, Nikon D610 with 24-85mm, Sony Alpha a7 II with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS, Sony Alpha a7R

The Oly has interesting USPs like the 6.5 stops IBIS and 60fps full size raw shooting, which combined with its other features like weather sealing and an electronic shutter might be more useful for someone than having a FF sensor.

I have a Sony A7 and a Panasonic GX7, I tend to use the GX7 more often due to the combination of IBIS, electronic shutter and small but sharp lenses. If I need super shallow DOF, more DR, or to shoot in very low light I'll use the A7, if I'm doing event photography and need to be quiet I have no choice but to use the GX7, the smaller lenses are a big bonus too.

Basically horses for courses.

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imsabbel: Okay, looing at that dial, this is clearly based on 2 polarization filters rotated against each other.

How do they avoid issues with reflections? Another lambda/4 plate afterwards? And whats the color fidelity?

I'd imagine it's the same as every other polarizer based variable ND filter

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dansclic: Come on, is someone really going to put that big bertha on a A7 body ???? (Unless you have a spécial steel bayonet)

Actually its light weight would make it an ideal camera to mount on this lens :)

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nathantw: Since when has photo equipment start being called "kit?" It gives the impression of small, lightweight amateur stuff. It should be "heavy photo equipment." People will think, "big photo gear."

It's been called "kit" for as long as I can remember, I mean here's a post calling it kit from 2003

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Boky: So, how can L glass be attached to this camera? Possible?

They have an EF mount adapter with full aperture/IS/auto-focus support. Hopefully the on-chip PDAF will help with focus speed as DSLR lenses tent to perform badly under CDAF.

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Kharan: It's a really interesting design. It looks like a very solid package, especially considering how crude the whole digital thing was at that time.

I was left wondering about the CYGM sensor, that's really unique. It'd have been nice if you had added some more information about it.

There's actually a fair few cameras of the time that had CYGM sensors, I'm sure one of them had a write-up on the sensor tech but I can't remember which one. Here's a list of some of the reviews -

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Andy Crowe: I think it's a at least a bit ironic that my 'proper' camera can charge from a standard micro-USB cable and has a headphone socket, while the iPhone 7 doesn't/can't...

I know, that's why it's ironic ;)

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I think it's a at least a bit ironic that my 'proper' camera can charge from a standard micro-USB cable and has a headphone socket, while the iPhone 7 doesn't/can't...

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Negative287: Will they auto focus? If not, I can't see paying all that money for these things.

All that money? It's cheaper than a lot of 1.4x teleconverters and even some 0.7x front mounted wide angle adapters...

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Uncrop! :)

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