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  • Greg, Let's say a controlled experiment would prove you're seeing what's not there (i.e. images are spectacular and 3-dimensional, etc. but not due to the sheer dimensions of the 44*33 sensor of ...
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    Erik, On a side note: phographic scene can have a high dynamic luminosity range or a low one. A lot of spatial detail or not really. A large color gamut or a small one. Not to mention the way ...
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    Surely, I was mostly sarcastic about it. You are certainly right about importance of 0.1 stop improvement as a technical achievement just as about irrelevance of the said improvement to artistic ...
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    Amazingly, nobody caught it before, despite a DR battle in the comments section under the 50R/S reviews. A full stop of DR was... lost. When every 0.1 stop counts! A pal of mine suggest Fuji owes ...
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    Stan, In this particular case of maximum DR analysis the ISO definition didn't play a significant role. I.e. when a photographer wants to capture all possible detail (maximum DR of the image, ...
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    Jim, True. Regards, Mikhail
  • Replied in Good catch!
    Erik & Jim: Indeed, I expected DR analysis for the systems with ETR at base ISO, so full sensor DR can be assessed and lenses/exposure time would be taken out of equation. It answers the puzzle of ...
  • Howdy! It would be interesting to hear about your findings with Viltrox updated to 2.03. Thank you, Mikhail
  • Thank you Chris. Mikhail
  • Created question thread Dynamic Range Test
    Greetings! As I was checking out a comprehensive set of raw images for the Fujifilm 50R (Dynamic Range Test, underexposed ISO 100) in Capture One, I stumbled upon an exposure mismatch, when they ...
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