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  • What about the Zeiss did you prefer? M
  • RE high frequency sharpness, yes I'd say they're equal with the FA 31 having more contrast at lower resolutions. They are very, very close. The FA 31 seems to pop maybe a bit more wide open. ...
  • Hah Eric yes, the guy is a magician. You're refering to the legendary Jun Hirakawa, who also designed the 77 and 55.
  • There is no such thing as too much microcontrast or detail. Nothing is easier than adding blur or reducing contrast in digital post processing. It involves no noise penalty or anything negative. ...
  • If you aren't interested in the topic, then just ignore it. It's truly as simple as that. Unless you have a strong urge to demonstrate exactly how crusty you can be. In which case, by all means! Fa ...
  • No one else noticed? M
  • I wouldn't necessarily move for better image quality coming from a digital body. I would (and will) move for image quality as a result of really good optics, which are a far better investment anyway. ...
  • To be honest, on overcast days in the forest, even the most beautiful brook can feel somewhat dark and drab even in person. It may just be the conditions weren't ripe for a nice photograph that ...
  • You can't create a great photograph in post if the light just wasn't there to begin with, sorry. That's something you have to actually see before you release the shutter.
  • 36 MP might be great for me in the future when all my PCs and phones are 3x as fast. As it is right now, I shoot raw and 16MP K5 files are plenty slow enough in Lightroom as it is, thank you. 36 ...
  • It's a 50MP medium format competing against the 645. But I don't care, 36 MP is too much for me and a drawback. 24 sharp (FF or other) megapixels is perfect.
  • If the things Photozone measured are what's important to you in a lens, then no, don't get this one! It is however definitely one of the best and most favorite lenses I've used. The photozone ...
  • Replied in FA 77 Ltd.
    Woah. You're Don Henley. https://img.discogs.com/mDNahAwKbC1_sgZNXtD4ComRIvo=/fit-in/500x448/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-4013002-1352367041-8519.jpeg.jpg
  • Ok you show me some candid portraits of people at f/2.5 where you got the eyes tack-sharp using the DOF scale, and then we'll talk.
  • The samples I've seen on FF were absolutely gorgeous. Extremely 3D, and as with the FA 35, there was a whole lot of character that got revealed at the borders of the image circle in OOF areas. ...
  • Sorry, but ... not my circus, not my monkeys.
  • Yeah, A D750 and a Sigma 20 1.4 all for the price of what a K1 would cost me... that would be difficult to resist. Get my Limiteds repaired, sell them and the rest of my Pentax gear, and I'm gonna ...
  • If there's never going to be a fast 24mm AF prime for it, what's the point for me? That's the main lens/aperture/focal length I would want to have in this type of camera, and Pentax refuses to ...
  • Nothing, except for SDM I suppose. When all the trouble with those lenses started I decided not to buy SDM lenses. Now I have two defective Pentax screw-drive AF mechanisms, wonder if I would have ...
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