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MarcLee: I'll trust DPReview on this one over Time Magazine.

It is a good camera, probably the best WITHIN ITS SIZE RANGE, but if it had had a better lens it would have been a great one.

Anyone saying that it outclasses either the G1 X or APS C or full frame sensors really does not have a clue. But then it shouldn't really be expected to, and without these silly comparisons the whole thread would be much more informative.

I am constantly surprised when the fanboy behaviour for compacts like this outstrips the fanboy behaviour for DSLR systems, but it always seems to work on a more immature level. After all, people who haver bought into a system have a lot to lose, changing brands in compacts is as simple as buying one camera. Maybe the difference is the relative professionalism of the two groups.

I don't get why some people continue to compare the RX-100 against cameras like the G1X or DSLRs. That's not what it's target customer is. The target customer is the photographer that wants better pictures from a small bodied camera. Possibly the kind of person that has a large high-end camera but doesn't or can't take it around with them all of the time.

I can't stand Sony as a company. I stopped buying their products a long time ago but I had to swallow my pride and buy this camera because it was the only one that did exactly what I wanted. I can't carry my 5DMkII with me everywhere nor do I want to but I can put this in my jean pocket without much hassle and take above average pictures.

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