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Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuter's shot is the one for me - Usain is facing the camera more squarely, and the smile is full on. IMO it's fading slightly in Cameron Spencer's Getty shot, and he's turned just a fraction away from the camera. Not major, but just enough to give it the edge IMO.

I also prefer the slightly warmer WB and brighter midtones of Kai's shot. The shallower DOF also draws me in to Usain more strongly.

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Considering how many services have just gone completely titsup and lost everyone's images, I'd say kudos to both parties for providing what appears to be a clean transition.

No, SmugMug aren't being altruistic, but at the end of the day business is about making money. They could have gouged Picturelife customers, but instead have offered half price services. I think that's very fair, given that the transfer probably cost them money, and it must have storage costs for them too.

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A naked camera bag; isn't that just a camera? ;)

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On a photo in the Pentax K-70 real-world samples sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Oblig catpic says: LoCA not so good here.

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Lan: Hasselblad X-Pan. I'd love a native, high resolution, single shot, panoramic camera.

@Sam: I know, and as an added bit of grist to the mill, Fuji design sensors! I know I'm dreaming though, and even if it did happen, I probably couldn't afford it anyway ;)

To feed my pano addiction I ended up buying a somewhat battered used Fujica G617 for significantly less than I've ever seen an X-Pan, but I don't use it much - it's too big and there's that age old film uncertainty surrounding exposure and focus - particularly with Velvia, and focussing by distance markings rather than TTL, it's certainly not what you need at >£1/frame. Then there's the matter of scanning the giant "slides"... All in all, I'd forgotten how many minor irritations were involved with film until I used it again!

@Sunil: Decent image quality is a given in the Imaginary Panoramic Cameraâ„¢, so you don't have to carry that 6x17 bulk around - I'm sure the IPC's 100MP double full frame sensor would suffice? ;)

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Hasselblad X-Pan. I'd love a native, high resolution, single shot, panoramic camera.

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AngularJS: What about endurance / MTBF?

What about endurance of HDDs? I've had far more spinning rust boxes fail than I have SSDs/flash cards. As an added bonus, when a memory card has gone south, it's generally only a few bits that have gone wonky. When my HDDs fail they usually destroy all the data at once.

The key is, whichever route you choose, make sure you have robust and tested backups.

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On article 19 tips for better live music photography (108 comments in total)
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Favorable Exponynt: Underexpose.

Unless shooting Canon, otherwise the noise floor will hit you in the face ;)

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Selphy style? Shouldn't that be on a Canon dye-sub/camera combo? (first pic)

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On article Fujifilm X-E2S real-world samples (99 comments in total)
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Contra Mundum: The X cameras, and this one is no exception, have good skin tones, and generally cope well with poor light. But they are pretty poor for nature shots, and outdoor shots in general. The nature images (especially greenery) look mushy, people try to strongly sharpen them (like in this gallery), which makes them even worse, and people often complain about unnatural swirls in their images. The textures are often washed out, what people call micro-contrast is poor.
Fuji colors look weird and unnatural. I don't like their film simulations, the Adobe default profile is actually the best. That said the green stuff usually has bad hues, and a lot of subtle color changes simply disappear, and small details experience discoloration. The images look like if you extract the high contrast edges, sharpen them, and fill the areas with uniform colors.
Bottom line, I like shooting with Fuji in low light with a good prime. But for anything else any other camera in the same price range will do much better.

That's X-Trans in a nutshell; poor/no fine colour detail.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-E2S real world samples gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)
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Contra Mundum: Green leaves look mushy and uniform color. Where are all the natural color variations? The image looks digital, dead ...

A good digital image has plenty of colour foliage detail, unfortunately this is a Fuji X-Trans image - and they never do. In all fairness I don't think the Velvia preset helped this particular image though.

X-Trans captures colour differently to a conventional digital CFA, the result is generally more natural looking at high ISO, but the trade-off is that fine colour detail suffers at all ISO settings, and that effect is particularly bad with foliage.

If anything the results in RAW are generally worse. If you like fine colour detail in your foliage, Fuji X-Trans is the one to avoid.

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On article 8 creative tips for shooting waterfalls (159 comments in total)
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Elyharbour: I really like the concept of "save the foliage" by exposure blending. How is this achieved in post-processing? I guess I need to learn and use PS (I'm a LR user)?

Paste frame one over frame two (I hope you used a tripod!), and then erase the blurry bits ;)

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On article 8 creative tips for shooting waterfalls (159 comments in total)

Nice shots, and good tips too; thank you!

I might be tempted to fix the CA in the first shot though.

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Mach Schnell: Okay, so it is obvious they are Canon fans. No issues with that, even though I shoot Nikon. Wouldn't it have been a lot more useful list to show the top 10 most frequently rented items?

Mach: I seriously doubt they'd ever publish that, as it would tell their competitors which products they should stock!

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coldcut: Sometimes I wish that more focus were put on work that are documenting positive things. Sure, the world is a harsh place, but we get bombarded with news every day. There are lot of good things to be found too, and somehow I feel that promoting the good should be rewarded, without forgetting those in need.

^ My vote for the Editor's pick

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matthew saville: I must say, I'm confused as to why she thought she had to time each shot perfectly, with that much firepower. Though I am not a fan of the "spray and pray" method for getting keeper shots, in this particular instance I might have made an exception since there was a limited number of kayakers, and a limited window of time.

It was probably shot at f/2.8 and an extremely high ISO. Even at a great distance, two 600 EX's should be able to push enough light out at 1/128 power (especially zoomed in) to hit at least 10+ FPS for a handful of shots. Or heck, even at 1/64 or 1/32 power you ought to be able to get 2-3 shots off at 10+ FPS.

Yup, I just tested my crappy old Nikon SB80. At 1/128 power it hit 10 FPS for 3+ seconds. (I only stopped because I didn't want to burn my shutter.)

Also, thanks to the awesome Nikon flash interface, I can easily see that even such an old flash (with a lesser GN than a 600 EX RT) can hit ~50 ft when set to f/2.8 and ISO 6400, 105mm flash zoom at 1/128 power.

Apparently she shot the final photo at ISO640, f3.2, 1/250th.

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Lan: Fascinating! I wonder what his contemporary setup would be if he were still alive today?

LOL; some great responses guys!

M1963: Surely you'd want to dodge that one ;)

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Fascinating! I wonder what his contemporary setup would be if he were still alive today?

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CopCarSS: Now we just need to convince the pixel peepers of DPR to actually go out and take photos (and enjoy the experience) instead of arguing about ISO 51,200 noise comparisons and the dreaded "equivalency" discussions all day long.

CopCarSS: Some pixel peepers clearly enjoy arguing about noise levels and equivalency, otherwise they wouldn't do it... Personally, I enjoy the pixel peeping, but not the endless arguing.

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On article iFixit takes a look inside the Olympus PEN E-PL7 (18 comments in total)
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bluevellet: Next, open one of those cameras without visible screws.

That's easy; but putting them back together again is another story ;)

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