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I had a very strong bias towards the Nikon colours, which surprised me. I was rating based on what I preferred (which is generally warm/vivid), rather than neutrality though. My final scores were:

Nikon: 32
Sony: 23
Canon: 17

I found the results particularly interesting because I'm a Canon shooter. I will however admit that I'm a landscape/wildlife photographer, and I always shoot in RAW.

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dbronson: A fill flash would have helped light up the ISS...amateurs.

dbronson: Don't go giving the mad dictator ideas...

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On article How to buy used gear (and not get burned) (133 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: lesson one

do not buy a bisected camera like that Olympus unless it's for collectible and rarity reasons

In all fairness with the condition report listed "minor cosmetic scratches" ;)

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eno2: Unfortunately the image quality is very pour:

It doesn't matter how many sensor it uses if they are crap (small) to start with. Another example is the Huawei P10 which has lower image quality compared with it's previous generation P9. :(

@noisephotographer: I'm guessing it's context sensitive NR going haywire.

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The samples on GSM Arena are really inconsistent. Some are pretty good results for a mainstream handset; and some are absolutely dire.
Oh dear:
I'm thinking the context sensitive NR needs adjustment...

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Dante Birchen: I have a Phase One: Awkwardness ensues.
Girls Always have a Canon why? Do they listen to Canon shooters?
Nerdy guys shoot Nikon, because they actually do some research.(But the Phase one guy was actually the biggest nerd).

The desaturated colour of the video ticked me off. Like watching a commercial.

They were acting like they were out on a school trip. The photo's went by quickly and I don't want to watch it again, so could somebody tell me the times they were shown?

See my post above ^

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Just in case you want to see the results, without wading through the rest of the video:

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zodiacfml: I think it started a few years ago where each increment of smartphone technology is way bigger than each iteration of digital cameras. Smartphones have the best tech in them despite costing less, CPU, built-in storage, displays, connectivity, and video capabilities.
It is only Samsung's NX1 that came close to smartphones.

This got me thinking.
Digital cameras in the future might depend on a smartphone for most and advanced features. The camera will be just sensor, lens, image processor, and an interface (USB-C or faster). The setup will allow the user to access better features by upgrading the smartphone while retaining the sensor/lens combo. For camera manufacturers, they will sell products that costs a lot less to make.

See DxO One for more info:

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mlewan: ILC?

ILC Dover, an American engineering and manufacturing company
In Living Color, an American sketch comedy television series
Independent Learning Centre
Indigenous Law Centre
Indonesia Lawyers Club, an Indonesian discussion television series currently airing on tvOne
Industrial loan company or equivalently industrial loan corporation, a financial institution in the United States that lends money
International Labor Comparisons, division in the Bureau of Labor Statistics
International Law Commission
International Land Coalition
International Lutheran Council
Interprovincial Lottery Corporation in Canada
Irish Land Commission
Immanuel Lutheran College (disambiguation), multiple schools
Iterative learning control
International Labour Conference.
Inversiones la Construccion
Innate lymphoid cell, part of the immune system
Invasive lobular carcinoma, a form of breast cancer
International Linear Collider, a proposed particle accelerator
Inversiones La Construccion

Inconveniently Large Contraption

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On article Advertising vs reality: microSD memory card speed test (73 comments in total)
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Terry M: Pro: This is very useful information. And from another site. Kudos!
Con: You spoiled the results.

I watched the video anyway, because Tom earned it, but it's pretty shady to spoil the conclusion.

Conversely, I really appreciated them linking to the end, so I didn't have to watch it all ;) I still gave him a thumbs up.

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If he'd used old school flash, he could have triggered it directly. Whump. WHOOMPH!

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On article Composition tips: simplification and negative space (85 comments in total)
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Lan: Gave up after watching for two minutes. He seems completely unable to get to the point...

Thank you to all those who provided positive replies. h2k gets exactly where I'm coming from. Most of these videos can be summarised in half a page of text!

Saurat: Yes, patience is important in a photographer. However, I prefer to spend my time waiting for the light, rather than watching someone's face on YouTube - to each their own. People have paid good money to use my photographs on the covers of calendars, on devices, on TV and even on billboards.

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On article Composition tips: simplification and negative space (85 comments in total)

Gave up after watching for two minutes. He seems completely unable to get to the point...

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On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (90 comments in total)

Does anyone else find the brand name "Fringer" mildly off-putting in a photographic context? They may as well have called it "Massive Chromatic Aberrations" ;)

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On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (90 comments in total)
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mmarian: Completely out of topic but looking at the photo of the camera makes me jellous when looking at the amazingly beautifully looking top camera display when I compare it to the archaic one Canon still uses on their bodies including my 5D4. Their displays have not changed in 15 years!!!

@mmarian: Canon's top LCD uses minimal power, unlike a matrix driven unit. Think digital watches. Digital watches are designed like that for a reason, and price is only part of it.

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What would have been really handy is if this had used Canon LP-E6 style batteries, then we wouldn't have to carry YAFB and yet another charger around...

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Q: I have no interest in re-focussing or fauxkeh, so I was wondering whether it's possible to set the cameras to all shoot at the same point of focus and equivalent DOF (hyperfocal maybe)? The reason being I want to maximise detail across the frame without "wasting" any camera modules on OOF shots that I'll never want to use... Or are the modules all operating in that mode, and the refocus/fauxkeh purely computational in origin?

Looking at these samples at 100%, they're not perfect, notably the level of detail isn't uniform across the frame, shadow detail is not as good as the highlights, and there are some odd artifacts; but if you downsample to 22MP using bicubic sharper they're actually pretty good at 100%.

Hint to Light Co, if you haven't already given a few samples to DxO for them to work on their RAW support, it might be worth getting in touch with them. If anyone could work wonders for your product (IMO) it's them!

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A zoom sequence would be nice? Usual rooftop spot, 18, 24, 35, 50, 85, 105, 135... 400 please!

Overall, from the samples it's not a bad lens considering the compromises. Is it going to beat an Art prime in the outright IQ stakes? No, but you wouldn't expect it to!

Can't say I'm smitten by the 80D though, it seems a bit noisy, and short on usable DR...

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On a photo in the Lens gallery: Tamron 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Good sunstar sample - thank you!

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steinah6: "Bigger than a cell phone"

Um, there are some SMALL cell phones out there, especially not including smartphones (it doesn't specify). So I guess smartphones need to be placed in bins, too.

>> So I guess smartphones need to be placed in bins, too.

Well, if they're more than a year old they probably should be anyway ;)

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