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A commonly used power connector is the 2.1mm DC Power Line Connector generally rated at 5 Amp, then I look at a USB-C connector rated at 10 Amp and compare them. I think my brain just exploded.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (390 comments in total)

Why did Google buy this if they are going to let it die a slow death?

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I want one. Would like to see the equivalent in DX and FX format.

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On article Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested (311 comments in total)

One of the better heads the Acratech GP which I have does not even get a mention, shame.

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edu T: From the sensor makers, http://www.truesenseimaging.com/news-and-events/34-msl-landing:
"MastCam-100 [based on a 1600x1200px sensor] can detect an object about the size of 2 golf balls from a distance of 1 km."
Do these figures make any sense, even taking into account local (martian air to glass) refractive indexes and whatnot?
Could they be relying on some kind of mechanical oversampling, namely by shifting the sensor by a fraction of the pixel pitch and then re-shooting?
Or is it 2019 Esper tech (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkcU0gwZUdg) came true in 2012?

Didn't think they played golf on Mars.

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Dr Nick Taylor: Call me old fashioned, but what use is a macro lens without an aperture ring?

I use my 105mm f/2.8G VR for extreme macros without an aperture ring. Also use the 105 G lens with PB-6 bellows with a modified cable release to stop it down, works for me.

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ogl: Pentax is exhausted by Hoya. Japanese plants are closed. The best two lens designers are discharged. QC is just above average. Only two really new lenses for 3 years: DA18-135 (really weak optically) and DA15/4. Ricoh has unprofitable small photo department. Pentax is unprofitable too.
Mixed emoutions...

I thought Pentax was doomed when I sold my Spotmatic.

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