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This is good for M4/3. The consumers will win out with better lower cost products with more choice. I am happy that I bought into the system 2 years ago.

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This might be good for M4/3. A low cost provider will ultimetly be good for the consumer and will spur competative innovation.

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tbaker: This is really disappointing news. M4/3 mount, really? Even Panasonic will admit(in closed doors) that they only have m4/3 just to take your money, because the kit lens options are average at best(even the 14mm f2.5).
What they should have done/do was/is take the amazingly perfect Panasonic FZ200 lens+glass and pair it with a 1/2" or even 2/3" Forven like sensor(to keep size down) to make the perfect camera for everyone, in every situation. People will be quickly dropping their DSLC and other similar cameras in a second for this. But, alas Kodak is setting themselves up for big failure, again. Sad to see.

Did you see that a M4/3 camera won camera of the year award on Dpreview?

Link | Posted on Jan 18, 2013 at 23:19 UTC

Goverment shoud just not be involved in issues such as this. What a waste of time, money, and ultimetly innovation in the industry.

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Fan of m4/3 but dissiapointed that it does not have new sensor(rumored). Looks very compact.

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Nice very nice. Maybe one day

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What a great resource for people trying to learn more about mirrorless cameras. I really could have used it a year ago. There should be a description of what M4/3 is becasue there is no Olympus or Panasonic mirrorless forum.

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