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On article Hands-on with the new Sony a7C (291 comments in total)

I really like the rangefinder style. But I'm looking for specs like the xt4........but with Sony AF.

I'll stay with my a6300 until I can get a Sony version of the xt4.....whether it's FF or APSC. The a7siii is so close....but I really need 24mp.

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The man without mirrors: I find the controversy around this camera fascinating.
It is very obvious a photographic body that comes with the corresponding thermal constraints. Canon took the sensible decision - following reliability tests - to limit the video duration in order to protect the electronics. If they didn't - and the camera would fail just after the warranty period - the outcry would have been sky high.
If you want a video camera, buy a video camera - it's as simple as that.

It’d be fine and even awesome except your not just limited to shooting short clips. Your limited to shooting a small number of short clips before having to shut it down for a long time.

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Well that came out of nowhere

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On article Canon EOS R5 initial review (1799 comments in total)
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Sarman 2525: I don't get this oveerheating thing.
Sony cameras have overheated shooting video and stills in under 20 minutes for years. There are videos of the A7iii overheating at room temp in under 20 minutes. One Sony camera overheated in 7 minutes according to the Sony manual.

And somehow the complainers fail to mention that this camera can run from a USB battery extending times and reducing internal heat. So anyone who wants to fill multiple 512GB cards with wonderful 8K RAW video will easily be able to so.

With Sony people found moving the LCD away from the body extended time by a good 20-50%. Opening the battery compartment door also added time. Sony cameras that overheated in 10 minutes could shoot for 20-30.

It really is a non-issue, because anyone can shoot for much longer than the reported times.

I wouldn't say it's a non-issue.

But it's definitely to be expected. No company has done 8k RAW or 4k120 yet in this kind of clearly no one has really solved it yet.

Sounds like Sony might have in the a7sIII but mostly because of the smaller MP count and non-8k.

I mean who actually thought heat wouldn't be an issue with 8K RAW or 4k120?

Did people really think that you would be shooting an entire interview or concert in 8k RAW?

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dang dude......Canon's bringing the heat. That 8 stops of stabilization sounds REALLY tasty.

Now I just need to find 8 grand in my couch. :D

It's gonna be real interesting to see what Sony's been sitting on.

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how about a $2500 price tag? haha. :D

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On article Sony UK teases new compact camera system on its website (231 comments in total)

Not sure this is very exciting.

Exciting would be a Sony version of the Xt4 an the a7sIII and a7IV.

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well....Sony's announcing things on the 20th as well I think? Gonna be a fun day!

20 days is gonna feel like forever though

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I like Sigma. They saved Sony APSC.

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Maybe the camera division will take some cues now for their touchscreens and interface.

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Interesting read.

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 review (1490 comments in total)
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Daft Punk: I have three full frame systems on the go - Panasonic, Nikon and Canon.

I also have an XT3.

I’ve been a photographer for 35 years.

I will say this - this Fuji is all the camera 99% of people on this site need.

Given most people look at images online, seldom print and tend not to find themselves in extreme situations, most people saying “ I wish it was Full Frame” are kidding themselves that it would make a difference to their photography.

This Fuji is a fine camera. It’s video features are very compelling. I think i will buy a couple of them.

well, aren't you a rich person. :D

this is the first camera that finally checks pretty much every box. The 10bit looks to make such a big difference! I really wanna see that in a Sony APSC.

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 review (1490 comments in total)
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influxphoto: I understand all the arguments, especially with the additional electrical demands of sensor stabilization, but one of the best things about Fuji to me, was the battery continuity across bodies. I would have rather just had the battery grip option available to those that need extra juice. Epic trip to Alaska in 2016, had me carrying 3 different battery types for 4 bodies... Never again.

I get what you mean. Accessories should definitely be usable across models. But mirrorless cameras really needed a larger battery update. So it's a good thing as long as every camera uses the newer larger one from now on.

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 review (1490 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: $200.00 more for IBIS and additional metals.
Don't need 4 more FPS
Don't need IBIS
Don't need additional 70 grams of weight
Don't need 1 more UHSII slot
Don't need weather sealing
Don't need additional shots per full charge of battery

I am not pro. I am casual advanced photographer. XT-3 is good enough for me.

neat! Trying to convince yourself that you don't need the latest gear? :D

That IBIS is looking pretty slick.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-T4 (123 comments in total)

Man dude. Fuji is REALLY throwing punches. Bout time someone released a camera that checked all the boxes. And the price is about where I hoped it would be too!

Sony is getting drilled this year. This is what the a6600 should have been. Unless they've still got another APSC coming soon with their new sensor. I really hope that's the case......

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-T4 (123 comments in total)
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Horshack: "...stabilizer that's good for up to 6.5 stops of shake reduction with 18 of Fujifilm's current total of 29 lenses. We're told the remaining lenses will all be stabilized to a minimum of five stops. This comes down to the image circle each lens projects. Most XF lenses, particularly the early ones, simply weren't designed to project an oversized image circle for stabilization in the first place."

Would be a nice feature if the camera let you optionally ignore the IQ implications and allow the full IBIS movement capability for all lenses, with the proviso you would get degraded edges/corners on some. There are likely many scenarios where getting a sharp photo is more important than getting sharp edges/corners. Also, to enable 1.25x crop selection in all shooting modes and allow the full IBIS movement for it.

is there a list anywhere of the 18 lenses?

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Looks like they might finally take the gloves off. Bout time.

This camera will probably cost 6-7 grand though.

Nice to see some competition. Now let's see Sony's answer to this and the Fuji XT3/4.

The a6600 was pretty lackluster other than the battery upgrade.

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 to be unveiled on February 26th (135 comments in total)

honestly the only thing they could improve is the battery and IBIS. And maybe a little bit better AF?

The xt-3 is already STILL ahead of the competition.

It'll be interesting to see what they do.

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why not just make this camera mirrorless?

I don't want to carry around a camera the size of a small continent.

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