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  • No it does work. And in most cases where you're being sensible, shooting in sensible light, with sensible shutter speeds, at sensible foveon iso, the dots arent too many and it works. I tend not to ...
  • just to update about the white dots that are caused by lower shutter speeds,... as per Iliah's analysis of my files. the good thing is that they appear to be 1 pixel, well defined and white, unlike ...
  • Thanks for looking into it for me Iliah.
  • thanks Iliah will do. @Genehack, my files come out a bit darker as well. if I'm not mistaken, this is explained in one of the links as camera engineers setting the camera to underexpose and then ...
  • Thank you very much Iliah, I've emailed as per your instructions. And yes, in rawdigger the white dots were there so SPP must be masking. Thanks for your time!
  • Hi Iliah, it is really very powerful, with lovely film settings and I'm getting some results that I haven't been able to get elsewhere. Lovely lovely work! I do have one problem, I'm getting random ...
  • the OP answered most of your questions. I really haven't played with it enough, and was just thrilled at the green flare being gone. and yes 1600 was meant to be in B&W. I love the noise for B&W ...
  • I definitely will. I shoot into the light quite a bit, and in bad light so the green flare has been an annoyance. This has been a life saver so thanks for bringing it to my attention πŸ’•
  • So I tried it out quickly, random file from a shoot recently, didn't even choose it because it was backlit. not expecting much difference and this happened Didn't tweak anything in either program. ...
  • thanks for the information, the foveon bug has bitten me hard so very curious to try the other ones after the dp0. slippery slope but atleast it's not a long one :p
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I reinstalled SPP and turned off GPU acceleration. Seems to be behaving better. And lol at the upside down πŸ˜‚ that would be so annoying but still funny to read about an ...
  • Created discussion thread Help, SPP display garbled
    Half of the time I open a file, SPP does this: the files opens fine at the start, while SPP is doing the blue bar thing. but when the blue progress bar finishes it winds up looking like the above ...
  • Digicams are making a comeback since the price of film went through the roof, and then through the stratosphere. So yeah there are a bunch of younger people shooting older cams, mostly for the ...
  • Yes it looks just fine. It's nice in that after deleting a file it doesn't have to reload the directory or whatever it is that SPP is doing.
  • cheers for the tip Rick, good to know but I just moved to the mac side of things.
  • Thank you very much ☺️
  • I've found xnview a nice quick way to preview and cull files. You can at least preview x3f so no need for raw+jpg anymore.
  • Thanks for the daylight setting tip. Just tried it and it's nice to see the light as it is!
  • Picked up my first foveon, a sigma dp0 quattro this summer. Having a hard time deciding on colour or black and white, both so lovely. Spinal kink.
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