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  • Created question thread Rollei Poweflex 210HD?
    "The Rollei Powerflex 210HD is a surprisingly good bridge camera in the lower price segment. Although it lacks an electronic viewfinder, but the good display fails to do the user, except in strong ...
  • Thanks! But then I have NX20, so not a big problem. And otherwise I like it. Can't see any noise in small images.
  • Not the best screen for bright conditions... Did not see much of this, but seen it before. maybe I can adjust a bit. Rather steep here, but maybe OK.
  • Can't find adjustment for noise reduction. Is there any? Automatic NR? Some ISO 200 images seems too noisy (and a bit soft). Maybe it's the 1/30 second, it's a bit dark, maybe I expect too much. ...
  • Created discussion thread "New" EX2f.
    I read about this camera earlier, never planned to buy. But the color, the tilting screen, the solid seller, and $100 seems ok. The lens cap not a favourite, seems I get used to it. It was getting ...
  • About 60% of the lowest I have seen before. Maybe of interest to someone in Scandinavia. I'm more after the best lenses...
  • To make it clear. It's not me but another person selling.
  • https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=176292003 Considering selling one NX1 (he's got 2) for NOK 4500. Been there for a week. Best offer I have seen.
  • Interesting! Mine not yellow when looking closely. Possibly a bit grey. Would buy a brown if I had to. The last one here down 10% today. Few sellers but also few buyers I guess.
  • NX500, white - black - brown. Maybe get another, not brown, maybe black. Strange, never thought about white cameras before, just had to get a white NX500. Smaller models mostly white here.
  • I see the same here in Norway. NX300 at 30% of NX500 price! NX30 at 50%. And lots of lower models very cheap. Mainly young women selling white cameras. Never seen a white NX500 (but got one).
  • Not in Norway, I think. A few around $500, some go down to 400. Can wait, there will be more next year. MUST be white! Have not seen any...
  • Thanks for the advice! Rather dirty windows now, NX 45 mm still doing ok. While the Sigma 60 mm (Panasonic) gave up along time ago. Did not check the details... No dead birds here.
  • Doing well with P610, but this is interesting. Nikon is in the front line. But would like a P650, 0,8 kg, fast focusing, better menus and price level half way between P900 and 950. Or maybe go ...
  • I was going for NX30, but few here, and then got NX20 in fine shape. Good enough in daylight I think. I like the tilting EVF of NX30, but not ideal with glasses. And now NX1 is coming down in ...
  • And mentioning cards and Nikon cameras. Soon will get 4 0,5 to 2 CB cards for $400. Had to buy Nikon 8700 to get them. So I can sell the 5700...or maybe not? Old discussions suggest that 8700 is ...
  • Very good! I often forget videos until it's too late. Not used NX500 much for that, but it's more than good enough. - Remember a procupine baby fooling aroung and the mother trying to steer it the ...
  • Thanks, I did not worry, just came to think of it. Depends on use of course. Not taking mine into war, mountain climbing and such... The problem is with older lenses, secondhand.
  • Wonder how much it would be used, but will go for more NX lenses (and cameras). Never been in doubt about the output. - Never thought much about it, but how long do lenses last? Quality lenses...
  • Not into portraits, more about night photos and animals, ok distance from my windows. And how is it for video? Got the 45 which is more useful when it's dark. Will try more videos. The Minola 135, ...
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