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  • Thanks, I found it and seems to work fine! And unlike the autofocus it stays, so if you got a fixed place where animals pass, you can nail them fast. Was thinking I could swap it for the long ...
  • I switched to manual and adjusted and got some ok images, when focusing enlarged on the screen. How to find/use peaking? Would also learn more about tha autofocus.
  • ... and focusing! I know it can be difficult, but completely impossible one evening with sunset clouds, even focusing on the mountain top. Never had that problem with any camera/lens. Grateful for ...
  • Don't know about that. Wonder if any of you know if someone has written about the use of this lens?
  • Well.... Was trying to adjust according to distance. But the lens is fixing that itself. Awesome results at 30 to 50 meters. Best lens I have had. But maybe of limited use.
  • Really a solid and serious lens! So now I need NX1 too? Slow focusing yes. At one often used distance you know, faster if you "prefocus"? Or is that bad for the motor? - Interesting to see ...
  • I do no portraits, so how much will the 85 mm be used. I think some on night clouds, animals nearby when it's dark. Lots stills at the harbour, a place where things are happening.... Have not used ...
  • Just waiting for the 85mm to arrive, got 45, 60 is rather cheap. NX500, 30, 20, 210 (bargain with 30). Will get another NX500, so much for the money. Maybe NX1 and the best long zoom. Been thinking ...
  • Now the 85 is on the way for $300. Originally in package for 500... but got enough NX. Gave up NX1 and the long 2.8. 85 should be nice on NX500, and maybe get an extra of that, black?
  • Went for a lens and got a better camera then I knew. Really good reviews. My best MTF camera! Mostly easy to use, but to find everything in the menus could be some work. So will I buy Olympus with ...
  • Model  Overall  Color Depth   Dynamic Range   Low-light ISO Olympus E-PL5 72   22.8 bits   12.3 Evs    889 ISO Panasonic GX7  70   22.6 bits   12.2 Evs   718 ISO Panasonic G3    56   21.0 bits  ...
  • Thanks! I know the IS is not the best. But leave it on now and use the Panasonic 20mm. Later turn it off and put it on tripod maybe with Sigma 60mm to do some higher ISO. And later Panasonic 12-32. ...
  • Could be useful, my first Olympus, only used for "testing".
  • Thanks, a good help! Have not thought about more Olympus yet, had to be with EVF.
  • Mainly bought a red one because of a lens with it. And color... Tried to find reviews, IQ ("not tested"), not easy at all. Compared to G3? GX7?
  • Created question thread Reviews of E-pl6? IQ mainly
  • Thanks, they look great! Do not often see such Kodaks here, but smaller ones sold a lot. The seller said, never broken, like Casio and some Ricoh...
  • Interesting, I read some reviews, but difficult to judge from that. But anyway it looked nice, and do not have any Kodak (apart from analog). Now I see the seller will not send, maybe offer up to $50.
  • Created question thread Z650 good at low ISO?
    See one for $30. If EVF and LCD is useful might be interested. Above average according to dpr?
  • Just took a fast search, need more research. Will come back later....
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