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On article PicTricks offers cheap photo 'fixes' (22 comments in total)

If anyone is curious as to the pricing but doesn't want to create an account just to see it, here it is. I would be surprised if they can do a quality job for these prices.

Adjust brightness, contrast or exposure
Adjust or enhance color: Entire Photo
Adjust or enhance color: Selected Area
Change hair, eye or skin color
Convert to B&W or Sepia
Crop and/or Resize
Remove blemishes
Remove Red-eye
Remove wrinkles
Skin Smoothing
Soften focus
Teeth Whitening

Digital Makeup (+$3.00)
Background removal and/or replacement (+$5.00)
Body Contouring (+$5.00)
Open Eyes (+$5.00)
Remove braces (+$5.00)
Remove object (+$5.00)
Complete Creative Retouch (+$20.00)
Photo Restoration (+$20.00)

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Andrei Todea: Is this Digital Sociology Review?

No, but I think this article is extremely relevant and interesting.

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On article Just posted: Our Canon EOS 70D hands-on preview (355 comments in total)
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oselimg: If this camera doesn't bring my slippers, make me breakfast in the morning it's boring, yawn. What was Canon thinking for god's sake!!! I want 42 inch EVF which will work in absolute darkness. Puh!!! optical viewfinder. Boooriiinnnng. I don't want anything that will potentially leave me in a compromising position to justify myself amongst my gear head, techno-junkie local photography society friends. Why, why!!!

Amateurs need all the technological help they can get. I struggle with clipped highlights on my 60D while trying to minimize noise. I struggle taking pictures of animals at dusk that don't look like noisy crap. Sometimes the autofocus misses on the one shot where my kid was smiling nicely.

Lots of amateurs have more money than they do time to perfect the art of photography, and are willing to shell out big bucks for a camera that will improve their pictures. If you don't need every advantage you can get, great, be happy with 5 year old cameras that are "more than good enough for any pro" and hope that Canon's DSLR division still turns a profit.

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I would like to see the S4 scores for the metrics dxo normally uses for camera sensors: Color Depth, Dynamic Range, Low-Light ISO. I know they might be pitiful, maybe they don't want to make the camera phones look bad since they get their money from advertising.

Alternatively I would like to see normal dpreview camera reviews list those 7 metrics : exposure/contrast, color, autofocus, texture, noise, photo artifacts, flash. (at least the ones that are applicable) Some numbers to back up dpreview's pulled-out-of-the-air final percentage scores wouldn't hurt.

Why are there two separate sets of criteria? I know camera phones, compacts, and interchangable lens camera could be considered completely different categories and might use different scales for rating, but I would think there could at least be a common set of metrics.

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it seems like the app should always be free - they can charge whatever they want for the hardware.

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It could be sample variation, but I also thought the 650D looks worse than the 600D at both low and high ISOs. Not by much, but noticeable. I wonder if the pixels stolen to do the hybrid autofocus are reducing quality?

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