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    I don't have a problem...what problem do you think I have?
  • Agree, although the 4 batteries and 2 chargers I carry are all OEM.
  • I still have my elbow tucked in with the technique I use, the ONLY difference is the rotation of the wrist! Most of my lenses are over a kg. Anyway, what IS the difference between the two setups, ...
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  • Olympus had a battery charger that could do it in an hour, but it was hard on the batteries. Later Olympus chargers (designed for the same battery) were slower to make it easier on the batteries.
  • Seriously though, never dropped a camera, lens, or accessory in all the decades of shooting. At least with a camera, the first thing I do is put the strap around my neck so I can't drop it.
  • There are pundits out there telling people there's only one proper way to hold the camera, like this: When I TRY to hold the camera like that, my wrist is under so much stress I can't hold the ...
  • Times in buying cameras have changed. When I bought my first SLR most SLR cameras had the same features, and you only worried about the bells and whistles, microprism vs. split circle focus, timer ...
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  • Dale Baskin wrote an article about this very topic back in May of this year! In it he says, "So, would I exchange today's modern AF systems for eye-controlled focus? Not a chance." You can read the ...
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    A pro photographer has to lug their equipment where they go: A pro plumber doesn't have to hike for miles, although they may have to make several trips back to their truck, or just unload something ...
  • You didn't take pictures of them? They didn't talk about taking pictures on vacation, taking pictures of their family, talked about their photography job?  How sad! Having a wife and children would ...
  • But you're stating other people's opinions about the technology, what you read and maybe watched in videos, not your own opinion!
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  • Some people make counterfeit cards (even retailers on Amazon). Counterfeit cards are ones where a card may have failed testing, and then someone garbage picks it and puts a fake label from a brand ...
  • Unless someone has bought the patent rights to it, Kodak before it went under developed a sensor that was significantly more sensitive to light using a different colour pattern: You can read all ...
  • No offence, but if you never used a camera with an EVF, how can you give an opinion on it? You're not wrong in what you say (and it has been said a million times), and those of us who use EVF do ...
  • "ajscullard's" intention was trying to HELP the opening poster reach a target audience that could PROPERLY answer the question. You may enjoy seeing topics about film photography, but could YOU ...
  • The only times I'll use BBF is when I'm photographing something that doesn't change distance from the camera.  For instance, if I'm doing a model shoot and I'll take couple hundred pictures, I ...
  • Have you never shot over a crowd? I have with both digital and film cameras, and while today we have the advantage of tilt screens so I can actually see what I'm photographing, before that I WAS ...
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