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On article Review: The Wandrd Prvke is a near-perfect camera bag (349 comments in total)
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Paul B Jones: Does it leak?

No, it's the first thing I thought of when I was the pictures with the model!!!

Link | Posted on Aug 5, 2018 at 20:23 UTC

I haven't seen the Apple commercial (on TV), but I have seen the Huawei commercial that has a similar theme on Canadian TV A LOT!!!

Link | Posted on Jun 5, 2018 at 23:50 UTC as 4th comment

To me it says you need all those lights to take a good picture with the iPhone, which is probably true! LOL

Link | Posted on May 16, 2018 at 13:27 UTC as 11th comment | 1 reply
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Chuck Liddell: Needs another elbow about chest level.

You can always add a clamp-on elbow!

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2018 at 22:38 UTC
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Ebrahim Saadawi: Pros:

- Excellent "idea" even if not excellently executed (see my cons list down). The product replaces carrying a foldable seat and a tripod, with one small item to carry and use, with a much smaller footprint.

- The camera platform is height adjustable to eyes' level, is located on a ball-head joint, thus the shooter can sit down and follow subjects either moving quickly or slowly, adjust framing height, tilt, pan, and level.

- An excellent solution not just for a chair+tripod kits but for a regular tripods that are being used in a manner where the photographer needs to stay in one place and spend a long period of time. This products provides a seat for body-support during such shoots. I can see this very effective for video mainly, but also stills photography in sports with telephoto range lenses, in press conferences, in long-exposure landscapes, in time-lapses, virtually any application with a fixed-placed tripod.

- It can carry up to 2 kilograms camera/lens kit. Very good.

Now if we only knew how many kilograms of person it can carry up to! ;-)

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2018 at 22:37 UTC
On article Corephotonics sues Apple over dual-camera zoom patents (97 comments in total)
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tvstaff: These monopolies need to be broken up. A cell phone should cost 99 dollars not 1,500

The phone companies pay the politicians election costs and consumers get sold down the river.

It can be $99...people CHOOSE to be ripped off by Apple's overpriced items!

Link | Posted on Nov 8, 2017 at 15:17 UTC

So have they changed the Photos App on Android phones that used to automatically back up the photos to their Photo Cloud service? Mine still goes to the Photo Cloud.

Link | Posted on Sep 9, 2017 at 19:20 UTC as 6th comment
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jhinkey: Any idea of the actual flash duration - 1/8000 sec shutter speed sync doesn't actually say how fast the actual duration is. Could not find it in their technical info section.

Assuming is USELESS in providing an answer to the question.

Another LED flash that had a recent press release (PHOTONICZ ONE) also has HSS capability AND has an ADJUSTABLE duration based on the shutter speed being used...it was capable of a 1/50,000 of a second flash duration for non-HSS use, and could sync up to 1/32,000 shutter speed (obviously with a longer flash duration).

Waiting for the REAL answer.

Link | Posted on Sep 6, 2017 at 10:35 UTC
On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (891 comments in total)

EVF, what you see is what you get, or live view boost for seeing in low light which would be black on an OVF! That's 40 years of photography experience talking here, including 20 years using the same OVF SLR.

Link | Posted on Mar 13, 2017 at 01:45 UTC as 199th comment

It still has the same fault of other similar straps...it goes in front of the neck causing me to gag (I can't even wear a tie). Another company came up with a gadget to pull the strap away from your neck, but then it feels like you're wearing a bra. No thanks, I'll stick with the tried and true traditional neck strap which doesn't bother me at all, and it's FASTER to pull the camera up to a shooting position than the neck gaggers!!!

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 21:15 UTC as 12th comment | 1 reply

I HATE when you have to pay for something in installments. I want to pay for something and have a clean bill, not continually pay for something. It's the reason why I don't have a credit card!

And what about those who don't have a credit card? How will they pay for this?

It's just plain stupid!

Why not keep the store purchasable product, but just add the cloud features to it? It shouldn't matter to the software if it's a store purchasable licensed product that comes on a disc that say expires in 5 years, or one that is paid for monthly that you have to download.

Link | Posted on May 10, 2013 at 15:07 UTC as 243rd comment | 2 replies
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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Just Having Fun: You can't argue with anyone who says the D800 (or even D600 for affordable price and similar IQ to D800) should have won. They are great cameras.

We can see that Olympus must be doing something right though. In Japan, the only country that releases sales numbers to the general public we see them leading the mirrorless race.

For all of 2012:
Olympus 29.8
Panasonic 23.3
Sony Corporation 20.1

So m43 has over 50% of the market while Sony has dropped to about 1/5th.

To me, like the car of the year competition I mentioned previously a camera should be new or substantially changed to be worthy of this award.

On the outside the D800's look like any orher Nikon dSLR. It may be changed in the "engine compartment", but how boring would life be if they only changed things under the hoods of cars, if cars still looked like they looked in the 80's, cars like the K-car, Fiesta, or the Chevette.

Doing the retro thing sells right now, the Beetle, Camero, Charger, etc...maybe Nikon should produce an "F" style body...that's the wow factor the OM-D has.

Link | Posted on Jan 17, 2013 at 09:06 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)

2eyesee wrote: "Obviously if you're serious about shallow DOF full-frame is the only way to go,"

No it isn't, guess you never used a medium or large format camera...135/35mm (I REFUSE to say "full frame" since it's not a proper term) format is not the "be all and end all" of photography. Each format is a compromise between benefits and negatives.

My first camera was medium format, I've shot with 135/35mm for 20 years, I've shot with a camera taller than a person that uses upto 24"x36" sheet film, but now my choice for 6 years has been FourThirds, and now it's Micro FourThirds.

Out of all those cameras there's NONE I can say is best, or the only way to go...I can say there's only best for me right now, and right now that's the OM-D!

As for shallow DOF, it's only one factor with photography...but even with my tiny sensor bridge camera I managed to get shallow DOF when I wanted it...it all has to do with your skills and knowledge about photography.

Link | Posted on Jan 15, 2013 at 23:58 UTC as 53rd comment | 4 replies
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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marike6: "Digital SLR Photography" magazine just named the Nikon D800 "Gear of the Year 2012". Out of all the great cameras released in 2012, it's the obvious choice.

Assume you meant to say out of all the great "dSLR" cameras released in 2012, considering the "best camera of 2012" (according to DPR users) was not part of THAT poll! :-/

Link | Posted on Jan 14, 2013 at 07:34 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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DigitalVista: @coroander Fanboy Zealot OMD user! (sorry just had to throw that in)

On your false reasoning and claims about flicker...

I just counted and saw that there are:

407 OMD users with an activity factore of 17

572 Nex5 users (Nex5n 333 Nex5 239 ) activity factor of 33 and 35

Not only is the Nex5 serries the most used but between the two of them there are over 10.000,00 picture posted compared to the OMD's 1.500.00!

Do you also not know how many other cameras are using the Sony APS-C sensor?

I can't wait for what you come up with next

Well, the OM-D uses Sony's FourThirds sensor, or should I say Sony developed the latest FourThirds sensor used by Olympus cameras...Panasonic (as far as I know) is still developing their own sensors.

In addition Sony has invested $650 million cash in Olympus.

Without Sony the OM-D wouldn't be as good as it is, and wouldn't have won! ;-D

Link | Posted on Jan 10, 2013 at 10:48 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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BahPhotog: It just goes to show that most of your readers are spec driven who doesn't even own the cameras that they voted for.

The poll WASN'T about choosing the camera you own...it's about what you thought the best camera of the year was, the one you thought made the most impact on the industry.

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2013 at 20:15 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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Chrisrip: I just looked at the article and I'm sure it reads "user poll" !!!

To me that means that more users of one camera votes than others!!! Good on them. But seriously, so what!! I'm still going to buy the camera I like regardless. My first camera was a Nikon so i will buy another Nikon even though a pro coleague said I should switch to Canon.

I think I'll take my anger out on the scum bags that light deliberate bushfires instead.

Suggest you reread the original poll (not to mention what it says in the image at the top of this page)...it says, "Dpreview Users' Poll", that means it's a poll of "Dpreview" users. You don't have to use or even own any of the camera's listed to vote...you just have to be a user of "Dpreview"!

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2013 at 03:16 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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mauijohn: It can't do continous autofocus but got the first prize.? but no thanks i'll get the second prize,the Nikon....a decade proven reliable brand of camera since before the ww2.

Especially love the CAF+TR (tracking) mode. It's great with the EVF to see what the AF is tracking when the subject and/or camera are in motion.

Link | Posted on Jan 7, 2013 at 06:13 UTC
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)

People here have been asking how there can be a competition where cameras of different formats are competing against each other. Last night I saw (heard) a car commercial from Hyundai which put this into words (I'm paraphrasing from what I remember hearing having seen it only once and I wasn't paying attention until it was too late):

-Imagine an Olympics where all the sports were competing for one gold medal. The Hyundai (model?) just won such a competition in North America's Car of the year.-

The North American Car of the Year is chosen from all types of cars, 2 door, 4 door, wagons, hatchbacks, sports cars, etc. everything except SUVs, vans, and trucks, but in order to be eligible though "a vehicle must be all new or substantially changed." - from:

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2013 at 10:01 UTC as 101st comment
On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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Pal2012: Any word on if oly will provide new firmware yet?

Should realy ask this type of question in the M4/3 forum itself, but if you're talking about when 1.2 was temporarily halted, it's now up to 1.5 (you have to run te updated TWICE, once gets you to 1.3, and the second time ets you to 1.5...see the following link (if you have further tech questions ask in the forum itself):

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2013 at 08:50 UTC
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