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Do the same thing but with the Canon G series or any other quality p&s that has a few years you can compare against. That will be a much more interesting comparison.

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Antony John: The camera has been around since approximately 1826. Over the intervening period it went through various itterations until around the late 1950s when the ergonomics were refined such that all manufacturers produced the same body shape (SLR or rangefinder 35 mm) because it was a proven design - and so it continued for another 30 years.
Enter the digital age and cameras changed, more so SLR than other types. Why, well because it was the 'new camera age' and thus design had to change in unison to show that the camera was 'different' - not because the changes were better but simply because the camera manufacturers could. Sod ergonomics and ease of use etc.
The Oly OM-D and similar shaped cameras from other manufacturers are simply a return to 'what works best' and I'm really surprised it took so long to get back to that position.
So, when others denegrate the Oly OM-D it's simply because their brand has not yet woken up to this basic truth and they're just venting their spleen in anguish.

Antony, if you think this is what works best then you clearly have never used an E-1 which is a fabulous piece of technology ergonomically.

Why were SLR's shaped that way? Think about it....

Let's see we need the mirror and the prism... well, that's the hump.... we need to have this thing called film so and it kinda rolls across the back.. so let's see ... we need a spot for the roll and a place to spool the film after it has passed... Gee, let's put a box around that, what do you get. The standard film SLR that you have had for ages. Is that really a surprise?

The reason the OM-D has the grip is that the square box isn't comfortable to hold for long periods of time. It is also why you have the thumb rest because without it the box is hard to grip. If this was truly what works best then the grip and thumb rest would not be necessary. I like the OM-D but let's not disparage other vendors to validate our own design preferences.

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tobias2003: Sony bought the Konica-Minolta camera business. Maybe some other electronics company that doesn't have cameras yet can buy Olympus, and hopefully keep the brand name. Or the camera business could be spun off and bought by some investor or fund.

I agree. I think Canon should buy them.

a) They can afford it
b) Canon has nothing in that space

At first I wanted Panasonic to buy them but then realized that it would not add anything to the m43 system but a new player would change the game.

I think the other player that would be interesting would be Fujitsu. Together they can own the market and dominate over Sony and Nikon.

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