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tbcass: Never heard of them probably because they weren't sold in the US?

You didn`t need them, the japanese already made cheap cameras for the US which were better than soviet stuff.

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Jeff Greenberg: -----
in society where street sweeper
& university professor make same
salary, domestic products are
plentiful & cheap until leaders
divert too many rubles for
weapons or personal wealth...

As opposed to a society where only the rich have access to education and healthcare, and the government is funded with money "borrowed" from communist China because the country is bankrupt while the local politicians are busy making laws benefiting and redacted by the corporations that bribe them?

You`re right. Totally different scenarios.

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No....just no.

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ZV-1: Somebody needs to put a 5G radio in their camera so we can stay wirelessly tethered to our phones with continuous, instantaneous transfer speeds. And of course, delete those antiquated card slots.

Really? Do you have any idea at all how much power 5G needs?

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kelstertx: Why bother putting glass on the back? I have a friend that has that on his Samsung, and he has to replace that as often as a front screen, and it usually doubles the repair cost. Isn't plastic more robust? It's flexible and not brittle. Glass backs seem so stupid to me. Why are they doing that so often nowadays?

Mate, that's the whole point, making them harder/more expensive to repair!!! Less money in your pocket, more in theirs.

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British thieves are pretty good(they have experience). My guess is that they started stockpiling for when Brexit starts biting, starting next year.

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PhotoKhan: See, DL Cade, how, without actually needing to "take oodles of bribes" as you so amusingly and ironically span off on another comment thread, it is still easy to get the feeling that DPR favors certain brands?

This is your 2nd "look how cinematic the iPhoneX can be" piece in 9 days.

Meanwhile, where were you when "Cinematic" was already being tackled by others, on another smartphone platform back in 2015?

Well this sort of commercials were around ever since Nokia's N series smartphones, a long time ago.
But if Apple makes it, it's "an Apple first" and a revolutionary way of doing things.

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mr.izo: "With my modern cameras I just shoot everything slightly underexposed, and lift the exposure later in Lightroom. That would not be a good idea with the Canon 400D."

that's an overstatement. just shoot in raw and you could go by just fine, for high dr latitude use tripod and multiple exposures, if that's is wanted.
Yes, sonys sensors are better in pulling shadow areas, but in reality, there's no really that night and day differences, specially compared to newer canon models.

p.s. i'm still on my 30d as main digital camera.

Getting the right exposure on the 400D isn`t exactly rocket science. It`s a digital camera and a pretty good one.

Also, the fact that current cameras have slightly better dynamic range is far less important for most people than it is claimed.

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Benjamin Kanarek: Several years ago, I was published in some of the more prestigious magazines with exactly that camera...10.2 megapixels is perfect for double page spreads.

Yes, but some people have a very short memory. They applaud the release of a new camera, but 24 months later the same camera becomes "barely usable" because the current generation has a few new gimmicks....

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On article Shooting with a used DSLR kit that cost me just $80 (282 comments in total)

For 80 dollars it`s a very good deal indeed.

I like the way the author speaks about the 400D like it was released in 1956, not 2006. Also, a good photographer is supposed to get the exposure right, especially with digital. "Guessing" the exposure and then using software to correct the mistakes says a lot about your photography skills ^_^

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technotic: DPR need to close this site then. No need for new gear or even talk about gear.

On a digital photography forum, you could also talk Just something to consider.

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Sean65: Such a weird bunch on here wishing to see the death of one of the Great Grandfathers of photography. In musical circles, players and fans treat the old blues greats with reverence and respect. Can't ever imagine blues fans wishing all the early pioneers to be dead and gone just because some new wiz kid is on the scene.

I always wanted a Nikon, but Canon, Olympus etc each had a better model that sold for less money and was made in Japan, not China like a Nikon. Also, cheaper lens. In a nutshell, that`s why Nikon is going down.

I still remember how cocky nikon owners used to be. "I have a Nikon, they`re the best you know. Oh, you have something else? Well, i guess peasants have the right to own cameras too- but not a nikon".

It`s a classic Kodak mistake. I`m not worried though, i`m sure that even after Nikon goes bankrupt, fanboys will continue to cling to their cameras and lenses.....for a couple of days. Then they`il get themselves a Canon. This will be remembered as the lamest moment in photography.

Apple and Nikon fans are the most gullible people ever.

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Nikon is the largest seller of photographic equipment in the world period. Even Sean Spicer agrees.

The only reason Nikon will stop selling cameras in Brazil and close its factory in China is because they don`t like brazilians and chinese, it`s a race thing.

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The LX3 is still a great camera even 10 years later.
Mine has close to 25K shots taken and still going strong. Rock solid. Reliability wise, much better than any canon S series or even the sony RX line.
I will not sell it, ever. I'm actually thinking of getting a spare one.

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