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M Jesper: And then they forgot the best part.
Throwing the bouquet with the camera in it !
Thought that was the idea ...

Just plain dumb!

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2012 at 16:22 UTC
On article Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn (144 comments in total)

I haven't missed being on Facebook since I deleted it years ago. FB is such a site for mindless people with nothing to do. Wouldn't it be great if everyone or even a large chunk of FBers cancel FB?

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On article Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn (144 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Instagram staff: 9 people
Status: $1 Billion

Eastman Kodak employees: 17,000
Status: Bankrupt

Somewhere in between is sanity.


Awesome comparison in a sad economy.

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pedrojoper: Why is this on dpreview? Are they gonna cover every smartphone and tablet announced or just the ones from a particular brand? If they're sponsored by that brand they should make that clear, if not it makes no sense!

I really like this site, watch it almost daily since 2006 and it's the first time I write something negative about it. I think the iPad 3 is a great tablet but shouldn't be featured on this site!

Dpreview is a great website! Great stuff, you don't have to agree to everything on it. Be open minded, makes life easier.

Link | Posted on Mar 8, 2012 at 15:25 UTC
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pompous: Cool..., now I can waste more of my money on an over priced under spec'd slave labour device and all the accessories to make use of it properly. I'll make sure I bag my spot in the queue. Be first to get it, then a month later Apple comes out with a slightly improved version, or one that doesn't have overheating issues, or bugs, or what ever that usually has wrong with Apple products when they first push them out to the eager awaiting minions.

Pompous your a troll with a grudge!

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Baseman: Follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader.

Only reason Apple is doing so good is cause of it's marketing and ability to make you the consumer 'think' it's better than everything else. Funny there's still no memory card slot. Hmmmm.....better than the rest, I think not! It's only Apple's followers who will fight tooth and nail to proclaim it's the best. Still waiting for that memory card expansion. Oh wait, you'll never see it cause Apple can make you pay a lot more to get only a little. I like the ability to swap memory cards. Fill one, switch it for another. Need to transfer data across any platform, no problem with a memory card. But ooops, sorry Apple people, I'm talking another language to you. Just remember, Apple only wants your money by making you think you can't live without their product. Time to WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

ZZZZZ! Right, that's funny and so true ricklacey!
SD cards are for dinosaurs, wireless technology is great, no wires and cards.

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Baseman: My cell phone still beats this thing for pixels per inch. This has only 264ppi, my cell has 329ppi! Beat that Apple!

Your comparing your rinky dink small screen to the iPad's?
That like comparing apples to oranges. What a misguided comparison. Enjoy your tiny screen.

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On article 'No Future in Photojournalism' Interview: Dan Chung (267 comments in total)
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Fred Mueller: its the number of carried cameras that dilute the income stream of the "professionals" - it's people/amatures with IPhones who are present at newsworthy events and they, by virtue of just being there, dilute the need for the pro journalist.....

stills images are by a fair margin what the mind remembers - they are objects - video is narrative, and meaningful, but seldom memorable in the same way a still image is....

images are like logos - video is like add copy - think of how you remember video, if you remember it at all - as a sequence of stills - a good still is the distillation of events..... the imprimatur of history

Well said Fred. Walter Cronkite said in one interview that video cams will change the news world. Walter is right. We all can remember vivid footages of 9/11. But still images of a fireman's exhausted looking face and the dis-orientated look of people walking in a cloud of ashes still linger in my mind.

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On article Landscape Photography Primer (97 comments in total)
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Kitamura: Can't wait to get out there and start shooting. My biggest limitation is time. With a full-time job, wife, kids and dog the time just flies past. I'm sure most non-professional photographers will agree.

Same thing as a graphic artist, I don't do what i want but what the client wants. Hopefully I can add my style to it at least. Same with photography, client first. "Kitamura", maybe you can't shoot landscape but how 'bout your kids. With patience you can do real artistic photos. Landscape stuff when you can or later

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2012 at 15:42 UTC
On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)
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itchhh: You really need to ask yourself, do you "really" NEED their software? Microsoft Office gets away with what they do because they ARE the standard, Adobe is NOT the standard in graphics software. Unlike Microsoft Office, Adobe cannot snuff out the competition.

Disagree with you. Adobe is the standard in the graphic industry, I don't know how MW is included. MW is the standard for the office industry NOT graphics.

Link | Posted on Nov 23, 2011 at 13:36 UTC
On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)
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psandham: This just validates why I left Adobe around the CS3 version - I've never looked back...

As a graphic artist at work I had use PS for many years but the last 2. Due to rising cost and costly upgrades my company cancelled about 90% of PS licenses and only a select few work with PS now. I do still use Indesign at work, have too of course. I really wish another lower cost competitor comes out with a PS/ Indesign program for us home graphic artists and photographers to use.

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qwertyasdf: beautiful pictures here
also "Put your camera in Aperture Priority Mode and set it to the largest aperture"

I think the whole point of this article and others is to show people esp. amateurs and even pros there is more that one way to shoot subjects and scenes. Even with pros (wedding photography comes to mind) the same old stale portraits and set-up. Except for the occasional dog photographer they are all the same also. Get daring, get creative try a tight crop or obscure part of the subject.
As for pros taking this kind of bashing, I think a self-confident pro will just let the comments with a chuckle.

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2011 at 13:22 UTC

Wow! First time I bought a lens before a DPR review (late one at that too, but I trust DPR more than other websites). The 1.8F is awesome and I can now use my 62mm NIkon Close up lens (filter with 2 glasses) from 20 years ago. Extremely sharp and this is a low cost lens too. Nothing against the photographer(s) but the images don't do justice for the AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G.

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2011 at 15:14 UTC as 27th comment
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patoth66: It looks nice, but it could have been a 50/1.4 version! I dont get Nikons huge price difference! Either its a budget or a pro lens, no semi pro lenses! I would have preferred a 50/1,4 semi pro lens with built in image stabilization for low light shooting at low iso speeds!

The 50mm F1.4 is out but it is also twice the cost of the F1.8.

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2011 at 15:06 UTC
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