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  • Created user review thread Its in a box somewhere
    Traveling with this thing all over the place...   I must have had a dozen of those little disks - loved it.  In its day - it was about getting "A" shot, not "THE" shot - and for that it was good. ...
  • Created user review thread My first
    My first real camera with a real lens (blame it all on Ken Rockwell)...   I LOVED it.  Ultimately my ego (and not my abilities) outgrew it...   I do wish I would have skipped the D3000 and kept ...
  • Created user review thread Keep going back to the '5'
    Use these (DSC-HX#V) for work (Adjuster)... Been through many..   Tried the 7 and 9 - and both had much shorter life than the '5'.  If you are searching on ebay for a deal - the 5 is usually 1/2 ...
  • Created user review thread STILL relevant
    2020: Still a goto (in certain circumstances)... I've had this for a LONG time... Paid a premium (or so it seemed) at the time of acquisition - but it has outlived most other gear... I'm an ...
  • Created user review thread Why do I still have this?
    In its time it was light years ahead.  Shooting VGA on floppy... Battery life was good. Clarity/usefulness right out of the camera was exceptional. I have not turned it on in two years - but it has ...
  • Created user review thread My standard work cam
    Adjuster - take lots of shots - most of the roof ones add the hazy filter known as CHALKY Fingers...   These Sony HX5Vs just hold up well.  10X zoom, 2mp file - decent autofocus - snap snap ...
  • Created user review thread Doesn't Make Sense...
    How I still have this (2020) is simple... I can take this P&S into a room that most would consider dark (very dark - can't see where you are walking dark) and shoot with no flash and get a usable ...
  • Created user review thread Post D40X
    I bought it used (ebay) post D40X sale (oops).  I could use the D40X - it was 'friendly' and it took some good shots.  Ext flash, good glass (18-200) and I was off.  I sold it because I'm an idiot ...
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