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Not trying to be funny, but I really didn't know they hadn't already been discontinued.

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James Grove: It’s a great update, alas it’s broken ON1, Alien Skin and DxO Nik Plugins :-(

I had the same issue with Nik and Topaz Labs not working or even showing up after this update. However, if you you switch to Rosetta mode they still work fine.

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Luis V: I respectfully suggest that DPR focus on photography.
Memory devices / storage are already well taken care of by other specialized sources.

Today's memory is yesterdays photo album. It is totally relevant to photography.

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I'm on my second OnePlus phone after years of iPhones & Samsung Note series phones. I must say, I'm a big fan now of OnePlus. The two phones I've had have given me rock solid performance and great battery life. But, the cameras have been their weak link. If joining with Hassy can change that, it could go a long ways towards making them a big player in the phone arena.

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I like the silver & black topped ones. But the red & blue topped ones look a little too toy like.

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Ever hear the old saying "just because you can, doesn't mean you should"? That applies here. This thing is ugly!

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As long as the price is in the range of the other APO lenses for Sony that Voigtlander makes, I will for sure be grabbing the 35 APO. My Voigtlanders are my favorite & most used lenses ( I have the 15mm, 65mm APO & the 110MM APO). I prefer the handling of these lenses to the Loxia line. I have the 50mm Loxia and it is a wonderful lens optically (right there with the Voigtlanders). But it's handling doesn't compare to the Voigt's. Manual focus isn't for everyone for one reason or another and that is totally understandable. But for me, the Voigtlander lenses are perfection.

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Had both the Nikon FG & N8008 as well as a Pentax P30T. All really good cameras. I remember when the N8008 came out. That thing was the bomb! Although my alltime favorite film Nikon was the F100.

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I really want this! But I need to sell some body parts first. Anyone need a kidney or a well used liver??

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On article Zeiss ZX1 real-world samples gallery (236 comments in total)

Make this same camera without the Lightroom integration & ad a card slot (in other words, make it more like as normal hi-end camera) and set the price around $2500 and they would have a winner.

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I started with a Pentax over 30 years ago and even though I haven't used one in years, I've always been impressed with the images they produce. I can only wish them well because more competition benefits us all. That having been said, with the current state of the camera industry they need to be announcing something with advancements & features that push the competition. This does none of that. I'm sure it will be a great camera, but it will most likely just be a replacement model for current Pentax users. I can't see this bringing new customers onboard and with their market share they need that badly.

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I'll give them credit for coming up with an original idea. But the samples only prove it can be done, not that it can be of much value. None of those samples make me want to plop down even the small asking price of $79.

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I've loved anything Zeiss for longer than I can remember, but this shouldn't be more than $2500 and that's even a stretch.

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I'm sure there is a market for everything, but that bokeh does nothing for me. Way to busy looking.

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know what this monster costs??

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If I lived there I wouldn't be to quick to jump to Canon. Yes, it looks like they will pretty much be the only game in town soon. And I am sure Canon will see an uptick in sales in the short term. But the economic divide is what is creating the real problem and why two major companies have left/leaving. Those economic conditions are not going to change anytime soon. I wouldn't be surprised to see Canon pull out as well within a few years. There is such a thing as a market just not being worth it to a major company.

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On article Hands-on with the new Sony a7C (289 comments in total)

The intentional crippling with the lack of certain features was predictable. No front dial, no exposure comp lock, no joystick for focusing, the old menu style...

Sony knew full well these are things they could have included and that photographers most likely would want. But, now they can come out with the "improved" version in six months with all or most of these things and say how they listened to their customers. Not Sony bashing, they all do it. But it just seems even more obvious here.

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Seeing as it's now been four years since the last A-mount body was released, I think this is Sony's polite way of saying "Stop waiting & just buy an E-mount already!"

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With the savings being around $300-$500 on lenses that cost in the thousands, along with there only being a few lenses being made there, I don't really see this being worth it. Unless this is just a test to see how the Leica crowd responds to them being made elsewhere.

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I have two Laowa lenses in Sony mount (15mm f/4 macro & 105mm f/2 STF) and I am very impressed with both of them. Build quality is great. Sharpness is incredible! particularly on the 105mm. As long as you don't mind manual focus I think they are well worth the money.

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