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  • @AlexisH
    Well spoken - while DxOmark ratings aren't all about sensor quality they give a direction and I am shure that similar ratings give a hint to overall similar IQ.

    On that basis I am happy...

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    @Teila Day: WOuldn't it be better to compare ingredients to the photographic subjects / cooking procedure to the mastering of composition / knifes and cooking devices to lens and camera...

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    @Teila Day: The amount of "unsharpness" or that part of Bokeh can be controlled by the aperture. The Bokeh for each aperture itself - in that point you are right - is "in the lens' genes"....

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    What is much more funny:
    being German I prefer the Canon flippy screen model.

    YOU decide if you need the display or not and YOU manipulate the SAME CAMERA to be optimized for DIFFERENT shooting...

  • About the video and the used photographs: In my view all the f/1.2 images have a darker appearance (to me) in the main subject which lead to strong losses of detail just because of the darker...

  • Bokeh is overrated if it is used just for itself. And I think it is marketing-wise the next thing they try to sell because most other lens parameters are very good with modern systems.

    But: Having...

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    Great interview and I like the kindness of Mr. Yamaki to (the products of) other companies!
    The products of Sigma are not what I am searching for (at the moment) because I am fine to sacrifice...

  • Replied in Great package!
    Look at my homepage (in my profile) and there you can find it including some stripes of images with 100% ...
  • Created user review thread Great package!
    Waiting very long for a very good and affordable 50mm (for FF) or 50mm equiv for APS-C this is the first option Canon offered. Image quality: This lens produces images with very good contrast and ...
  • My Canon EF was from the "pre-window-in-back-to-show-ISO" area. In 1972 you had 25, 64, 100 or 400 ASA and one body. But 10 years later the market / household wasn't that simple anymore :)

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    Missing: The compare tool to compare different cameras!

    I like M50s DPAF & EVF which is great 4 closeup work outdoors where you can nail the focus 80%. This is far from what I could do with...

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    @henrikbengtsson Good argument - one of my first ideas to overcome the missing instantanous backup.

    And I would like to add: Put a tough tablet in a watertight plastic case and log the photos...

  • The eye-control AF with the EOS 33 and EOS 50 was VERY RELIABLE despite the fact that I wear eyeglasses with strong astigmatism (-2 spherical, -2.75 cylindrical) - this in combination with DPAF...

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    @Tuan Tran Anh:
    Thanks for your post ... it reflects my mood on these forums. I use Canon cameras / lenses because they were ahead of the rest in ~2005 when I bought the EOS 20D with the 60mm...

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    Banding was visible in high ISO after increasing contrast with EOS 20D and 40D and I really hated it. Some statistically distributed noise is much better accepted by the human eye / can be...

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    @Samuel Dilworth: Yes! That's just the bridge between text based articles and video where entomans post describes a larger part of the videos very well!

    I really like good text with some helpful...

  • While trying to find a compact lightweight f/1.4 50mm - maybe with IS - I checked the Tamron 1.8 45 and the Tokina Opera and from a few test shots I would take the Opera because it shows crystal...

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    Glad to have an APS-C mirrorless (M50) to use legacy glass (FD series) if I want a special look - the funny thing is that the current glass is much better in terms of overall image quality...

  • @supersargas:
    I use the f/4 70-200 with adapter which has similar weight and a much more extreme balance so I think the more compact 50mm lens would work well on the M50 which has an excellent grip...

  • What a pity that this lens doesn't work on the EF-M mount. I am more and more convinced that it would be a very good 80mm equiv lens on these cameras too.

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