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  • Clearly this new camera will be a smashing success and people will rush to dump their Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax gear and snap up all brand new mFT gear.   I heard unconfirmed reports that ...
  • So, the type of canvas are different between the two bag types.  May I ask which waterproofing spray you use?
  • Created discussion thread Domke F2 original, wax?
    I have this bag for about 15 years now.  Forgotten exactly when I got it.  My question is, has anyone waxed theirs or similar Domke canvas bags?  It is NOT the RuggedWear version but my thinking ...
  • Replied in some good news
    the adhesive remover arrived from Amazon and within 15 minutes I was able to clean most of the sticky rubber off the entire outside of the G1.  I used just six tiny pads and the G1 is mostly free ...
  • You could have rebuilt the handle.  Some tennis players have custom handles built.  They can add or remove mass (weight) and reshaped the handle, install new butt caps to change the shape of the ...
  • I took out my very old, relatively ancient Canon EF 28-135 lens and found the focus ring starting to get sticky.  Interestingly, the zoom ring rubber coating is fine. I used isopropyl alcohol and a ...
  • Neve rmind, I've customized my * button to bring up the magnifier.
  • bump... anyone out there with suggestion of a workflow?
  • I ordered some adhesive remover wipes from Amazon.  My brother, a nurse, recommend this method. I'll try isopropyl alcohol next and then baking soda.  It I kill the camera.  It is ok.  I have newer ...
  • Perhaps the R3 is to the R1 as the 1D was to the 1DS, except now both bodies will be FF.  Personally, I liked the 1D / 1Ds dichotomy.  To each his own.  Looks like Canon is offering two "Pro" bodies.
  • Replied in See here
    Thanks for the link.  I guess there's no hope, short to destroying the camera. Good thing I have many others but disappointing because it was the first ILC introduced.
  • I'm looking for tips on settings that will facilitate shooting with legacy manual focus lenses on my Canon R. What I'm looking for is a setting / workflow that will help me do the following.  I've ...
  • Created discussion thread Panny G1 all sticky now
    Has anyone encountered this with their G1 bodies? I've stored my G1, G5, G6 in the same shoulder bag.  It has been a year since I've used them.  Been using my GX8 and G9 instead.  I decided to take ...
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