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  • Hey Malch: Any chance of providing a link for your Linux file manager. I'm currently using Linux Mint 18 XFCE. Thanks in advance!
  • +1 for Wasabi batteries I use in my 6D.
  • +1 Good plan!
  • Replied in Shoot RAW
    +1 I agree. All the OP needs to do differently is to change the camera to RAW + JPG instead of just JPG. The only drawback I can see is storage space and burst rate. When I first started shooting ...
  • Replied in Shoot RAW
    +1 RAW or RAW + JPG (for immediate use) and DPP are all you need until you become more informed on what your editing needs will be in the future.  +1 to Faststone as well.
  • You might want to post this in the "Studio and Lighting Technique" forum if you don't get many replies here.
  • +1 Been there, done that. Never again!!! What you might consider instead, is to take up a fund raiser amongst the wedding friends to pay for a pro photographer. So, instead of the couple throwing ...
  • Wouldn't the curved sensor that was mentioned a while back solve this problem as well? It could also be made flexible (more flat or curved) to match up with whatever lens is attached? For example:...

  • Replied in 40mm f2.8...
    The 40mm f2.8 is a no-brainer for me, as a perfect walk around lens for general snaps for the same reasons you mentioned. I have mine coupled with a 6d.
  • I guess I'll have to edit this a bit. FF 48 just crashed on me a couple of times today. I may have to go back to Chrome if this persists.
  • Replied in What a Gem!
    I couldn't agree more. Fantastic combo for travel and taking general snaps.
  • Same here..........Firefox (47) crashed almost every time I used it. I ended up having to go to Chrome for a while. I'm now using Firefox 48 on Linux Mint 18 XFCE, and so far, no crashes. Let's ...
  • Replied in Not exactly...
    Linux Mint 18.0 XFCE is now available: Enjoy!!!
  • If you're interested in doing something as small as fly eyes, the Canon MPE 65mm lens would be excellent: ...
  • I use a DIY copy of Peter Gregg's "better bounce card": I use a piece of foam board cut to a similar shape and attach with a wide rubber band to my speedlite. It's ...
  • Sorry, my bad, wrong link. Here's the right one: Here are the specs for the fluid that is “likely” used in the wipes: ...
  • I use these to clean my lens after I make sure there's no grit on the surface by blowing, and then wiping lightly with a micro fiber cloth: ...
  • +1
    I agree completely. That's why books are white with black text!!! That's why it's been that way since the days of the pharaohs. Yes, they had black dye back then. Yes it would cost more for...

  • Replied in Canon 6d ?
    I too have a 6D, and it is definitely not weather sealed.
  • Created discussion thread Thanks Dpreview!!!
    Thanks Dpreview for finally giving us a white background in the forum section of your website. It's much easier to read vs the black background and blue text. I can read it now from across the ...
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