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Canon 70-200 2.8 MKII has been my best mate for years and never let me down.
Impossible to upgrade a lens when you already have the best sorry! perfect lens!!
Certainly if you do not have a 70-200 MKII, buy the MKIII.
Otherwise updating to the new one is really a waste of money.
When the MKII first came out Canon said the the best lens ever and i agree.
Now i take it ,this one is the new best ever lens.
The lens is only as good as the person behind it.
All my gear is Canon L glass and just brilliant.
But all that money for such a minor upgrade ??

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I'm with Shifter
All that money for pretty average upgrade to a 5d4 .
Spent my money on 100-400 L is mk2 & 70-200 L is 2.8
I have a canon 5D3 & 7D2 OK paid a few extra dollars
but taking some awesome pictures.
Think i might wait for the next upgrade.
Thanks for the review,certainly spent my money a lot wiser.

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canon 24-70mm L 2.8 mk2 is so sharp it cuts.
Don't dream about getting one just get it.
The focus is so fast and dead accurate.

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Don't mess about just buy this lens.
It will blow you away.
If your using a crop sensor or full frame camera
image quality, auto focus is superb.
Rating out of 100 , sorry can't give it 100.
I give 200 , just buy it and be amazed.

Happy shooting to all

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I'm with mailman88
I am 59 years old and also carry this lens all day.
I don't worry about such a small issue, I am out there
having a great time .Shooting with one of the best lens around .
Go to the gym and grow some muscles, or even better get out and take photos
with this amazing lens .
You will have so much fun you will forget about the weight issue, if there really
is one

Happy shooting to all.

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Yeah i agree with Photo Nest.
I have four Canon DSLR'S ,two being 5D3 and 7D2.
I also find touch screens awful there just a toy an add on you really don't need
and something to easily break.
Do yourselves a favor, grab a 7D2 and a good lens get off your butts
go outside learn to use it and it will blow you away.
This is one awesome camera and does not deserve to be picked to pieces by
people who most likely have never used one.

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I have three think tank bags, there the best bags ever.
Also i have used Lowe pro bags in the past and nothing comes near
Think Tank bags, there just superb in a class of there own.
For those people that don't own or have not used one, keep your bad vibes
to yourself.
Do yourself a favour,try one then comment.
You be amazed with a real camera bag.

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