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On article Nikon reshuffles management structure (240 comments in total)

In this comment section: nothing but former CEOs who have all ran multi-billion dollar businesses. I'm not really sure why Nikon doesn't just come here and read up for a few minutes, then they'd have all the sure-fire business strategy they'd need.

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On article Dell announces 4K HDR10 monitor (88 comments in total)
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Androole: Ooof! $2000.

I was excited to see a Dell HDR monitor, since I've been quite happy with my calibrated 24" Dell IPS, and it was very well priced.

I guess it stands to reason that HDR is bleeding edge tech and will be costly for a few more years. But that's a 2x price premium over their regular 27" 4K Ultrasharp...

Sadly, it's not bleeding edge tech, at least for the living room. Since this is relatively new in the PC space, Dell will be happy to charge a premium to milk early adopters, then lower the price to a more reasonable level in a year's time.

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aramgrg: Cool idea, if you disregard the fact that the Iphone on top of that rig has better footage on its own.

I'm really not sure why you guys are arguing about iPhone camera vs. Mavic camera. I own both and they're both as subpar as you'd expect for such a small sensor. They both suffice given the package they come in though.

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Old Cameras: Time to book travel to Nebraska.

Why Nebraska? The eclipse will be at its peak in southwest Kentucky.

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I bought the Pro+ upgrade back in January and feel it was a waste of money. The automatic ambient light switching just isn't that impressive to me and I'm not confident it works that well. I ended up turning it off.

I do not recommend, there's better things to do with your $30.

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Ad B: Everybody has to stop being a policeman, I wouldn't like to be on every picture of every "photographer".
Than look who's complaining again...
They are just doing their job, the most of them (as in the rest of working world) are doing their best.
I wouldn't like to come on everyone's pictures, just doing my job.
F..... world.
Is everybody going to make pics of police, fire brigade and ambulance work, hoping to be arrested and get a lot of money, doing nearly nothing??
F..... world.

Grammar police here, we need to talk about your post. There's a lot wr.....HEY! WHY ARE YOU FILMING ME??

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embie: Old wine in new barrels.
Is this all that Nikon can do for their 100th anniversary, a special camera cap and a fancy strap on two existing camera's and packed in a clumsy suitcase ?

It's February. FEBRUARY. There are 10 months left in their 100th anniversary year. These were put up for display for marketing purposes, they haven't even said if they're going to try to sell these or not.

Link | Posted on Feb 27, 2017 at 19:13 UTC
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shooter45: If you own both cameras, what is the point to buy this special edition then ? Seriously Nikon ... better cap, case and strap ? Are you really serious Nikon ? Because I won't buy again the D500 even though I am so happy with it .. and not because I do not have the money to buy it but because my camera is already the same that you are offering to celebrate your 100th anniversary.
Matter of fact, I do not care about your strap because I own a better one; I do not think that a camera cap is something that we use everyday and regarding the case, I also have a case that I can carry with me even if I travel in an airplane and it does hold all of my equipment.

Who said they were even trying to sell this? It was a display at a photo convention. Do you also assume the glass cases they had were going to be for sale at some point, too?

Everybody has gotten their panties in such a bunch over a couple of custom cameras made for marketing purposes.

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XeroJay: In sorry, but as a professional, am I the only one that thinks this is stupid? I keep hearing about Nikon being in financial trouble, and this is what they're wasting their time with?

It's called marketing. Every company "wastes" money on marketing.

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digilt: " The minimum focus distance of the 24-70 is 37cm/1.5in and it uses 82mm filters."

37cm is closer to 14.6in. , not 1.5in.

Also your word!! Where are our going?!?

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brycesteiner: Another rumor published by DPReview?

iPhone rumors get clicks, it's that simple. If 10 people click their rumor articles and you click them 0, there going to write for those 10 people and not you.

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blurredvision: Just bought the new NIkon 70-200 for $2800 and I come home to find my CC package went up $5/month. This is ridiculous! Now I have to take my lens back because Adobe has bankrupted me. Unacceptable.

LOL...comparing a few bucks for a software subscription to my mortgage? Please. I pay $10/month for LR and PS. If my subscription went up a whopping 15% and I had to pay $11.50? Pfft, whatever.

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2017 at 22:24 UTC

Just bought the new NIkon 70-200 for $2800 and I come home to find my CC package went up $5/month. This is ridiculous! Now I have to take my lens back because Adobe has bankrupted me. Unacceptable.

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Leandros S: Title needs to read, "help him keep track of your gear".

Posts negatively about an app tracking his gear, has 10 cameras listed on his profile on the same site he's using to complain.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:37 UTC
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Windeguy: I love all of the agitation and debate a simple app like this causes. Or is the agitation and debate really because of the guy that wrote the app?

You already know the answer.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:34 UTC
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AngularJS: They would better fix gazillions of existing bugs and optimize the code instead of doing this BS.

Yep, because this is the only thing the entire Adobe corporation is working on. I heard they even pulled in the phone operator to submit some code to fix the modulation issues they were having with this.


Link | Posted on Jan 12, 2017 at 10:54 UTC

Ummm....hey guys....this isn't a camera, you don't have to be so critical.

Link | Posted on Jan 11, 2017 at 10:58 UTC as 59th comment
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TwoMetreBill: Pollute the environment, use film.

Get real guys, none of you (including me) have any realistic idea of what impact film or digital has on the environment. Shoot what you want.

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cloneimaging: I recently started shooting medium format this year. I tell ya my photography and knowledge developed more in 10 months than the previous 8 years of just shooting digital.

Well sure, because digital is easier. If you want to do anything the manual way, you're going to learn more by default.

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On article Nikon brings its D5600 DSLR to the US (91 comments in total)
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noflashplease: I really can't see what this brings to the market, other than much maligned "Snapbridge" connectivity feature, which is more of an embarrassment than a selling point. These days, Pentax is ahead of Nikon in terms of liveview autofocus with the on-sensor phase detection of the K-70.

Sad to say, but I wouldn't recommend either the D3400 or D5600. As far as I'm concerned, the D7200 is Nikon's entry level model. Anything below that isn't worth buying.

"Sad to say, but I wouldn't recommend either the D3400 or D5600. As far as I'm concerned, the D7200 is Nikon's entry level model. Anything below that isn't worth buying."

Sad to say, but the D3400 and D5600 are probably better cameras than what you were using 5-6 years ago and they're considered entry level now. They're fine cameras and do what they do well. Just because you demand better doesn't mean these two models are crap.

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