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PhotoKhan: I have been about to press the "buy" button in one of the Loupedck products about a dozen times.

...but there's always this nagging question: "How much would it *really* expedite my workflow?".

I've just been researching these a bit and the original Loupedeck+ looks like the best product they offer IMO. I'd have to imagine removing buttons and introducing a touch screen only makes a product like this less functional.

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On article Nikon Z6 II review (1271 comments in total)
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J_o_e_l: Current Z6 is about $1425 brand new from 6ave right now... I am not seeing $500-1000 worth of improvement.

"$500-$1000" is a weird way to say "$575". Regardless, these don't really seem majorly targeted at getting existing Z6/Z7 users to upgrade, it's to get more people onto the Z system, either from the DSLR camp or other brands. I have a Z6 and I agree, it's not worth the amount it would take me to sell and buy, but they're still really good cameras and I'm glad to see them added to the Z system lineup.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: what you need to know (287 comments in total)
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BasilG: For all we know, the Mk II/III/... designation is the new naming convention for Nikon's Z-system cameras. Why are the authors stating that the Mk II designation makes sense because "these are subtle refreshes"? If they were substantial refreshes it wouldn't make sense anymore? "Sorry, that AF is substantially improved and the viewfinder is too good, no Mk II designation for you!" Or is that just rather illogical way of connecting two sentences that contain disconnected information? Sorry... :D

@StoneJack - Nikon also said it was "Zee"6/7, not "Zed"6/7, but we all know how much the non-US English speaking world goes by that. :D

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II coming October 14 (926 comments in total)
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Bob Janes: The Z6 and Z7 are both very good cameras.
There were 3 areas of critisism:
1. Continuous AF,
2. Lack of vertical grip.
3. Single card slot.

I think they will address at least 2 of these, plus possibly make other improvements - all of which will make two good cameras even better...

You pretty nailed the only three criticisms that I've ever seen about the Z6/Z7. They've had two years, there's no way they don't fix all 3.

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sh10453: I can't wait for the next video on how to press the Page UP "trick" on the keyboard. Looking forward to it and waiting patiently. SMH

Oh no, did somebody post something on the internet that you already knew? Poor thing, I hope you're doing OK.

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Oh man, this comment section is going to be gold.

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On article Hands-on with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 (121 comments in total)
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trebledee: Not touching another PD product. I was sucked unto buying a Messenger bag. It can't even stand up on its own. It rolls forwards in an attempt to spill the contents, every single time.
The movable geometric dividers are a joke and you can't fit more than a compact in it.
Adjust the strap to anything but default position and the immovable shoulder pad is off centre, causing the bag to continuously slide on your shoulder.
It's ok as a posing laptop bag when I'm wearing my 3/4 length trousers, riding my fixie to the latest cool coffee shop. That's about it.
Their design department needs to look at function too, it's bag design, not rocket science.

I have the 15" messenger that I've carried for a couple of years now, it does have a tendency to roll forwards but I learned that early on and just set it down with the front facing something to lean on. I've never found myself wanting to set my bag in the middle of the floor. Really haven't even considered it a problem since. Have you ever considered practical ways to fix the problems you have?

I do agree it's hard to fit a DSLR in the bag though, it's definitely better made for mirrorless. I went from a D500 to a Z6 and the latter is a much better fit overall.

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MrBrightSide: You cheapskates didn’t want to buy your cameras your from local camera stores anymore and this is your punishment. You thought you could save a few bucks by shopping online but now all your gear comes pre-abused.
Free shipping ain’t free.

You know more people touch a package before it's put in the hands of the delivery driver, right?

Link | Posted on Nov 19, 2019 at 11:31 UTC

Was watching this game last night. A buddy and I agreed on two things. First, there are too many people way too close to the sidelines all the way around the field. This is going to happen. Two, the broadcast used very poor judgment in zooming in on her on the stretcher as they took her off the field. She was not in a good spot and yet, a producer thought it best to show it off to millions of people.

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Mister Anders0n: The only thing I care less about than sports is sports photography. How many shots of guys playing with their balls do we really need to see?

So we've established the two things you hate worse in life: football and pictures of football. There was nothing in the title or picture that indicated anything other than those two things were in here, yet here you are, in the article, all the way at the bottom, posting comments...

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So why do you have to purchase the 20GB Photography CC plan before Jan 31st? Is it going away for good?

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2019 at 02:15 UTC as 27th comment | 4 replies

Really neat looking product but the price seems insane to me. I picked up a 15-key StreamDeck for $100 and it's not doing too much less than this both on the hardware and software side.

I feel like this is a $250 product, not $550.

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Stigg: I find it interesting and satisfying that the best wildlife and nature photography was achieved on film decades ago and is available for free as old discarded library books. With all of the extreme equipment used in recent years, the concentration of those behind the lens is directed only to attempts at catching the eye of the viewer rather than articulating a story. At 20fps it becomes an exercise in choosing the most attention-grabbing image that is more of a representation of what the equipment can do than understanding the subject matter.

*sigh* OK, I'll get off your lawn now.

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Looks like a nice pack to me, lots of nice little touches that improves quite a bit over my current pack. I may just be in for an X30 even though I really don't care for the kickstarter marketing, but what are ya gonna do? If I like it enough, I might as well save the money.

Link | Posted on Oct 16, 2019 at 02:26 UTC as 22nd comment

Good lord what a price. Is there even a market for something like this?

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Clint Thayer: Ok... what is multi cam mode? It takex pictures from back and front camera at the same time? What is it for?

The new high-end iPhone effectively has 4 discrete camera sensors; one front-facing, the other three on the back (super-wide, wide, and telephoto). This software will allow you to view a feed from all 4 cameras at once on your phone's screen as well as record simultaneously from two of them (maybe more, I can't remember).

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Sacred: Fake or not. One thing seems likely. Nikon will make f/1.8 and f/1.2 prime lenses. Could Nikon in this shrinking market maintain three lines of S type primes, f/1.8, f/1.4 and f/1.2?

If this leak is true, Nikon is basically saying with their new mount, f/1.2 is the new f/1.4. Z owners will be choosing between 1.2 and 1.8, other bodies will be choosing between 1.4 and 1.8.

Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2019 at 17:13 UTC
On article Nikon Z 24mm F1.8 S to ship in October for $1000 (342 comments in total)
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wcan: I'm not saying it's not worth it, but it sure seems nowadays that there is a trend toward expensive lenses. What happened to the days of being able to buy a native 24mm lens for a few hundred dollars?...not everyone wants or is able to spend $1k and up for every lens they buy. Is this a reaction of the camera makers to combat falling unit sales? On the other hand, the 24-70 f/4 is quite reasonable especially when purchased as part of a Zx kit.

With their new mount and Z cameras, they’ve obviously decided to spend their money and efforts towards the higher dollar market first. Full frame bodies with very high-quality full frame lenses. They can only make so many lenses at a time so my guess is that once they flesh out their high-dollar products and make some of their R&D back, we’ll start to see more on the consumer-quality side with possible crop-sensor bodies and lenses that will be cheaper.

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On article 2019 Guide: Apple iPad Pro for Photographers (259 comments in total)

I thought I wanted one of the new iPad Pros until I actually got one, now it sits unused most of the time. I'll definitely revisit once iPad OS 13 and Photoshop comes out but as of right now, the experience is horribly hampered by the closed system.

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Imager of: I managed to get in on the Inspire 2 deal for $42.
Just got shipping notification so I’m rather happy right now.
I’m just not sure if I feel right taking advantage of this mistake. 🤔

They offered a product for a price and you bought it. Nothing to feel bad about. You didn't trick them, it's a simple transaction.

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